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Main Engineering

Located on Deck 16, Main Engineering is the ‘heart’ of the ship, comparable to the bridge as the ‘brain’. It has access to almost all systems aboard the starship, and manages repairs, power flow, and general maintenance. Thanks to upgrades in computer technology, the staff needed to monitor and upkeep the major systems of a Sovereign-class starship are proportionately smaller than other vessels of its size.

Entrance to the primary engineering spaces is provided by two large blast doors, a pair each deck on decks 15 and 16, that can be closed for internal or external security reasons, as well as in case of emergencies.

Just inside of the doors on deck 16 - Main Engineering - is an observation area where technicians monitor various systems of the ship. Also in that area, is a floor-mounted situational display similar to the Master Systems Display found on the Bridge. Affectionately referred to as the ‘pool table’, the Chief Engineer can use the display to more easily get a broad view of the situation with just a glance.

Directly behind the MSD is the warp core and main control systems. Circular in shape, the room is an outgrowth of the Galaxy class design, but exceedingly functional to save space inside the ship. Usable consoles are mounted on every piece of floorspace around the circumference of the room and provide primary control access for the engineers and technicians. Additionally, there are numerous ladders and access panels to Jefferies tubes, leading throughout the starship - the Sovereign class being the first series of starship to take full advantage of these access spaces for more than extraordinary maintenance. The technical complexity of the starship dictates the use of these spaces to maintain peak efficiency and affect proper repairs.

Off to the starboard side of Main Engineering is the Chief Engineer’s Office, which is equipped with a diagnostics table, assembly and repair equipment, a small replicator, and a personal use console with built-in private viewscreen.

In the center of Main Engineering is the Matter/Anti-Matter Reactor Assembly (M/ARA). This is where primary power for the ship is generated inside the Matter/Anti-Matter Reaction Chamber (M/ARC). This system is checked on a regular basis due to its importance to the ship. Access to the warp core is restricted, with a front port to regulate and energise the particle flow via the dilithium matrix as well as an over side port for access to the warp plasma conduits.

A second tier rings the second level of Main Engineering on deck 15. Two ladders on the opposite ends of the catwalk provide access. Controls for the various fusion power plants, along with the impulse engines, are monitored from this deck.

Damage Control teams are mustered here, as well as internal ship maintenance teams. Numerous consoles and replicators line this section, serving as auxiliary consoles for Main Engineering, along with providing engineering research space and secondary computer core support.

Access to the Jefferies Tubes is provided in various places on both the first and second tier Engineering spaces.

Typical crew compliment in Main Engineering consists of thirty engineers and fifty technicians of various grades. During Red or Yellow Alert, that number is increased.