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USS Darwin-A
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Position Diplomatic Officer
Rank Lieutenant Commander
Species Bolian
Gender Female
DOB 236303.06
Age 38
Birthplace Lommat, Rasara, Bolarus IX
Service Ribbons
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Awards ServiceRibbons JointMeritoriousUnit 2011.jpg
Awards ServiceRibbons MedalOfFreedom 2011.jpg
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Diplomacy Ribbon
Joint Meritorious Unit Award
UFP Medal of Freedom
Silver Star
Prometheus Ribbon
Innovation Ribbon
Explorer's Ribbon
Lifesaving Ribbon

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1-year Member
Nebula Bar
3-year Member
Lwaxana Troi Medallion
Xalor Clan Xifilis Award

Halloween Avatar Contest Winner
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Publicity Team
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Image Collective Member
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Lieutenant Commander Lyldra is a Diplomatic Officer on board DS26, she also holds the rank of Envoy within the Federation Diplomatic Corps.

Basic Information

  • Full Name: Lyldra
  • Current Rank: Lieutenant Commander, Also Holds FDC standing of Diplomatic Envoy.
  • Race: Bolian
  • Date of Birth: 236303.06
  • Place of birth: Lommat, Rasara, Bolarus IX
  • Gender: Female
  • Telepathic status: T0/E0


Lyldra in 2391.
  • Height: 1.82 m (6'0)
  • Weight: 66 kg (145lbs)
  • Hair Color: Bald
  • Eye Color: Yellow
  • Skin Tone: Light Blue
  • Build: Slim and Fit
  • Taste in Clothing (when off duty): She favors dresses in shades of Purple and often wears chandelier earrings.
  • Handedness: Right handed
  • Languages: Bolian, Federation Standard


  • Spouses:

Husband - Hars Vlin - A Oceanographic Scientist serving aboard The USS Atlantis

Co-Husband - Brell - Starfleet Captain, Serving as commanding officer of the USS Atlantis

  • Children:

Son - Renu

Daughter - Linalu

  • Parents:

Father: Lakax - Lead Scientist University Of Boralus Research outpost at Daros'll Homestead

Mother: Linall (Deceased)

  • Siblings:



University of Bolarus 2384 to 2391

  • Primary Degree in Xeno-Political Science - Equivalent to Terran University Phd
  • Secondary Degree in Humanoid Psychology - Equivalent to Terran University Phd
  • Tertiary Degree Xeno-Linguistics - Equivalent to Terran University Masters Degree

Starfleet Academy Distance Program 2392

  • Field Commissioned Officer Certification Course
  • Introduction to Starfleet Protocols
  • Side-Arms Basic Training

Personal History

Early Years.

Lyldra is an only child, her mother died in childbirth and her father never remarried. Growing up in a society where families could often have upwards of ten children sometimes caused her hardship as she often felt she was missing out on something special.

She met Hars Vlin when he was a third year student and she was a fresh faced first year at the university of Boralus, he was a peculiar Bolian who seem to never speak in a group but opened up one on one or in a smaller group. She wondered if he too was from an atypical household. In getting to know him she found out he was really just a shy man who wasn't too good at the what seemed innate Bolian skill of small talk in large groups. She sometimes felt as if she had to forcefully insert herself in a group and often try to steer it in the direction she wanted as tangents are frequent. She liked being able to do so but with Hars in the one on one time they spent together she didn't have to. He was more open that context and she didn't have to lead conversation. Their engagement was almost expected and they were wed by her father and Hars' father on the Vlin families ancestral houseboat a year after meeting.

She was just a happy married young Bolian woman living among millions in the capital and attending the University of Bolarus' xenopolitical sciences program when her life changed forever. Her father and husband had accepted a field posting to some underwater farming homestead she would coming along to live there it was almost culture shock for her to go from the big city life to living as one of only 2,000 Bolians that dwelt there. She found herself spending most of free time visiting with Hars and Brell the local favored son was always around. She blamed him for their relocation from the city and found his friendliness annoyingly intruding.

As months past she found the smaller group had great unity and family ties, unity they bestowed upon her and her family as well.

She and Brell started to spend a good deal of time together when he entered the university. He took her and himself to and from the campus daily in his personal sub/hover vehicle. It was during these times alone with him that she warmed to him and affection bloomed. When Hars asked her what she felt about expanding their marriage she knew instantly it was Brell that he was wishing to speak of. Her reply cut through to their shared love of another as she said. "Yes we should marry him."

