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System Layout: Nygel Alpha-Nygel Beta · I · Asteroid Field · II · III · IV

The Nygel system is a binary star system in the Menthar Corridor, containing traces of ancient Iconian civilization.

The Nygel system


  • Nygel Alpha: A large blue main-sequence star, and the larger of the two contained within the system.
  • Nygel Beta: A main-sequence yellow dwarf, it orbits around Nygel Alpha in a wide ellipse, causing the other stellar bodies in the system to have strange orbits.

Planetary System

  • Nygel I: An unremarkable rocky world that orbits close around Nygel Alpha. Close enough to the star that it has avoided destruction or serious damage by stellar objects attracted by the system's gravity but completely uninhabitable due to the intense heat from its close orbit.
  • Nygel Alpha Asteroid Field: Most likely the remains of several planets and asteroids destroyed in the past through collisions, Nygel I also has the dubious honor of being surrounded by a massive asteroid field that regularly impacts its surface.
Away team from USS Mercury to Nygel II, stardate 239012. The "unknown lifeforms" were passengers of the ill-fated FTS Treasure Sprite who had been attempting to seek passage to the Iconian Gateway discovered on the planet.
  • Nygel II: A marginally habitable planet orbiting Nygel Beta at a stable distance, it is tucked safely into Nygel Beta's habitable zone, and never approaches close enough to Nygel Alpha to endanger its ecosystem. All indications point to Nygel II being a lush and beautiful world, but its surface is scorched and damaged, atmosphere polluted with carbon. Federation scientists hypothesize that the Iconian structures discovered by the USS Mercury may have had something to do with whatever catastrophe the planet suffered in the past.
  • Nygel III: A large rocky world at the edge of Nygel Beta's orbit. Iconian structures have been discovered here, as well, though they were all but ruined - only a thorough analysis of the materials used indicate that they were Iconian at all, rather than any recognizable architecture.
  • Nygel IV: A Class-J gas giant made up primarily of hydrogen and helium, it orbits the two stars in a wide elliptical orbit at the edge of the system and has thousands of moons in its orbit. Like the Sol system's Jupiter, commonly regarded as a cosmic "vaccuum cleaner", as it attracts many potentially dangerous stellar debris into its orbit or into itself, rather than allowing it to pass further into the inner system.

Points of Interest

  • Iconian Ruins on Nygel II: Currently under investigation by the Mercury, information leads multiple galactic powers to believe there may in fact be an intact Iconian Gateway on the world.