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SAR (Search & Rescue) Emergency Medflight is located in upper Main Shuttlebay on deck 6 close to Infirmary

CENTAUR Sovereign Class Specialized Craft

Type: Sovereign Class Specialized Craft

Accommodation: 3 flight crew, 20 passengers. Dimensions: Length: 28 m; Width: 16.7 m; Height: 12,2 m

Power Plant: One 5,220-millicochrane warp engine, two 700-millicochrane impulse engines, four RCS thrusters.

Mass: 188.3 metric tons Performance: Cruise: Warp 4.5; Max Cruise: Warp 5; Max Warp: Warp 5.5/12hrs Armament: Standard - 6 Type V phaser arrays + 1 torpedo launcher (optional) Transporters: One standard 2-personnel

Hull: Duranium-Tritanium composite

Number of Decks: 1 Total

Officers and Crew: 22-25 Evacuation Limit: 50


CENTAUR Specialised Craft was designed to complete four general mission types:

  • Short Notice and/or Emergency Response Transportation for Scientific Expeditions or Medical Personnel.
  • Act as a Base of Operations (orbital or landed) for Scientific Expeditions or Medical Response.
  • Transport personnel, intact experiment and/or cargo modules.
  • Perform tactical missions such as intelligence gathering (scouting), covert insertion/extraction of personnel, act as a deterrent of threatening situations, etc.


  • Surgical unit
  • Triage & decontamination unit,
  • Emergency trauma room
  • Area for placing bio-litters with wounded patients
  • Seating area for walking wounded
  • Small section for the medical staff
  • Industrial replicator
  • Emergency Medical supplies storage unit

Designated Pilot: Ensign Glenn Cogshell

Flight crew: 1 Flt. Surgeon, 1 Surgical Specialist, 3 Nurses (1-Traige (Head Nurse), 1 Surgical, and 1 Trauma Emergencies, 4 Medtechs, 1 Med Security Officer

  • Modules can be changed for the needs of the mission so this is just most usual setup!


It is dedicated to the Australian Hospital Ship AHS Centaur of WWll

AHS Centaur was a hospital ship which was attacked and sunk by a Japanese submarine off the coast of Queensland, Australia, on 14 May 1943. Of the 332 medical personnel and civilian crew aboard, 268 were killed. The majority of the 332 aboard died in the attack; the 64 survivors

had to wait for 36 hours before they were rescued. The attack resulted in public outrage as it was considered to be a war crime.

Protests were made by the Australian and British governments to Japan and efforts were made to discover the people responsible so they could be tried at a war crimes tribunal. Despite this, it was not until the 1970s that identity of the attacking submarine, I-177, became public.

The reason for the attack is unknown, and the events surrounding the sinking of Centaur are controversial because it has been attested that she may have been in breach of the international conventions that should have protected her.

The single greatest loss of life resulting from a submarine attack in Australian waters occurred off Point Lookout on 14 May 1943 when the hospital ship AHS Centaur was sunk by a Japanese submarine.