Soon after Brell joined their marriage she graduated from the university and began an internship at Federation Embassy to Bolarus. She enjoyed the work and soon set her sights beyond her homeworld. Once she completed her internship she received her first assignment to the Trill Diplomatic core. Leaving Bolarus was difficult for her as Brell had recently reenlisted in Starfleet and she would be leaving her their husband Hars alone at the homestead. She worried for her shy husband without either of them around to force him into social situations he would otherwise avoid. Eager to start her career as a diplomat she put her fears aside and left for Trill.

Embassy Life.

Soon after arriving on Trill Brell's ship the Uss Thunder-A arrived for the wedding of Ambassador Vetri and Lt Commander T'Lea. During her time on Trill she had grown to almost idolize Vetri as she was something of the poster child of the Trill Diplomatic core. As Brell was a member of the senior staff the two were invited to the wedding, something that she say as good for career. After the wedding she was invited to join Brell and the rest of Thunder senior staff on second leg of their shore leave on Ba'Ku, she then found her way into the service of the embassy offering her help when their vacation was cut short unexpectedly.

Once on Til'ahn she and Counselor James were tasked with meeting the government and press this was her first time in front of a planetary parliament and in front of the media. [1] The next day she was heading to a press conference to continue aiding in smoothing over the federation's involvement in the kidnapping of prime minster Daysa. Unknown to her terrorist group Til'ahn for Laudeans intended to use the prime minister's kidnapping to their efforts to force aliens from their world. Though the attack shook her to her core she was now resolved to personally see Federation-Laudean relations improve.

After the attack life around the Embassy returned to normal. She received an official posting to Ambassador Vetri's staff and began to set into a routine with her Attache duties.

While the Thunder was away from the embassy in a joint mission to Luxis III with Hars and Brell aboard she received the unexpected news that she was three weeks pregnant.[2] The time frame put either of her Co-husbands in the running for whom could be the father of the child. Bolian customs state that in this case they would wait until birth to have the baby's paternity tested along with waiting to find out the gender. Who ever the father was would be important to their expanding family, Brell belonged to a large family clan and Hars came from a part of Bolarus where children take family names. So if the child were Brell's they would all officaly be members of clan Daros'll, and if the child is Hars' they would all be considered members of the Vlin family and their children would have the Vlin surname. She did not mind either way and was pleased to see neither did her spouses. Though Brell's family were a bit more vocal about their hopes that Brell would be the father of their marriages first child.

Starfleet, and her first missions aboard the Darwin.

Mere days after receiving the news she was expecting she was offered a chance she could not pass up on. A former colleague had recommended her to his ship’s captain that Lyldra’s skills as a diplomat would come in handy aboard their ship. Though they were unable to take on a civilian diplomatic officer at that time her secondary degree gave them a chance to get her on board in another capacity, as ships Counselor. With a starfleet commission, joining starfleet had not been something the civilian university trained Bolian had not thought of until seeing her co-husband Brell reenlist in starfleet and the fuller purpose it gave his life.

She (Much to her husbands Hars’ ire) took the offer and relocated herself to the Horizon class Uss Darwin-A. She would be able to serve aboard until few weeks before her due date when she would return to the embassy and her husbands to deliver their child.

Though she came aboard the Darwin during a shore leave she found herself quickly thrust into starfleet life, having to hold several counseling sessions on her first day of duty. Though she had never put her secondary degree to much use she enjoyed the experience of listening to her crewmates and helping them recognize and get over issues they may be having.

Her first mission aboard the Uss Darwin took her and the crew to the planet Asav. Her skills as a Diplomat were put to the test when they were unexpectedly put into the middle of what some could call a religious and social uprising. Renos quick thinking to have her and nimself return to the Darwin with the minority leader and the Asavii Patriarch to open a dialog between the two on neutral ground solidified her respect of her new commanding officer. The two of them were able to help the Asavii leaders talk about their secret pasts and helped them prepare to move forward towards becoming a truly unified world.

After returning to the Darwin-A and getting underway she and several members of the crew were given awards for their service in the mission Lyldra was given a Joint Meritorious award and a Diplomacy Ribbon something she was more than proud to receive on her first mission in starfleet. She was duped along with the rest of the senior staff into thinking Commander Renos was being court martialed for nir's actions while in command. She along with several other gave impassioned speeches in nir's defense only to be pleasantly shocked when learning they were in fact at Renos' promotion ceremony which Captain Hudson had orchestrated into a practical joke on them all, with Commander Thomas' help. The next day she learned why her morning sickness was intense even for a Bolian, she was carrying twins. Knowing her children would never feel as lonely as she did made her weep in sick bay. Later on enjoying some time out with Renos and Ensign Mpeba in a spa outing on DS6 before the Darwin had to depart on it's next mission.

