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"Cardassians don't believe in luck, doctor. You survived because you're strong."
— Garak
Plain and simple tailor

The Cardassian Union was once a powerful empire of worlds with the homeworld of Cardassia at its heart. Poor in natural resources, the home of the Cardassians drove the evolution of their ruthless desire to gather and expand. After many years of hostilities towards the Federation, the ruling body of the Cardassian government—the Detapa Council—begrudgingly signed the Federation-Cardassian treaty of 2370. Soon afterwards, an invasion by the Klingon Empire—who suspected that the Detapa Council had been compromised by agents of the Dominion—left the Cardassian government angered and humiliated.

The Detapa Council itself was overthrown in 2373 when Gul Dukat declared himself ruler of Cardassia. He then brought the Cardassians into the Dominion as its first Alpha Quadrant member. The Dominion and Cardassians soon fought against the Federation and its allies in a devastating war for the next two years that ultimately left Cardassia in ruins. In the aftermath of the war, governmental reforms were enacted returning power to the Detapa Council. The rebuilding of Cardassia was begun with the assistance of the Federation and the other occupying powers, but the Union remains a shell of its former self, reduced to a second-rate power.


  • Major Species: Cardassians
  • Location: Alpha Quadrant
  • Area:
  • Population:
  • Worlds:
  • Sovereignty: c. 19th century
  • Capital: Cardassia Prime
  • Government:
  • Chief of State:
  • Head of Government:
  • Legislature: Detapa Council
  • Military: Cardassian Guard
  • Currency: Cardassian lek
  • Language: Cardassian

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