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Crew of the USS Gorkon


Lt. Commander Ayiana Sevo

Ayiana's Timeline

This entry pertains to the life of the host, Ayiana.

236607.25 Born on Trill: Born to parents Nizo and Jana Yorval in Najana City on Trill.
238002.14 Accepted for Joining: Accepted to the Trill Symbiosis Commission Preparatory Program.
238608.15 Starfleet Academy: Accepted to Starfleet Academy, Trill Campus.
  • 2387: Cadet Cultural Exchange Subspace Friend Program links her up with Human Cadet Cadfael Peters on Earth.
238904.23 Approved for Joining: Much to her and her family's delight, Ayiana is approved for eventual Joining.
239006.02 Joining: Joined with the symbiont Sevo.
239109.01 Graduation: Graduated from Starfleet Academy with a Major in Quantum Mechanics, a Major in Subspace Mechanics, and a Minor in Astrophysics. Spent following year on training cruise.
  • Service Ribbons: Starfleet Academy Graduate Ribbon.
239109.02 USS Victory: Assigned to the USS Victory as alpha shift Science Officer, under the command of Commander Nugra.
'As the Future Burns': Assisted in the defeat of the Hunger Invasion.
  • Service Ribbons:
    • None
239111.04 Lieutenant JG & Chief Science Officer: Promoted to Lieutenant JG and assigned as Chief Science Officer of the USS Victory.
'Choices': Assisted in the search and rescue of the Cardassian ship Nuvek and First Contact with the Sunak.
  • 239112.30: Rendered comatose from an electrical overload during mission. Brain has high activity but Ayiana is not responding to outside stimuli. Lt. Commander Talia Kaji performs a dangerous telepathic probing of Ayiana. Discovers accident manifested buried pyschological trauma in the Sevo symbiont; severe claustrophobia is one symptom. By walking through Ayiana's fractured mind, Kaji manages to repair the link between Ayiana and Sevo. This act creates an unusual, and not fully understood, telepathic link with Ayiana and Talia.
  • Service Ribbons:
    • Silver Lifesaving Ribbon
    • The Purple Heart
    • First Contact Ribbon
    • Explorer's Ribbon
'What Happened At Luxis III': Joint mission with the Duronis II Embassy to survey the ocean world of Luxis III. Mission was scrubbed when the Victory was crippled by a subspace anomaly.
  • Service Ribbons:
    • Prometheus Ribbon
239203.13 Tourist: Took vacation on Earth while the Victory was being repaired and refitted at Utopia Planetia.
'Scourge of Romulus': Assisted in the search and recovery of stolen vials of the Skyfire Virus. Rescued Ensigns Rosek and Tarna after they were captured during away mission.
  • Service Ribbons:
    • Lifesaving Ribbon
    • Good Conduct Ribbon
239205.20 Lieutenant: Promoted to Lieutenant by Captain Nugra
'The Spider's Web': Assisted in the search of the long-lost 23rd-century Starfleet ship, the U.S.S. Arrow.
  • Service Ribbons:
    • None
239207.15 USS Gorkon: With the Victory being decomissioned, Ayiana is transferred along with much of it's crew to the U.S.S. Gorkon as Chief Science Officer, under the command of Captain Quinn Reynolds.
'A Sinking Ship': Rescued the survivors of the science ship U.S.S. Tharsis.
  • Service Ribbons:
    • Innovation Ribbon
    • Good Conduct Ribbon (2nd Citation)
    • Medical Science Ribbon
Clerval Manor.jpg
'A Monstrous Murder Mystery': Trapped in an Astrofori One holodeck following an assassination by the Maquis Reborn. Later escaped and helped rescue hostages in the Cardassian Embassy.
  • Service Ribbons:
    • Innovation Ribbon (2nd Citation)
239301.03 The Forgotten Host: With the help of Lt. Commander Kael Tam, Ayiana discovers Toran, her previous host. The memories of him had been suppressed and forgotten by Sevo for unknown reasons.
239301.19 Wedding Bells: Witnessed the marriage of Lt. Cory Stoyer & CWO3 Petra Bjarnadottir, officiated by Captain Quinn Reynolds. Acted as Petra's Maid of Honor.