The Darwin’s next mission took them to Zakdorn where she acted as liaison between a contact in the planetary government and the Darwin. As bad as the situation was on the ground on board the ship she and the crew faced a terrible foe. She attempted to identify the Captain of the hostile vessel known to them as Raikenoff. It was a false name was all she could determine. During one of his attack runs on the Darwin she was thrown to the ground and while her first thought was of her unborn children her second was what happened before her eyes. The abduction of Renos. She spent most of the rest of that mission attempting to feel useful, she could not talk their commanding officer back. She could not fire weapons or come up with some scientific wonder like the others could. In the end her knowledge did help in isolating Renos brain wave patterns so that a tag created by Mr Valdivia could lock onto nir.

Back at Deep space six commander Thomas oversaw their usual award ceremony. Where the crew including herself received high honors for their defense of a federation member world. She was appointed the ship’s new official Diplomatic Officer and promoted to Lt junior grade. The whole event had a somewhat somber tone as Renos laid recovering on ds6 and would remain on medical leave for their next mission. The day before the Darwin left Lyldra was shocked when her spouses arrived on the station. A full three weeks early. She had yet to tell them she wanted to stay on the Darwin after the twins were born. That night she did and the three looked forward to planning a new chapter in their lives together.

Motherhood and family life aboard the Darwin.

The Darwin under the Command of Kael Thomas set out on it’s mission to deploy a Jentar Assembly. Part of a group effort to end the the rifts and anomalies caused by the Prometheus incident. Though heavily pregnant she was prepared to stand by Thomas’ side during this high importance mission. Shortly after they deployed the array but before it’s activation a rift near by the Darwin increased emissions. She still does not know if it was the rift or just nature saying it was time but painful contractions began in unison with the wave increases. After attempting to work through the pain she nearly collapsed and was beamed to sickbay. In sickbay Dr. Tarna gave her something for the pain, and scanned her along with her unborn children. Just after he informed her that one of the twins had their umbilical cord wrapped around it’s neck and recommended fetal transport her husband and co-husband arrived. The three agreed to the procedure and the twins were delivered via-transporter. One Male and one Female seeing their tiny blue faces for the first time filled her with more love than she ever imagined she could feel. The mission was a success all happening while she was in sickbay. The three parents and their newborns would spend the next three days together and then the naming ceremony would be held.

Before the Darwin returned to DS6 Lyldra had been sure to send out invitations to the twins naming ceremony, even though there family on Bolarus would be too far away to arrive in the customary three days. She had sent them instead to the entire crew and of any family near enough to ds6 to attend. The ship's lounge was transformed for the naming ceremony and the new parents received many gifts from their crewmates to welcome their children aboard. At the appointed hour Dr. Tarna was asked to announce the father of the children. Months of waiting months of wondering about whose family they would be joining came down to this moment. Brell. was proven to the be father of the Twins, making her, Hars, and their children all official members of clan Daros’ll. Next Brell as the father announced the names of their twins that the three of them had chosen. Both of the names were special to her. Their daughter Linalu named for Lyldra’s late mother Linall. Their son Renu named for Lyldra’s dear friend and mentor Captain Renos. Finding out she had chosen to name her son after nim was a bit of a shock to Renos but ne was honored as she hoped ne would be. The assembled crew then joined in the traditional conga line and more Bolian food drink and song were enjoyed. This shore leave saw another round of awards and recognition for herself and her crewmates. They had earned Prometheus ribbons for helping to end the plight on the quadrant and the Bolian diplomat saw her rank rise again to full Lieutenant.

As the Darwin speeds away from ds6 at slipstream velocity for it’s next mission, life is settling into a new order for Lyldra and her family. All three serving aboard raising their twins there, a life and a family on a starship. She could have never expected it and would never change it for the world.

Lyldra, Brell and, Hars ready for the Masquerade ball.

The journey into the Delta Quadrant in search of the stolen QSD lasted a week giving her and her small family time to settle into a routine and ship board life. Hars was often assigned in the Astrometrics or the Aquatics lab. Brell was assigned to Engineering as the Beta Shift watch officer. All found time to spend with the twins and together and was great while it lasted, when the Darwin caught up to it’s target. Lyldra had promise of the possibility of it turning into a diplomatic mission early when she overheard chatter of a nearby Talaxian base. Then the Numiri came pouring out of the Nebula they had tracked Raikenoff too leading to a firefight between the Darwin their escort the Triumphant, Raikenoff and the Numiri. Determined not to feel useless in a battle she put forth ideas as they came to her on the Bridge.

