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Crew of USS Columbia


Captain Theo Michelangelo Whittaker

Captain ‘’’Theo Michelangelo Whittaker’’ is the 31 year old Commanding Officer of the USS Columbia. He previously served as captain of the medical ship Blackwell- part of the Andaris Task Force and as First Officer of Starbase 118. He began his career aboard the Columbia as an engineer, eventually becoming Chief Engineer prior to it’s removal from active service.

Born on Archer IV, a Federation colony world, Theo is only the son of the late Josiah Whittaker and Captain Madeline Whittaker- a university professor and a Starfleet officer respectively. His interest in a career with Starfleet which began at an early age, caused much consternation between father and son- ultimately leading to an estrangement that was not resolved at the time of his father’s passing.

Starfleet Career Statistics

  • Starfleet Serial Number: MM - 120 - 848
  • Training Facility: Starfleet Academy, Sol III, Sector 001, 2389-2392
  • Major: Engineering
  • Minor: Starship Operations
  • Supplimentary Data File: Academy Transcript
  • Commisioned: Stardate 239203.22
  • Current Rank: Captain
  • Current Assignment: Commanding Officer USS Columbia


Theo is of average stature for a human male from Archer IV, standing at 5ft 8' (or 1.76 meters) and weighs approximately 152lbs (69kgs). He keeps himself in shape via thrice weekly visits the gymnasium aboard the Columbia giving him a slim but toned appearance. He keeps his black hair short and prefers to wear it with his natural curls. He has Caucasian skin and has uncommonly bright hazel eyes.


Due to being raised mostly by his father (whose family can trace their heritage back to the old British aristocracy) Theo speaks with a distinct old British accent known as 'received pronunciation' and has a tendency to be unusually eloquent as a result, although he has found that he has become more relaxed with his vocabulary as he has become more comfortable in his skin. He has a tendency to smile a lot, especially when dealing with his friends and colleagues.

As a Commanding Officer, Theo operates a relaxed style of command. On duty, he does expect to be called by his rank when on-duty, although he does not like to be called "sir", as his father insisted Theo call him that growing up. His amenable command style has seen him host soirees and attend various off-duty staff gatherings He has a dry, sarcastic sense of humour which some have noted is used in difficult situations as a defence mechanism.

Personal Life


Theo's quarters aboard the Columbia are located on Deck 2, Section Alpha and, along with the Executive Officer's Quarters, are the closest cabins to the bridge which allows him quick access to it in the event of an emergency. Although they are more or less identical in basic layout to the XO's cabin, the CO's quarters aboard Columbia are larger. He keeps personal touches to a minimum, however he does have several model starships on display and a series of ancient human novels in first editions, given to him by his father for his 15th birthday. He is fastidious with his cleaning, which is surprising considering that he spends very little time in his quarters unless it is to sleep- even off duty (he spends much of his off duty in his ready room, on the holodeck, lurking in Engineering or visiting his friends aboard the Columbia).

Hobbies and Interests

Theo Off Duty
Theo enjoys reading starship technical manuals as well as hosting soirees with various themes. At one time he considered himself an amateur mixologist, however the rigours of command has meant that he had not indulged in this past time for quite some time prior to taking command of the Columbia. He also enjoys fashion and keeps abreast of the latest trends.


  • Spouse: None
  • Children: None
  • Father: Josiah Peregrine Whittaker (deceased, 2387)
  • Mother: Madeline Christine Whittaker (neé Lawson)

Theo's relationship with his father was often frosty and difficult, eventually breaking down all together after Theo made the decision to become a Starfleet officer. Josiah expected his son to enter a life of academia, as had every Whittaker for over 400 years, while Theo wanted to be his own man and find his own way. He would often disappear into the mountains which lay near T'Pol's Landing (Theo's hometown) for days on end, camping in the woods purely to spite his father. In contrast his relationship with his mother, Madeline, is extremely close. She privately supported her son's desire to become whatever he wanted to be and was the one to sponsor his application to Starfleet Academy- which led to the breakdown of her marriage to Josiah. Theo and his mother communicate regularly by letter and she is extremely proud that her son is the Executive Officer of Starbase 118 at the age of 29. His father passed away from Meenok's disease during the second year of Theo's Starfleet Academy studies while the two were still estranged.

