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"Ready for All Things"

Task Force 105 is a Starfleet task force assembled in 2391 and dispatched to the Zeta Equulei system. It originally consisted of the following vessels: USS Mercury (Oracle class), USS Dodd (Ambassador class), USS Kollontai (Olympic class), USS Icarus and USS Solaris (both Steamrunner class). Captain Cassandra Egan Manno had originally requested that the USS Garuda join the task force as its flagship, but the request was denied by Admiral Moday.

In 2392, the task force was reorganized as a battle group, specifically built to counter a possible Tholian threat. Among the vessels currently assigned to it are the following:

Task Force 105.png Sovereign-scale.png
USS PioneerSovereign class
Task Force 105.png Vesta-scale.png
USS EnduranceVesta class
Task Force 105.png Veritas-scale.png
USS ConcordiaVeritas class
Task Force 105.png Veritas-scale.png
USS MinervaVeritas class
Task Force 105.png Steamrunner-scale.png
USS SolarisSteamrunner class
Task Force 105.png Defiant-scale.png
USS StalwartDefiant class