When Raikenoff fled and they chased after she was again impressed with Mr Valdivia’s technical skill as he first collapsed the enemy's warp field then put his plan into action to disable it’s stolen QSD. In the midst of this battle the Darwin got a distress call and her heart sank the Talaxians she detected were in peril, the Darwin having recovered the QSD switched focus to rescue the talaxians. She joined the away mission that found the only two survivors. Returning them home she did manage to make a contact out of their colony's leader. She worried for Renos as though they had defeated him and gotten back what he stole that Raikenoff got away.

The return trip; first to Talaxia Colony, then at slipstream speed back home taking two weeks allowed for Lyldra and her spouces' to fall back into a comfortable routine. The light duty gave them chances to interact more with their crewmates including having Traenor over for dinner. Lyldra, Brell and Hars all finding themselves more and more happy they befriended the human. Upon Return to DS6 it was announced they were all invited to a Masquerade Ball, to lighten the mood. She found herself enthralled in the history of these events and opted to go for as authentic looking outfit she could for the event. Making her final choices in the company of their Ash'lie guest Lyna. The three Bolians enjoyed dancing with their crewmates and meeting new people. The next day Lyldra along with Hars attended a Kaigut martial arts class ran by Renos after the elegance of the party, learning the J’naii fighting techniques made for a thrilling workout. Later she and Commander Thomas enjoyed time together over a meal in Garll’s deli on DS6 along with Brell and the Twins.

Current - Into the Delta Quadrant

After the fun of the masquerade ball the crew of the Darwin was recalled where they learned the Darwin was to transition into operating in the Delta Quadrant. They would get to be one of the first ships in the region and she would be the first diplomatic officer ever along for the ride. She looked forward to this greatly most species there they had such limited contacts with. She would get make first contacts and it would be her reports to the diplomatic core that would soon be the top lines of the federations information dossiers.

The Darwin suffered severe systems failure shortly after arriving in the delta quadrant. It had taken them weeks to arrive there at QSD speed, now their ship about to loose life support the crew of Darwin had little choice but to assimilate into the society of a industrial pre-warp civilization living on a class p world. The people were called the Turisans and in appearance were quite close to human. Lyldra her husbands and their twins were all altered to fit in. Their hair follicles stimulated, skin changed to pink, and their bifurcated ridges hidden. She did not recognize herself in the mirrors and glass windows of the primitive planet. They were not alone the Darwin boasted a diverse crew leaving many feeling and looking quite different.

The crew was grouped into households and needed to get jobs to sustain themselves while living in the booming city of Lomorton as they would be there for weeks awaiting a rescue ship. She secured work as a Governess for a wealthy family a job which allowed her to keep the twins by her side. Hars found employment as fisherman on boat that went out to the edges of the bays ice pack daily. Brell meanwhile found work at a bakery. Both jobs suited her husbands well.

The Turisan's were celebrating a yearly festival at the time of the crews arrival called Newgrange. Her human crew mates all made comments on it's similarity to one on Earth called Christmas. As two humans were in her household Didrik Stennes and Kurt Logan she endeavored to learn all about it and see for herself just how similar it was.

After a month of living on the planet the Endeavor arrived and began to extract the crew slowly, first up were engineers and their households. Since that included Brell she was happy to be among them getting to return to a starfleet ship. Her Bolain features restored, and repair underway to the Darwin she resumed duty. Once the Darwin was habitable and the crew all aboard a award ceremony was called. she was honored to receive a promotion to the rank of Lieutenant Commander and another Explorers ribbon. Though starfleet service had never been in her life plan until a year ago she found herself immensely proud to obtain her third pip.

The Darwin’s next mission in the Delta quadrant, put her diplomatic skills to the test. A Federation-Talaxian jointly administered station was to be built and literally everything had to be worked out in talks. Brixion the Talaian lead delegate proved to be quite adversarial and combative towards the Federation. Giving Lyldra quite a headache trying to smooth over relations with the woman who felt her people should stand on their own. The station moved into construction and she enjoyed her next task of helping to design the layout of the Promenade of Outpost Unity.

Service History

Insignia Rank Dates Posting Assignment
Civilian 2384 to 2391 Student At University of Boralus
FDC Attache 239110.03 - 239203.29 Embassy of Duronis II/USS Thunder Federation Diplomatic Core
Ensign 239203.30 - 239207.27 USS Darwin-A Counselor/FDC Attache
Lieutenant JG 239207.27 - 239209.24 Diplomatic Officer
Lieutenant 239209.24 - 239301.05
Lieutenant Commander 239301.05 - Present

Friends & Relationships

  • Brell at first Lyldra could not stand him finding him oddly annoying. When he started to attend the University with her the two spent time alone more often and she warmed to him. After a awhile she knew why she had found him annoying it was that he made her feel at ease and she did not know what to do about it. Their bond grew as did the time they spent together in study and close quarters at the homestead. When Hars wanted them to ask Brell to join them as thier Co-husband she was all too happy to agree.
  • Hars Vlin and Lyldra when she was a fresh faced first year and he was a third year student. She saw through the shy mans facade and they grew very close. Their courtship and then engagement were short and the two were wed by her father and Hars' father on the Vlin families ancestral houseboat a year after meeting.
  • Renos and Lyldra met when she agreed to join the crew of the Darwin, she came aboard expecting to get some field duty for a few months while she was pregnant. She had not been expecting to work so closely and grow to admire and count her new J'naii commanding officer a friend. Lyldra chose to name her son Renu after Renos she thought the namesake would give him a fine role model to emulate.
  • Iniko Mpeba and Lyldra met when she came aboard the Uss Darwin. Having just arrived from Til’ahn Iniko’s homeworld Lyldra felt a certain familiarity in her Laudean crewmate. That quickly grew into an actual friendship with both finding time each shore leave to spend time with one another in some way.
  • Maxwell Traenor and she first met in passing when she became a member of the Darwin’s crew. It was not until’ the birth of the twins that she saw something more in him and actively began to pursue a friendship with him. As he takes on the role of the Darwin’s XO she has hopes they will spend more time together on duty and cultivate a good working relationship as well.
  • Garll Is Lyldra's Uncle in law and runs the BlueSea Bolian Deli on DS6, The Darwin's main port of call. Before being assigned to the Darwin he had only met the man at Her, Hars' and Brell's wedding ceremony at the Daros'll Homestead. He reminds her of Brell personality wise though far less driven than her co-husband.


Lyldra’s quarters are located on deck six, aboard the USS Darwin-A. The Bolian family of five were granted larger quarters with two bedrooms and a larger living space. The most notable feature when a guest comes in is their kitchen area featuring a cooking unit with oven, a small counter next to the replicator, along with a four foot tall seawater tank that holds fresh growing seaweeds, and kelps from their homeworld. Her co-husband Brell can often be found there preparing meals for the family and on occasion guests. The space represented the three spouses well; Brightly colored Bolian plants fill the rooms, Lyldra’s silk tapestries are placed all over, dominating the seating space wall hangs Vlin family house-boat’s original wooden navigation wheel a gift from Hars’ father, and holo-images of Brell’s extensive family on another. Renu & Linalu’s nursery with it’s circular crib the twins share is filled with items given to them by the crew at the naming ceremony as well as some other things that had been sent from their families on Bolarus. Lyldra and her co-husband’s bedroom was just large enough to fit their extended sized bed.

Interests and Hobbies

Lyldra’s Sea Garden
Lyldra’s Favorite Seaweed and Kelp Salad, with Terran Lemon
Federation Council Recordings

Lyldra enjoys the typical cuisine of her people. Meaning a good deal of ocean produce and seafood. Her husband growing up without replicators is the chef of the family. A fact she is very grateful for as she has more than gotten used to his cooking over replicated fare. She does however know how to make her favorite dish a simple kelp and seaweed salad with the edition of the Terran citrus lemon. Lemons and other citrus from earth remain some of her few non-bolian food favorites.

Though it will put both of her spouses to sleep if they attempt to sit through one with her. Lyldra actually enjoys watching news feeds and holo recordings of Federation Council sessions. To her watching the governing body of the Federation gather is an action packed event. All the opinions of the representatives of each member world, the committees and debates on the issues at hand. It all excites and fascinates the diplomat in her.

Since joining the diverse crew of the USS Darwin Lyldra has taken up a side project of growing a small sea garden of Bolian Kelp and Seaweed in the Darwin's arboretum pond. With the multi-species initiative many on the Darwin's crew was used to a more fresh and diverse diet than the typical Starfleet vessel and the garden had been her suggestion upon joining the crew and being briefed on the start of the initiative. Though she had never tended to a sea garden larger than the small tank she and her co-husbands keep in their quarters before she found tending it to be quite relaxing and gave her something to do while she was on light duty during her pregnancy.


Important Sims

Embassy Days.

Arrival On The Darwin..