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Carter Daniels is Assistant to the Deputy Chief of Mission of Amity Outpost Jansen Orrey and Assistant Counselor for Cultural and Press Affairs.

  • Name: Carter Daniels
  • Age: 26
  • Gender: male
  • Species: human
  • Family:
    • Mother: Tracy Daniels
    • Father: Chris Daniels
    • Brother: Cory Daniels (married to Haley Langley)
    • Sister: Stella Daniels (married to Derek Turner)
  • Relationship: Single


Carter grew up in a small town to nnthe outskirts of London. With great connections into London he enjoyed the perks of the city and the quiet of the country. Throughout his life understanding others and their motivations has been something that intrigued him. Performing well at school was a big part of his early years. Making the top teams for sorts whilst also performing in the top few students in his class meant that he was always training or working towards something.

Carter's brother and sister were always key figures for him. Whilst he was the youngest he always worked to rival them both academically and athletically. They both excelled and went to their respective favourite universities to study mathematics and music respectively. Carter's parents were incredibly supportive of their children dreams and funded as many extra tuition and training opportunities as they could to provide the best possible basis for their children's future. Carter ended his schooling near the top of his class and winning the championship and in tennis, rugby and speed climbing. Carter's love of climbing was developed form the climbing walls near home, now he plans to work even harder at becoming a free climber, so far he'd only tackled basic climbs when free climbing but he was begining to enjoy pushing himself in the safety of holodecks.

Carter attended the University of Warwick to study psychology. Whilst he enjoyed psychology he found the course he was on was very specific to Humans and those living on Earth. Although he enjoyed this after finishing his degree with a first he studied cross species psychology to broaden his understanding to a greater array at the University of Cambridge. Upon completing this degree Carter worked for the University of Cambridge in their admissions department in setting up appropriate accommodation, and creating pastoral care for them and establishing a clear connection to with them and those they will work with. Over time Carter wanted more of a challenge and that led him to apply to work as a civilian for Starfleet which has lead him where he is today.

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