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System Layout: Beta Scuti Alpha-Beta Scuti Beta · I · II · III · IV · V · VI

The Beta Scuti system is a binary star system in the Menthar Corridor located approximately 60 light years from Deep Space 10 in the Eta Corvi system. At warp 8, it takes 21 days to reach the Beta Scuti system from Deep Space 10. The system is known for a "repository of knowledge" on the second planet in the system.


  • Beta Scuti Alpha
  • Beta Scuti Beta

A power magnetic field is produced by two devices in solar-stationary orbits at about 2 million kilometers around the Beta Scuti stars. Care must be taken when traveling in the system due to the adverse effects this field exhibits on warp containment systems and other starship functions.

Planetary System

  • Beta Scuti I:
  • Beta Scuti II: A harsh snow and ice covered world supporting marginal life, Beta Scuti II is home to Low Jfla, an ancient library.
  • Beta Scuti III:
  • Beta Scuti IV:
  • Beta Scuti V:
  • Beta Scuti VI: