Sovereign Class Impulse Propulsion

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Sovereign Class Starships
Sovereign Class


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On any other Starship, the standard Sovereign class Impulse Engines would be rated ‘excessive’, providing thrust far in excess of the highest estimated needs. So great is the thrust provided by each individual engine that the Sovereign class has 0% loss of performance with the loss or destruction of one of her Impulse engines. Like other ships before her, Sovereign-class vessels utilizes space-time driver coils within its impulse engines to create a non-propulsive symmetrical subspace field that effectively lowers the ship's mass, making it capable of pushing the entire spacecraft using less fuel. There are two impulse engines on the ship, each operating at 25% rating for standard operations, but can boost their output to 50% for combat operations.


Two standard Sovereign class mass drivers developed and built by Terminal Velocity Propulsion.

Output: Each engine (there are two impulse engines) can propel a Sovereign-class vessel at speeds just under .25c at “Full Impulse” and an upper ceiling of .75c at three quarters the speed of light. Generally, Starfleet Vessels are restricted to .25c speeds to avoid the more dramatic time dilation effects of higher relativistic speeds. However, such restrictions can be overridden at the behest of the ship’s captain. Due to the size of the Impulse Engines found on the Sovereign class, a single engine can propel the vessel at standard operating speeds without a loss in performance or combat maneuverability.