Challenger-A Officer's Logs

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Lt. Commander
Jerry Reid

Personal Log 61628.29 (238701.09)

Today, a few friends of mine received a well deserved promotion. If anyone every should have been promoted they were the best in the Fleet, as far as I am concerned. I have reached another milestone in my life, with the help of my friends, Lt. Cmdr. Barnes, and Captain Frasier. They took time out of their busy schedule and came to the adoption proceedings, and were character witnesses for Edgar. Today, I now enter into Fatherhood with Edgar Reid, my son. I just hope I'm up to the quest of becoming a great father for Edgar. Only time will tell. Edgar is one of the crew now, having been promoted to Staff Sergeant, and is a medic in Starfleet. He is only 11 years old, and I hope and pray that I have not made a bad decision by pushing him into something he is ready for. Literally, I have almost taken away his childhood, as he goes to School in the day, and after school he puts in four hours a day on the Beta Shift. Here I allow him to do his homework when he has completed his assignments. He actually participates in SAR, and has gone on a few missions.already. After that he comes home to my quarters, which by the way, I need to see the housing officer to move us over into a family quarters. This way he will be closer to his childhood friends, and participate in some "sleep overs". The housing Officer said we will be moving into our new quarters in three days. Edgar and I look forward to the move.

I have met a pilot, named Rebecca DeMornay, who was badly injured in a crash when her fighter was shot down a few missions back. Next Tuesday, I will have performed the last necessary surgery that shoulder help her recover better than I can possibly hope for. I have fallen for her in a whirlwind relationship, which we both have slowed it down a bit. I agree with the judge that Edgar needs a mother. I believe she would make a good candidate for the position. Edgar and her get along nicely, as do I when we go on dates. Today, she went with us to the Challenger promotion ceremonies, and tomorrow, the three of us, Edgar, Rebecca, and I will go on a picnic in the arboretum. I have found a spot for us by the waterfalls in a secluded spot in the rear. We all are looking forward to it.