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Starships... The backbone of the United Federation of Planets' exploration and defense fleet. Beautiful, awe-inspiring vessels that glide effortlessly from star system to star system. Every officer and enlisted crewmember in the Fleet is justifiably proud to serve on any starship. But, there's more...

The most overlooked aspect of the Federation's defense is the vital need for specially trained ground forces to operate on a planet - instead of from orbit. The mighty ships of Starfleet have the power to devastate a planet, but are incapable of quelling a riot. They can level entire cities with phaser energy, but can't stop a civil war. They can take on twice their number of adversaries, but can't destroy a specific enemy entrenchment. Starships have incredible capabilities, but there are simply some things they will never be able to do. Fortunately, the Starfleet Marines can!

The Starfleet Marines. Just the name sends chills down the collective spine of hostile commanders throughout the galaxy. The enemies of the Federation know that an attack on the Federation or on any of her people will not go unnoticed or unanswered. While the ships of Starfleet battle them in space, the Starfleet Marines will pound them on the surface.

Marines are specially trained for planetary operations of every kind - from covert landings to full-scale defensive warfare. The Marines are the Federation's best weapon against an enemy presence on a member world, are the only hope for removing any enemy that manages to gain a foothold.

Marine Weaponry & Equipment

  • Bladed Weapons
    • Survival Knife
  • Phaser Carbine
    • Standard Issue
    • TCP-SCN07 Type III Phaser Carbine
  • Sniper Rifle
    • Type IV Long Range High Power Interdiction Phaser
    • Type IV-B Medium Range Combat Support Phaser
  • Phaser Pistols
    • TAP-SCN12 Type II Phaser Pistol
    • TCP-SCN07 Type II Phaser Pistol

Weaponry and Equipment are the basic fundamentals of the Marine contingency aboard any vessel. Without them, the Marines would fail to accomplish the job they are set out to do and so, the equipment provided for Starfleet Marines surpasses any other in the Fleet. The equipment must be able to withstand veratile conditions including hard-ware, regular damage and changes in atmosphere conditions, if not gravitational.

Research is constantly being carried out into developing their equipment to be better, but until now Starfleet Marines are in safe hands.

The Exograph


Originally developed to be used in conjunction with the TR-116 Projection Rifle, the Exographic Targeting System has now been fully developed as a stand-alone utility. The ETS can be programmed to respond to the wearer's weapon; receiving and transmitting data back and forth. In the same method as a TAC Unit is used, the ETS is a frame with a monocle over one eye and moves a mouse trackball (mounted on both sides of the weapon, making it ambidextrous) located on the chosen weapon to use a zoom facility.

Unlike the TAC, however, it cannot display target information or show changes in structure.

Marine Crew

Currently, there are 200 Marines and 45 Shuttle Pilots included in the compliment with room for an additional 50 passengers. As the CHALLENGER Marines who fly have always been considered Marines as well, that would bring the total number of Marines up to 245. The additional Passengers would bring the total number up to 295. The Marine Contingent, would include the following for the CHALLENGER:

Squad = 10 Marines Platoon = 3 Squads Company = 3 Platoons

That said, The Marine Battalion includes the following TO&E: 2 Companies (180) 1 Heavy Weapons Platoon (30) 1 Fighter Wing (10 Fighters, smaller than shuttles) 15 Officers / Regimental Troops