Zeta Equulei system

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Menthar Corridor
(Star Chart)
History of the Corridor
Political Powers
Local Species
Planetary Systems
Commercial Hubs
Federation Presence

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A binary star system within the Menthar Corridor, past Breen space, but not yet encroaching upon the territory of the Kubarey. Home to two sentient, warp-capable species, the Community and the Myr Luuk. Significant and extensive ruins of the Ancient Alliance can also be found on at least two of the planets within the system.


  • Zeta Equulei Alpha:
  • Zeta Equulei Beta:

Planetary System

  • Zeta Equulei 3: A planet within the system's habitable zone, and homeworld of the Myr Luuk.
  • Zeta Equulei 6: A gas giant.
    • Zeta Equulei 6A: The home moon of the Community.