'Annus Horribilis': While studying a nebula with strange transmissions emanating from it, the USS Gorkon disappears. A long search ensues, but HQ eventually calls it off and considers the Gorkon lost with all hands.
  • Service Ribbons:
    • Department Chief Ribbon
    • Innovation Ribbon (3rd Citation)
    • Distinguished Service Ribbon
    • Joint Meritorious Unit Award
239304.10 'The Face That Cannot Be': Ayiana comes face-to-face with Toran Sevo, still alive in an alternate universe.
239305.10 Lieutenant Commander: Promoted to Lieutenant Commander by Fleet Captain Quinn Reynolds
Jem'Hadar battle cruiser.jpg
'Annus Horribilis, Redux': The Gorkon returns to this universe, with the assistance of the Yarahla Nine, after being trapped in one where the Dominion won the war. 413 lives were lost.
  • 239309.04: Awakens in a Starfleet hospital on Earth, after nearly dying during the Gorkon's return trip from Over There.
  • Service Ribbons:
    • The Purple Heart (2nd Citation)
    • Quantum Reality Service Ribbon
    • Extended Service Ribbon
    • Legion of Merit
    • Distinguished Service Ribbon
239310 Warm Welcome: The crew of the Gorkon attends an elaborate return celebration on Earth while the ship is under lengthy repairs. Ayiana's family travels to Earth for the festivities.
Yarista (Palanon Capital City).jpg
'A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing': The Gorkon heads to it's new base-of-operations in the Tyrellian Sector. It's first order of business: investigate suspicions of Orion Syndicate infiltration in the Tyrellian government and economy.
  • 239312: Ayiana meets Leelou for the first time, who eventually becomes a major adversary of the Gorkon.
  • Service Ribbons:
    • The Purple Heart (3rd Citation)
    • War of Shadows Ribbon
    • Orion Syndicate Service Medal
'Old Hatreds': Ayiana acts as First Officer for Commander Alucard Vess aboard the USS Triumphant during a War Games scenario against their fellow task force ship, the USS Resolute. During the maneauvers, the USS Shavar is attacked by Breen forces. The Triumphant and Resolute rush to assist. Meanwhile, Fleet Captain Quinn Reynolds is attacked and heavily injured while hosting a diplomatic conference.
  • Service Ribbons:
    • Good Conduct Ribbon (3rd Citation)
    • Orion Syndicate Service Medal (2nd Citation)
'The Silver Function': The Gorkon explores a habitable planet orbiting a magnetar, an extremely powerful form of pulsar. Due to a powerful solar flare, Ayiana and the other away teams are forced to survive without technology. It is eventually discovered that the planet is home to a "race" of robotic spider-like Keepers. Along the way, Ayiana comes into conflict with Ensign Grace Freeman, sole remaining member of a secret Ranger squad deployed to the planet. The conflict escalates, eventually culminating in a fight between the pair.
  • Service Ribbons:
    • Explorer's Ribbon (2nd Citation)
    • First Contact Ribbon (2nd Citation)
239407.14 The Court of Inquiry: Ayiana and Ensign Freeman are subject to a court of inquiry regarding their conflict on Leutra IV. Fleet Captain Reynolds reprimands the pair and forces them to share quarters for no less than six (6) months.
Gorkon in the Roman Nebula.jpg
'The Devil's Expanse': Upon suffering a dire shutdown of the Quantum Slipstream Drive mid-flight, the Gorkon found itself in the midst of The Roman Expanse; a supernova remnant with a constantly shifting interior. They discover it is home to a vast, extra-dimensional creature that has been feeding there for millions of years. It exists in a symbiotic relationship with a race of shapeshifters, which the crew names "The Seraphim." It is discovered that the Seraphim act as a form of "zookeepers" for the enormous entity, classified as Romanus Spatium Satanum.
  • Service Ribbons:
    • Explorer's Ribbon (3rd Citation)
    • Captain's Commendation
'Telutho'kai': The Gorkon is sent to determine why Starbase 173 has gone silent. They quickly determine that nearly it's entire population of over 100,000 people have mysteriously vanished. Ayiana leads an away team to it's science facilities. There, they discover a strange artifact creating portals into a subspace domain, where they surmise the population is trapped. Unfortunately, the portals also allow an extremely dangerous alien species to run rampant around the starbase. Lt. JG Tasha MacFarlane is seriously injured under Ayiana's watch. The away teams eventually manage to deactivate the device, sending the aliens back to their realm and returning the station's population.
