Challenger-A SIM Requirements

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The members of the Challenger Crew post more than average, that being 5-6 times a week, depending on our schedules. We are constantly in the thick of things, and are energized so much that we post above normal.


The USS Challenger has a unique rule set forth by Captain T'Pen, so that detailed records on each mission and player can be kept up-to-date. It is a MUST, and strictly enforced.

The subject line of each SIM must include:

  • Rank, Name, Position, Location, Duty Post, "Name of Mission,"
  • AND if the SIM is extremely long or extremely short, then (long) or (short) should also be included.

There is no clear cut rule as to what constitutes long or short. It is generally accepted that the writer makes that judgment based on the average length of his or her own normal SIMs.

Subject Line Example: Ensign Charles Warren, SO - Brig - "Then there was one" (short)

Note: When submitting a Joint Post, the subject line should begin with JP by, the the Rank and Names of all characters participating in the Joint post, PLUS all the information included in "Rule 2."

Example of a JP Subject Line:

JP by Lt. Sander Spake, & Dr. William Rynos, MOs - Sickbay - "Viral Mishap" (long)

When SIMing an NPC, designate the character as an NPC on the subject line before the name.

Example: NPC Debra Bothnet, Nurse - Sickbay - "Viral Mishap"

Ranks can be abbreviated as follows. The entire rank name is not needed.

Definition of Characters

  • PC - Player Character
  • PNPC- Personal Non-Player Character (only to be played by the creating player)
  • NPC - Non-Player Character (These are found on our NPC Listing and anyone may use them)
  • MSPC - Mission Specific Personal Character (Mission Form) These are characters created by the writer of the mission that are assigned only to designated players. These Characters usually present necessary elements to the mission, such as the viewpoint of the opposition.

NOTE: All PC Characters are expected to attend all meetings designated for the "Senior Staff."