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System Layout: 83 Leonis Alpha-83 Leonis Beta · I · II · III · IV · V

The 83 Leonis system is a binary star system in the Menthar Corridor that was once home to a pre-warp civilization before the eruption of a supervolcano in 2390.


  • 83 Leonis Alpha:
  • 83 Leonis Beta:

Planetary System

  • 83 Leonis I:
  • 83 Leonis II: The Federation and Starfleet had been covertly observing a pre-warp agrarian culture on the planet when geophysicists confirmed in 2390 that a supervolcano would erupt, triggering an ice age and causing mass extinctions. The USS Mercury was dispatched to rectify the situation, but the situation was more complicated than it had first appeared. Ultimately, the eruption was not averted, but disturbing implications were discovered by the crew that pointed toward artificial tampering with both the planet's geological stability and the local species' genetic development.
  • 83 Leonis III:
  • 83 Leonis IV:
  • 83 Leonis V: