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System Layout: JB-437 · I · II

The JB-437 system is an uninhabited planetary system in the Menthar Corridor.


Approximately 3 light years from Deep Space 10, the core of the system JB-437 is a relatively new main sequence star. The planetary system is still forming, and at the moment, there are only two bodies large enough to be classified as planets. The local area is filled with debris that requires careful astrogation, as the system is still in its primary phase of accretion. This debris does have the potential for serving as an easy source of matter for material replication.

Planetary Bodies

  • JB-437 I: A large class D rocky planet, it is made up of relatively common materials and is, thus far, unremarkable.
  • JB-437 II: A class J planet, the smallest of the gas giants, it is made up primarily of hydrogen and helium. It is relatively dense for a gas giant, and as such, has an unusually high amount of gravity.

Stellar Phenomenon

  • Gravitational/Temporal anomaly: Located within the gravity well of JB-437 II, this anomaly has been responsible for trapping several vessels leading to their ultimate destruction inside the atmosphere of the planet. Initial scientific studies performed by the USS Mercury proved inconclusive but noted that this phenomenon is unique to JB-437. Crewman T'Lex of the Mercury believes there is the possibility that this anomaly may in fact be some form of sentient life. A report has been dispatched to Starfleet Command. It is hoped that a proper scientific study of the JB-437 system will be authorized at a later date.

Notable Events

In 2390, the USS Mercury traveled to this planetary system to investigate a distress call. The distress call was sent by the long lost Constitution class USS Saratoga. After becoming trapped in the same anomaly as the Saratoga, the crew of the Mercury under the temporary command of Lieutenant (JG) Alexander Richards battled to recover Jenna D'Soni, the sole survivor of the Saratoga, and to escape the anomaly.

The USS Saratoga, in the midst of a strange gravitational and temporal anomaly