  • An Adversary Returns: The crew once again come into conflict with Leelou, a vicious Orion Syndicate crime boss. The Syndicate has come to the station to claim the artifact for themselves. They are foiled by the away teams, and Leelou is taken into custody. She eventually escapes prison and remains at large.
  • Service Ribbons:
    • Orion Syndicate Service Medal (3rd Citation)
239503.31 First Officer: Rear Admiral Quinn Reynolds offers Ayiana the position of First Officer of the Gorkon, which she accepts.
Valdore-class 3.jpg
'Hvei'khenn': The Gorkon is called to assist in diplomatic negotiations on the Romulan Republic colony world of Sikuna. Ayiana led a diplomatic team to the planet capital to meet with Governor Khaveid ir'Dinalla tr'Valai. Their job was to offer mediation and protection from those protesting against the joint scientific alliance between the Romulan Republic scientists and the Federation. Negotiations with the Governor had barely begun when the protestors outside nearly attacked the Civic Center building they were in. To top it off, a massive verteron storm was incoming, which forced everyone to take shelter inside the building. Multiple hostile factions came to blows inside, before being broken up by Ayiana's team. Unfortunately, during the brawl, several people were injured. Ayiana led a small team through the storm to a nearby medical facility to find supplies. While there, they met some more storm victims inside. One was an extremely pregnant Romulan woman who had gone into labor. Ayiana managed to deliver the healthy baby.
  • Service Ribbons:
    • None
239506 Visit Home: The Gorkon crew spends shore leave on Trill, allowing Ayiana to visit her family in Najana City.
'Sweet Dreams Are Made of This': The Maquis crew of the Skarbek has escaped Outpost Schulman, surviving a Cardassian raid. With a captured Starfleet Intelligence Officer, the ragtag band of pirates, mercenaries, rebels, and miscreants flee before the Cardassians can track them. During their flight to a nearby system for a rendezvous with a fellow crewmember, strange things begin happening on the ship. The crew sees things that aren't there: strange creatures out of myth walk the halls of the ship and rooms are replaced by alien worlds. Medical scans of some crew suggest they are asleep, and that their entire reality is nothing but a shared dream or hallucination. At first, the hypothesis is rebuffed as nonsense, but as reality continues to break down around them, the crew begin to realize perhaps not everything is as it seems. Slowly, they realize they have some measure of control over the place.

In the real world meanwhile, Lt. Commander Caedan Nkai manages to wake Rear Admiral Quinn Reynolds, who subsequently is able to awaken the rest of the crew from the dream, with the assistance of Lieutenant Yiggtissi. Suddenly pulled from the dreamscape, Ayiana finds herself entwined in the arms of Lieutenant Cory Stoyer; much to her emotional shock. They have no time to dwell on the thought, however, as the hijackers of the ship, led by the villainous Trill Lladre, leaves behind a bomb on the bridge. Ayiana and those with her manage to beam the bomb into space, then fly the Gorkon away as fast as they can to avoid the blast.

  • Service Ribbons:
    • Prisoner of War
  • Forbidden Love: Ayiana and Cory fall in love with each other, despite Cory being married to Petra. Over the course of a few months, the pair dance around each other, trying not to act on their feelings. Petra requests and is granted reassignment to the Triumphant. The "relationship" comes to a climax at a party put together by Engineering, taking place on the hull of the Gorkon. During a dance with her, Cory breaks off the relationship, leaving a distraught Ayiana alone and broken on the dance floor.
  • Chief Research Coordinator: Rear Admiral Quinn Reynolds is forced to remove Ayiana from the position of First Officer, due to Ayiana's continuing trouble with her anger, which came to the forefront during the Dream of Skarbek. She is reassigned as the Tyrellian Taskforce's Chief Research Coordinator.
Njörðr Nebula.jpg
'The Njörðr Incident': While the USS Gorkon is in for routine repairs and maintenance at Starbase 123, Rear Admiral Quinn Reynolds and company have hitched a lift with the USS Njörðr to the annual New Horizons conference; a prestigious conference to showcase new technologies for all branches of Starfleet. During their voyage, the ship encountered a nebula, suffered intense damage, and nebula gases began to seep slowly into the ship. Gravity generators malfunctioned, causing interior gravity to be flipped, thus the ceiling became the floor. Over the next several hours, Ayiana, along with Admiral Reynolds and Commander Stoyer, carefully made their way through the ship, sometimes crawling through Jefferies tubes, other times through over debris-strewn corridors. They eventually managed to reprogram a cargo transporter in a cargo bay and transport elsewhere on the ship. They, along with the rest of the survivors, were soon rescued by the USS Yarahla.
  • Service Ribbons:
    • Purple Heart (4th Citation)
    • Explorer's Ribbon (4th Citation)
  • Shore leave on Deluvia IV: The planet hosted the annual New Horizons conference where Ayiana attended several scientific panels. Witnessed Ensign Valesha Sienelis being arrested on charges of treason.
Plasma field ignition.jpg
'Operation Sea Devil': The Gorkon undertakes a dangerous mission to a pirate haven to capture the fugitive Leelou. Ayiana joins Commander Trellis Vondaryan and Ensign Tali Namura in an attempt to obtain valuable information stored on Orion Syndicate computers. During the infiltration, Vondaryan is severely injured to the point of catatonia. Ayiana and Tali spend the next several hours evading Syndicate search patrols while carrying Vondaryan to their shuttle. They find the shuttle destroyed via a bomb, but find surprising refuge and eventual escape with the help of a deep-cover Starfleet Intelligence operative. The group eventually make their way back to the Gorkon, where Vondaryan is shipped off to Starfleet Medical to receive long-term care.
  • Service Ribbons:
    • Orion Syndicate Service Medal (4th Citation)
    • Gold Lifesaving Ribbon
    • Silver Star
  • Shore leave on Earth: Spent and awkward dinner with Kyrrha Tereen and Cory Stoyer. Ayiana booked a holoarena excursion in New Zealand; a classic sword-and-spells fantasy adventure. Several crewmembers attended. Attended the wedding of Admiral Quinn Reynolds and Captain Walter Brunsig in Reichsburg Cochem, Germany.
Maquis Raider 2.jpg
'Together in Electric Dreams': Once again in the fantasy world of the Skarbek, Ayiana "Red" Sevo of the Maquis found herself on the remote world of Peshkova, attending a memorial ceremony for the recently lost fighters. Afterward, her cell aboard the Skarbek was sent to find the lost freighter Fourcade, the Maquis' central communications ship that coordinated cells across the Maquis, along with it's eccentric owner, Caedan Nkai. They eventually found the ship and mounted an excursion inside. Eventually, her team managed to find Nkai and set about attempting to repair the ship. However, they were soon besieged by a small group of Cardassians who had hid in sensor dead spots on the ship, waiting for Maquis to come and save the crew - namely the Skarbek. Eventually, it was revealed that a member of the Q had created the fantasy and dropped members of the Gorkon into it to study how they all acted under different circumstances and pressures to their real life. When she had her answers, the Q disappeared and deposited Ayiana and the rest back on the Gorkon at the moment they left.
  • Service Ribbons:
    • None.
  • Shore leave on Giáng Sinh: The Gorkon was diverted to the partially-terraformed planet of Giáng Sinh to help the colony adapt to a sudden cold wave brought on by a solar flare. She spent time cooking and conversing with crewmembers about their recent experience with the Q. Ayiana and Cory managed to patch their relationship slightly. At the end of shore leave, the crew celebrated Caedan Nkai's birthday with a large party at the research base.
Vaeron From Space.jpg
'Serpent Heart, Flowering Face': The Gorkon is sent to the Romulan Republic colony of Væron to assist in the search for missing miners, as well as strange reports of animals run amok. Due to deposits of benamite, a small Federation mining colony is also present, jointly mining for the precious mineral. Ayiana joins the team attempting to find both Romulan and Federation miners who have gone missing. They discover that they are being abducted and genetically transformed into alien fungoid beings. After fighting back an assault by the aliens alongside the remainder of the Romulan miners, