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Michael Jellico is currently on extended leave.

USS Gorkon
Michael Jellco.png
Michael Jellico
Position HCO
Rank Ensign
Species Human / Betazoid Hybrid
Gender Male
DOB 235812.16
Age 42
Birthplace Betazed


  • Height: 1.8 Meters
  • Weight: 84 KG
  • Hair: Brown (starting to Grey)
  • Eyes: Brown
  • Build: athletic
  • Distinguishing Features: Biosynthetic left arm
  • Handedness: Right handed
  • Telepathic Rating: E0+ Telepathic/Empathic Scale
  • Father: George Jellico
  • Mother: Dr.Eng Lyanna Jellico, BEng, MA, Eng.D
  • Sister: Lana Jellico

Ensign Michael Jellico enlisted in Starfleet at the age 20. As an enlisted man he primarily served in Engineering, but has experience in other roles for short periods. It is also noted that during his enlisted career Michael was demoted from Petty Officer 2nd Class to Petty Officer 3rd Class due to reprimands for fighting and suspected contraband. His career was subsequently salvaged, culminating in him joining the USS Victory. While there Michael served in the Engineering department and, briefly, Tactical. Due to the fact the he was under qualified to serve as a tactical officer’s assistant he began taking academy courses in Tactical and Security during his spare time. Before his secondment to tactical, Michael lost his left arm during ‘The Hunger’ mission while trying and failing to save a crewman from a poisonous bug-like creature. During his time on the Victory Michael was promoted two grades to Petty Officer 1st Class. He since been assigned to the re-launched Darwin-A, as a Tactical and Security Officer. After the successful rescue of the USS Dunbar, Michael was promoted to Chief Petty Officer. Despite failing his Officer’s exam while on the Darwin, Michael gained a field commission on Stardate 239207.27 making him an Ensign.


  • He has a tendency to flex the biosynthetic fingers of his left hand when deep in thought, this was an early physiotherapy exercise that he now reverts to subconsciously.


  • Achievements in Life:
    • Becoming a Chief Petty Officer.
    • Gaining a field commission to the rank of Ensign.
  • Disappointments in Life:
    • His entire tour of duty aboard the USS Illustrious and the repercussions that followed.
    • Failing the Ensign Tactical Officer Exam.
    • His relationship with his father.


  • Has a tendency to be over critical of himself and situations, which he will often shroud in sardonic humor.

Physical Limitations

  • He struggles with complex motor function that requires the use of his left hand, this is due to nerve damage around the point of his amputation. Michael’s biosynthetic arm works by receiving impulses from the nerves in the remaining but of his arm but some of these were badly damaged during his amputation. He hides this very successfully in everyday life, but when the limitations manifest it infuriates him easily.


Michael Jellico struggled as a student.

Michael was born on 16th December 2358, on Betazed around five kilometers from the Emrin River. He was born to Betazoid civil engineer Lyanna Jellico and human support worker George Jellico. Unlike Betazoids and even other half human hybrids, Michael has extremely limited empathic abilities and no telepathic abilities even with other Betazoids. He had one younger sister, Lana and has always had loving relationship with his mother and sister, however, his relationship with his father has always been strained. Before becoming a support worker, George Jellico was a combat veteran of the Federation-Cardassian War, serving in ‘civilian militia’ on Setlik III, and was still going through the transition to civil life when Michael was a young child. Suffering from PTSD and depression symptoms, George failed to show love or interest in his son’s childhood. With counseling Michael’s father become more relaxed as he grew older and Lana was born but their relationship has remained distant.

Throughout his childhood education Michael also suffered bulling while at school Throughout his education Michael suffered set backs, first in the form of bullying from other students due to the lack of telepathic abilities. Even when he was not openly bullied, he was still considered an outsider and as a teenager and had few friends, he began getting into fights often and being suspended from school was a regular occurrence. This resulted is his grades being very poor, with him only excelling at individual sports and subjects that required a lot of physical work. He finished his education at nineteen with a foundation degree in Civil Engineering. Michael briefly contemplated continuing his education at a higher level but instead entered Star Fleet’s enlisted engineering program. His Mother was supportive of the decision but was also quietly disappointed that he did not aim higher.

Career Overview

  • Early Enlisted Career

Michael began his career aboard the USS Paladin as Crewman Third Class, while mostly unnoticed by his extremely low rank he followed the examples for those above him striving to be profession, reliable and willing to learn. Even when he failed at these qualities it was undeniable that he was extremely hard working. Michael Received recognition for his effort when the Paladin was decommissioned and the crew assigned to the Atlantis as he was bumped up to grades to Crewman First Class.

Michael served on the USS Atlantis for a year in the role of Propulsion Specialist, gaining an excellent in his performance review he was before he was promoted and transferred to the Coventry where he was reassigned to the vessels shuttle bay as a small craft engineer and maintenance officer. Due to there being so much to learn Michael stayed in this role two and a half years and, while not rated as a small craft expert, due to the experience he gained in this position Michael is still an excellent shuttle craft engineer.

Michael Jellico then spent the next seven years in Engineering, and a short nine month stint in Damage Control Central, when he learned to assistant in the repairing, reassembling and replacing of all the major systems of the Nebula Class USS Coventry. Impressed with his performance and earmarked as a possible candidate of ‘Chief’, Michael department head and Captain offered him the opportunity to the join the Ambassador-Class USS Illustrious as the Captain’s Yeoman. It was made clear to him that with his experience and past good performance reviews, a successful stretch as a Captain’s Yeoman would lead to him gaining the rating of Chief and possibility a position within a Starship’s Command Team. Unfortunately, his transfer to the illustrious the was end of Michael’s steady rise through the ranks.

Michael was given the acting rank of Petty Officer First Class and was assigned as Captain’s Yeoman aboard the USS Illustrious, unfortunately his abilities as an engineer did not translate well and it soon became apparent that he was lacking in the qualities needed to be a good Captain’s Yeoman. He was unsure of himself around the Captain and Senior staff, struggled at recordkeeping and administrative tasks often took far too long. Frustrated with his abilities, Michael’s CO began to grow impatient with him and on two separate occasions scolded him in front of members of the senior staff. After only six months in his new role, his commander did not re-sign the authority to keep Michael’s acting rank and it was removed and Michael was transferred to the security department. With his first failure of his career Michael’s demeanour while on and off duty slowly began to change. What started as a disgruntled attitude at being unfair treated turned into something far more detrimental. He first began bending rules while on duty, getting into fights while off duty and indulging excessively in alcohol while on shore leave. His list of reprimands grew from mild and amusing infractions - such as brining aboard a pet Targ without permission, which he named ‘Jeffery’ – to the extremely serious of causing physical altercations between himself and off duty Marine personnel. He also came under suspicion of using his position within the security department to supply the ship’s crew with contraband. While it could not be proven by the senior staff that the flood of contraband was coming from Michael, it could be proven that he had been recently fighting and there was enough circumstantial evidence against him to strip him of his Petty Officer 2nd Class rating and transfer him off of the ship.

After being demoted and wallowing in self pity for almost a year Michael resigned himself to have 'one last go' at resurrecting his star fleet career and gained his first excellent rating in six years in a performance review after his transfer. After two more excellent reviews, Michael was again transferred, this time to the USS Victory.

Missions aboard the USS Victory

Victorylogo.png Intrepid-scale.png
USS VictoryIntrepid class
  • As the Future Burns

Michael joined the USS Victory in-between missions, as it was conducting it’s awards and promotions ceremony for a successful previous mission. After meeting with the XO after the ceremony he was given his official orders, ‘Gamma Shift, Maintenance assistant Team Leader, Engineering.’ It was a relatively humble assignment, fit for someone with a colourful past and wasn’t quite trusted as fully reformed. Michael found that he actually enjoyed working during the nights as there were less officers around but was soon placed on the Alpha shift when the nature of the Victory’s next mission became apparent. The Victory was contacted by a future version of the the ship, from star-date in 2414, under the Command of Captain Sundassa Faranster. Captain Faranster warned the crew about an upcoming invasion from a species known as The Hunger. Knowing the time and place of the initial strike the crew of the Victory was able to prevent the invasion by destroying the Hungers' portal but during the final the ship was boarded by highly poisonous bug like creatures known as Scuttlers. Michael was in engineering when the ship when the Scuttlers boarded, during the fight he was bitten in the forearm. Fearing certain death after seeing a crewmen die from a similar bite within a minute; Michael preformed an amputation of his arm with a wielding touch. The amputation almost cost him his life but he was saved by the Victory’s Marine compliment who secured Engineering and medical staff who worked on him to stop a deadly infection.

  • Choices

Michael was given a biosynthetic arm to replace his lost limb however, due to the nature of the nerve damage his initial range of motion and motor function was limited and he required extensive physiotherapy. Due to his limited motor function with the new limb and physiotherapy requirements, it was felt that Engineering would not be a suitable department for and Michael was transferred to Tactical in the position of Gunner’s Mate for the next mission aboard the Victory. The mission involved the Victory acting as negotiators between the Sunak and the Cardassians in the region of space known as Orthica's Bane. It seemed that the Cardassian vessel Nuvek had been fired upon a Sunak vessel and then been disabled in retaliation. As the entire senior staff were dispatched to Sunak vessels and the Nuvek to discuss negotiations, Michael took the over at tactical for the first time in his career. It was during this period that Strox lunched a raid on all the vessels in the region. With entire senior staff on an away missions the Victory’s inexperienced crew were overwhelmed and the bridge was exposed to vacuum. Despite losing the bridge Michael was battle field promoted to Petty Officer 1st Class by the Acting CO Lieutenant J.G Shedet so that he could take command of the remaining engineering section and begin repairing the ship. While that role was only temporary his promotion was not revoked when the senior staff returned.

  • What Happened At Luxis III

With his range of motion increased in his new arm, Michael requested that he be assigned back to Engineering. After discussing his reasons with Lieutenant J.G. Talisa Zh'Eriss, the Victory's Chief Tactical Officer, his transfer was processed. Michael moved back to Engineering just in time for the next mission to begin, a joint mission between the Victory and the USS Thunder-A. The mission of the Victory and Thunder was to assist the Laudeans in the construction of a science outpost around the third planet of their solar system, Luxis III. As the Victory began its scan of the third moon, Kretos, a anomaly appeared sending out a pulsing shockwave that cut though every defence the USS Victory had rendering her brain dead. Michael was part of the team that worked to restore power to the victory as the vessel began to fall into the gravity well of Kretos, fortunately the Thunder was able to pull the Victory to safety with a tractor beam. It was at this time that Michael received his orders to report to the re-commissioned USS Darwin-A.

Missions aboard the USS Darvin-A

DarwinLogo.png Horizon-scale.png
USS Darwin-AHorizon class

Michael was reassigned to the USS Darwin-A on Star Date 239202.24 with the ship being relaunched under the Command of Commander Renos in response to the events surrounding the Prometheus Incident. Due to the rapid nature that the crew was assembled, Michael was assigned to the ship as a tactical and security officer despite his PO1 rating and his engineering background due to the fact that he had continued his tactical course studies in his private time. It was made clear to Micheal that continue in the role that should belong to an officer that he would be expected to continue his studies until such time that he was qualified to take the Ensign's Exam.

  • The Lost Souls

During Michael's first mission aboard the Victory he was assigned to be part of an away team to the USS Dunbar which had been disabled and was caught in a rift, created by the Prometheus Incident. During the mission Michael took command of the vessel's operations console as it was towed free of the rift with the task of re-enforcing the ship's structural integrity with force fields. While much of the ship was badly damaged during the tow, the ship survived relatively intact.

Personal Relationships

Brooks Gwinnett
While on the USS Victory Michael entered into a romantic relationship with Staff Sergeant Brooks Gwinnett. He first saw her during a promotion ceremony and was instantly attracted to her, but it wasn’t until Michael walked in her working out on the Holodeck that the two actually exchanged words. After some flirting between the two Michael was informed that he could make up for the mistake by buying her a drink, the two have since gone on numerous dates and became very close. Brooks in currently in a coma after being in a near fatal accident on Luxis III, Michael has slowly come to terms with the fact that she is unlikely to ever wake up.
Talissa zh' Eriss full.png
Department Head
Talisa zh'Eriss
  • zh'Eriss
    • Marine Commander/Tactical Officer - USS Victory
Michael meet Second Lieutenant Talisa zh’Eriss on the USS Victory directly after losing his arm during the Hunger Mission. Talisa was visiting her injured marines in sickbay when she saw Michael and attempted to comfort him, unfortunately Michael took all of her attempts to reassure him as insult and the two had a shooting match in sickbay. The two eventually reconciled when they were both promoted and forced to work together in the tactical department, however they were never fully friends and their relationship could best be described as an uneasy alliance. Months after joining the USS Darwin-A Michel meet the Andorian again on Deep Space Six, this time Talisa was in civilian uniform and she informed Michael that she was taking a Leave of absence for Star Fleet. The two share an evening of drinking together before she left for Andor.

Medical Record

Starfleet Medical.png

Michael Jellico

  • Height: 1.8 Meters
  • Weight: 84 kilos
  • Blood Type: O-
  • T/E Rating: E0+


  • Chronic Illnesses: None
  • Medications: None
  • Allergies and Reactions: None known
  • Sexual/Reproductive History: One sexual partner in recent years


Nothing Significant before Enlisting in Star Fleet


  • SD 239109.26 : Left Arm amputation
    • Below is the attached report of Doctor Rangi Summers - Lieutenant Junior Grade Beta Shift Medical Officer, USS Victory. Michael Jellico was operated on by Doctor Talia Kaji and Head Nurse Sarah Red Elk approximately two hours after the amputation, the time delay was due to the fact that the battle in Engineering continued after Michael's injury and the ship's Marines and security team were not able to retrieve the wounded until all of the creatures were killed. Michael was able to survive that time due to Cauterizing effect of the instrument used, a wielding touch. The field amputation was done by Mr. Jellico on himself after seeing a ship mate dissolve from a corrosive venom, we are still studying this venom and its effect at the time of this report. Aside from a fever and some hallucinations due an aggressive bacterial infection the patient is in good health and is expected to make a full recovery, minus the missing limb. Unfortunately the amputation caused a great deal of damage the surviving remnants of the arm, most troubling is the damage inflicted to the nerves of the arm - side note, amputation was roughly twelve centimeters below the left elbow. - It's possible that Petty Officer Jellico will have to accept a cruder prosthetic due to the damage that the surviving nerves suffered, they may be too badly damaged to interact with a biosynthetic replacement.
      Micheal's Biosynthetic Arm, being repaired with the synthetic skin removed.


Extensive counseling is recommended due to the nature of the amputation.


  • Alcohol: Excessive when on shore leave
  • Recreation Drugs: Negative
  • Other: Negative


  • Parent 1 (Mother): High Cholesterol.
  • Parent 2 (Father): PTSD, Depression.
  • Siblings: Nothing Applicable


  • Marital status: Single
  • Children: None
  • Occupation/Assignment: Tactical / Security Officer
  • Diet: Mostly healthy, high in sugar and salt when on Shore Leave.
  • Exercise: Judo - two to three times per week


  • SD238108.04 - Medical Officer: Doctor Shane Guzman - USS Illustrious
  • Medical Assessment: Mr Jellico admitted himself to sickbay at approximately 03:40 this morning, complaining that he had fallen down a flight of stairs. To my knowledge there is not a single flight of stairs on the USS Illustrious. When I brought this to Mr Jellico's attention, he stated that he had in fact fallen from a ladder. Mr Jellico had a broken nose, a bruised jaw and two fractured ribs. I also noted that the cuts on his knuckles are consistent with punching. In addition, the stench of cheap alcohol on his breath was clearly noticeable. It is this doctors opinion that Mr Jellico's injuries were as a result of fighting. Mr. Jellico was discharged from Sickbay at 06:15, I will be forwarding this report on to the Executive Officer along with a report from station security which stated that there was a bar brawl at approximately 02:35 between a squad of Marines and a group of drunken enlisted men.

  • SD 239207.20 - Medical Officer: Nurse Penllyn
  • Medical Assessment Multiple Concussion, resulting from his head striking the bulkhead near his station during a torpedo exchange with an enemy Warship. Chief Jellico is being kept for observation, but we are confident he will be discharged soon. Personal Note - Mr Chief Jellico called me a lady, for the official record, Penllyn is NOT a lady!


  • SD - Counselor: All Counselors notes are confidential within the confines of Star Fleet's safety and security-threat disclosure.
  • Counseling Assessment: All Counselors notes are confidential within the confines of Star Fleet's safety and security-threat disclosure.

Service History

Service History
Insignia Rank Dates Posting Assignment Additional Comments
Petty Officer Third Class 239107.30 - 239112.19 USS Victory Engineers' Mate Temporarily Reassigned as Gunners' Mate on 239110.14
Petty Officer First Class 239112.19 - 239202.23 Engineer
Petty Officer First Class 239202.24 - 239204.17 USS Darwin-A Security & Tactical Officer
Chief Petty Officer 239204.18 - 239207.25
Ensign 239207.26 - 239210.30 Field Commission

Awards & Ribbons

For award descriptions, see: Awards and Service Ribbons

Awards and Service Ribbons
Award Name Date/Assignment Citation
Awards General Tosma1 2011.jpg
TOSMA 239112.16
USS Victory
As Talisa zh'Eriss for making each sim exciting in its own right
Awards ServiceRibbons FirstContact 2011.jpg
First Contact Ribbon 239201.05
USS Victory
Ship wide award for Sunak Mission
Awards ServiceRibbons Explorers 2011.jpg
Explorer's Ribbon 239201.05
USS Victory
Ship wide award for Sunak Mission
Awards ServiceRibbons Prometheus Incident 2014.jpg
Prometheus Ribbon 239204.18
USS Darwin-A
Ship wide award for the rescue of the USS Dunbar from an anomaly resulting from the Prometheus Incident
Awards ServiceRibbons PurpleHeart 2011.jpg
Purple Heart 239207.26
USS Darwin-A
For Injuries sustained in the line of duty
Awards ServiceRibbons JointMeritoriousUnit 2011.jpg
Joint Meritorious Unit Award 239207.26
USS Darwin-A
Owing to actions in assisting the Zakdorn facility and defending their territory
Awards ServiceRibbons MedalOfFreedom 2011.jpg
UFP Medal of Freedom 239207.26
USS Darwin-A
For showing clear heroism in defense of a UFP member world - Zakdorn