Early Life

Whittaker Mannor, Theo's childhood home.
Theo Whittaker was born on Stardate 236610.18 in the city of T'Pol's Landing. His father, Josiah Whittaker was determined to ensure that the boy Theo would follow in ten generations of Whittaker's and become an academic, although his mother - Madeline, a Starfleet officer, privately encouraged him to find his own path in life. As mentioned previously, Theo's strong minded independence and closeness with his mother led to a frosty and difficult with his father. On multiple occasions, Theo would run away from the manor he lived in with his father, escaping to the mountains on hikes that could last for two or three days. Other times, Theo would hide for hours in the tunnels that ran beneath the family home.

Due to the intensive studies forced upon him, Theo was known by his peers at school as something of a recluse and a loner with very few friends. His teachers expressed concerns about this, which were dismissed by his father. As a result, Theo found it incredibly difficult to forge bonds with children his own age and led to his reserved manner that he did not shed until well into his tenure as XO of StarBase 118.

Upon turning eighteen he defied his father's wishes and applied to Starfleet Academy which his mother agreed to sponsor. He failed his first entrance exam following an explosive argument with his father. As a result, he attended university where he gained an undergraduate degree in Terran Literature, followed by a postgraduate degree a year after that. However he still felt the call of Starfleet and so he took the academy entrance exam once again- this time passing and at the age of 23, he took his place at Starfleet Academy, majoring in Starship Engineering with a minor in Starship Operations Management.

Career in Starfleet

USS Columbia.
StarBase 118 Operations.
USS Blackwell.
USS Columbia.

Assignments aboard the USS Columbia (First Tour of Duty)

Assignments aboard StarBase 118 Ops

Assignments aboard the USS Blackwell (Andaris Task Force)

Assignments aboard the USS Columbia (Second Tour of Duty)

Personal Relationships

MirraEzo Red.png

Mirra Ezo: Having served together for most of their respective careers and forged a close bond, Theo has come to consider Mirra as his best friend. Though much of their friendship has been characterised by playful and sassy banter they have an enormous amount of respect, affection and love for one another. They have saved each other's live on more than occasion from threats ranging from Iconians, sadistic criminals and Human Augments... to name but a few. Always there for another regardless of the situation, many have speculated that there is nothing that they would not do for one another. They briefly lost contact after Mirra took a Leave of Absence to deal with personal issues stemming from her stabbing by the criminal Chennel but were reunited aboard the Blackwell after she was caught up in the Hur'q invasion of Arndall. Mirra currently serves alongside Theo aboard the USS Columbia as his Diplomatic Officer, exploring the very edge of the galaxy in the distant Sagittarius Reach.

Sal Taybrim:
Captain Sal Taybrim
Perhaps the greatest influence on Theo's professional career has been Sal Taybrim, StarBase 118 Operation's iconic Commanding Officer. It was Taybrim who put Theo on to the command track, asking him serve as his Executive Officer. He encouraged and fostered his natural, but latent, leadership ability and was always there with advice and a kind, non-judgement ear. In many ways, one call Taybrim a mentor to Theo, with the Columbia's CO attributing much of the success he has had in his career to the ginger-haired Betazoid. When Theo considered stepping away from the fleet, it was Sal's gentle encouragement that stopped him. In return, when the man was removed from command of the station for disobeying orders, Theo protested profusely and made no secret of the fact that he did not have faith in his temporary replacement- Storm Bomba. While more professional than his friendships with Mirra and Tatash, Theo came to deeply care for his mentor and a friendship truly blossomed. Even now, tens of thousands of light years away at the edge of the galaxy, Theo still fondly thinks on the advice that Taybrim gave him during the two years he served under him.

