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Season 2, Special Episode

Captain Hallam
Perusing his paperwork on the desk in his administrative office on Deep Space 6, Captain Christian Hallam places a priority one transmission to the USS Darwin-A. Speaking to Commander Renos, who takes the call in nir ready room, he issues instructions that the Darwin is to return to Deep Space 6 at maximum warp, and that Renos is to notify him as soon as he arrives. Not only that, but Capt Hallam insists that all senior officers of the Darwin will be reporting to a meeting room in their dress uniforms. Capt Hallam declines the opportunity to discuss the matter of the orders until the start of the meeting on Deep Space 6.

Meanwhile, Lt Commander Kael Thomas is filing reports in the First Officer's office when he too receives a priority one transmission. It is a short message, but it gives him pause, so much so that he jumps in shock when he receives a broadcast from Capt Renos.

Returning to the bridge, Cmdr Renos passes on the instruction to Helm to return to Deep Space 6 at all haste, and informs the senior staff of the requirement of their attendance to the upcoming meeting. Retiring for the few hours that the Darwin's return trip will take, Renos gets a bit of sleep, then prepares and dresses up in nir dress uniform before reporting the Darwin's arrival to Captain Hallam from nir ready room. Capt Hallam advises Renos that the meeting is to start in 15 minutes.

Meanwhile, the senior officers of the Darwin prepare for the meeting themselves, and make their way in singles and pairs to the meeting room on Deep Space 9. Cmdr Thomas sends an encoded message to the station before discreetly disembarking himself.

A rendezvous happens in Capt Hallam's office just prior to the scheduled meeting of the Darwin's senior staff. Answering the door himself, Capt Hallam ushers in Cmdr Thomas, and they have a ten minute discussion before proceeding to the meeting room together.

While this secret conversation is happening, the rest of the Darwin's senior staff are being seated in the meeting room. Cmdr Renos is seated by nemself at a table, while the rest of the senior staff are seated across the room facing nem, in two rows of seats. A second table held a small chime and gavel, and a solitary chair adorned the center of the room. Capt Hallam and Cmdr Thomas join the rest of the assembled officers, and move to the second table. After confirming that all senior staff are present, Capt Hallam strikes the chime and calls the proceedings to order. With full gravity, Capt Hallam announces that the meeting has been called for the court martial of Renos.

Feeling guilty?
Capt Hallam recites the charges against Cmdr Renos, which consist of:
  • damage to Starfleet property during the Darwin's mission to rescue the USS Dunbar caught in a subspace rift;
  • negligence during the same mission;
  • breaching civil peace aboard starbase Deep Space 6 during an event where Renos intervened to save the J'naii Iy from being kidnapped by bounty hunters;
  • violation of the Prime Directive on the O-class planet Asav, during the Darwin's most recent mission

During the reading of the charges and subsequent questioning, Cmdr Thomas averts his gaze from his shipmates and doesn't speak unless compelled to.

Cmdr Renos, surprised and broadsided by these allegations, feels a sense of resolute conviction about his actions during the disputed events. The assembled senior officers all react in various states of disbelief. Lt Commander Luna Walker wonders if she is cursed, for the bad luck that follows her from ship to ship. Lt Commander Rendal Rennyn questions the rest of the crew about the events covered by the charges. Ensign Iniko Mpeba tries to correlate her experiences in the past mission to the current charges. Ensign Lyldra, working closely with Renos in the last mission to Asav, speaks out in nir defense. Lieutenant Maxwell Traenor responds with seething anger.

Traenor's reaction (slightly exaggerated)
Capt Hallam calls Cmdr Renos to the witness chair, and grills nem about the facts behind the charges. Capt Hallam asks about the lost shuttle during the Dunbar rescue mission, as well as the damage sustained to the Dunbar itself. Capt Hallam then questions Renos about the brawl on Deep Space 6, and the fact that station security was never called nor informed. The final charge questioned the wisdom of not aborting the scientific expedition to Asav once issues of religion and politics became paramount. Renos answers all the lines of questioning with tact, honesty, and confidence.

At this point, Capt Hallam opens the floor for comments from the senior staff. Lt Traenor doesn't hesitate to step up and offer a character witness for Cmdr Renos, displaying barely contained contempt towards the proceedings. Lieutenant JG John Valdivia offers a refute to the charges for the Dunbar and Asav missions. Ens Lyldra reiterates the efforts that she and Renos had undertaken together with their diplomatic efforts with the Asav. Cmdr Walker politely points out the inconsistencies with the current proceedings and the correct procedures for a court martial. CPO Michael Jellico is too angry to trust himself to speak up.

All's well that ends well!
After hearing and dismissing the arguments made by the dissenters among the senior crew, Capt Hallam asks Cmdr Renos for any last words in nir defense. After Renos speaks a short yet powerful statement, Capt Hallam delivers his verdict:

Before this hearing was convened, I received an official message from Starfleet Command. Now seems a fitting time to deliver it to you and the crew. It reads…gotcha!

Capt Hallam then calls forth Avaris Torrin to deliver champagne to the occupants of the room, before announcing to Renos that nir actions showed nir suitability for promotion, and that he was hereby promoting nem to the rank of Captain. Renos, maintaining a facade of professionalism until the true intent of the practical joke settles in, finds nemself pleasantly bewildered and questioning the sense of Terran humor.

Capt Hallam then calls forth Cmdr Thomas to pin the fourth pip on Capt Renos' collar, and explains to the crowd that he had compelled the first officer to participate in the ruse. Capt Hallam then leads the room in a toast to the newly minted Captain of the Darwin. The room starts to mingle, with many congratulations, a few apologies, and a celebration of both a recently completed mission and to the success of Starfleet's newest Captain.

This episode completed its airing on stardate 239206.09

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