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Mission Archive
USS Columbia Mission History
Season One
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Missing In Action
  • 0x00 - Prologue: Stardate 239509
The Battle Of New Year's Day
  • 1x01 - Season One: Stardate 239601
    • An unprovoked attack upon the Columbia sends the crew on a mission to protect the ship and uncover the secrets of artifacts from an ancient civilization and the enemy that will stop at nothing in acquiring them.
O Brave New World That Has Such People In’t
  • 1x02 - Season One: Stardate 239604
    • An uninhabited planet poses mystery and intrigue for a trapped away team while Columbia suffers dangerous power failures in orbit. Commander Thoran leads a team in an officer exchange program with the Losarian Royal Navy.
Eyes In The Dark
  • 1x03 - Season One: Stardate 239606
    • Investigating why a navigational buoy has stopped transmitting, the crew of the Columbia find evidence of a recent battle and a striken starship in need of assistance.
Safe Harbour
  • 1x04 - Season One: Stardate 239609
    • Acting on Losarian Intelligence, the Columbia crew investigate a colony of espers who have attracted the attention of the Shanshuri's mysterious benefactors.