Much like Mirra, Tatash has served with Theo for most of his career and they also share a close bond. Unwavering in his support, Tatash has become somebody that Theo relies on as well as looks up to (quite literally given their height difference). Their friendship grew considerably in the two years that they were stationed aboard StarBase 118 and Theo was the first person to champion the Gorn's transfer to the Marine Corps to take command of the 292nd "Iron Jaegers" Tactical Marine Regiment. During the final confrontation with Haz Arrihmen Tatash lost an arm and Theo kept a vigil at his bedside and supported his friend through his rehabilitation and subsequent training to use his prosthetic arm. When transferring to the USS Blackwell, Theo asked him to serve as the Andaris Task Force's Strategic Operations Officer, although he was unable to due to family concerns. Never the less, the two remained friendly and when Theo needed a new Chief of Security, Tatash was his only candidate.

Jarred Thoran:
Jarred Thoran 5.png
: Impressed by the man's bravery, diligence and dedication, Jarred Thoran was Theo's first choice for First Officer (along with Randall Shayne when Cayden Adyr was reassigned to Starfleet Intelligence. In the months since his ascension to the second highest position of the ship, Theo has developed an excellent working relationship with the man and there are clear signs of a friendship developing between the two men. One of Theo's first official acts as the Blackwell's commanding officer was to promote him to Lieutenant Commander, which he felt was long overdue. Their friendship has stood them both in good stead on the galactic edge as Theo needs somebody he can trust to be his XO- and there is nobody better suited for the job than Thoran.

Lieutenant Aitas
The friendship between the then-XO of StarBase and it's second Chief Intelligence Officer began slowly, evolving from her simply delivering weekly briefings to becoming meditation partners and close confidants. There are very few people that Theo trusts more than Aitas. He dotes (when he can) on her son, Aurelio and she in return sends him parcels of alcohol when she is able to for his growing interest in mixology. She was present for his promotion to Captain and the two reaffirmed their close bond with one another. Theo is proud to have watched Aitas ascend the ranks of Starfleet Intelligence and supports her wish to make the Intelligence Tower a more transparent place. She is also unfraid of telling Theo the truth and has put him in his place more than once- chiefly over the sloppy way that Theo ended his burgeoning relationship with Taelon, another one of her close personal friends. It is this honesty that appeals most to Theo.

Baylen Anders:
: There was an instant chemistry between Theo and Baylen from the moment that they first met in battle aboard the USS Albion, Starbase 118's late auxiliary support vessel. That quickly blossomed into an intense and passionate relationship... not to mention Theo's first. For several months they were happy together until returning from one mission, Theo found that Baylen had left the station under mysterious circumstances and had ended their relationship without warning. It took him month's to come to terms with what happened. Then just as suddenly as he left, Baylen returned to the station well over a year later. Confused and thrown for a loop, Theo kept his distance unsure of how he should feel. Unfortunately, he had no chance to confront these emotions as Baylen's return coincided with Theo's transfer to the USS Blackwell. At present, the two men are not in communication (although they are not not speaking) and it is clear that Theo has been able to put the past behind him and move on with his life.

Lieutenant Taelon
Something was beginning to develop between Theo and StarBase 118's chronically shy and socially awkward Chief Science Officer although both of them were hesitant to define its nature. It fell into a grey area between friendship and romance. Unsure of how to proceed, Theo made the regrettable decision to leave the station for the USS Blackwell without defining- or indeed ending- whatever was developing between the two of them, which has led to some recriminations with Taelon's family. It is one of Theo's greatest regrets, especially since Taelon was lost in a temporal incursion.

Service Record

Service History
Insignia Rank Dates Posting Assignment
Cadet First Class 239203.16-239203.16 Graduated Starfleet Academy Engineering Officer
Ensign 239203.24-239205.03 USS Columbia Engineering Officer
Lieutenant Junior Grade 239205.03-239207.26 USS Columbia Engineering Officer
Lieutenant 239207.26-239211.16 USS Columbia Chief Engineering Officer
Lieutenant 239211.16-239212.14 StarBase 118 Operations Chief Engineering Officer
Lieutenant Commander 239212.14-2 239406.06 StarBase 118 Operations Executive Officer
Commander 239406.06-239412.04 StarBase 118 Operations Executive Officer
Commander 239412.07-239509.04 USS Blackwell, Andaris Task Force Commanding Officer
Captain 239509.04-239509.10 USS Blackwell, Andaris Task Force Commanding Officer
Captain 239509.10-PRESENT USS Columbia Commanding Officer

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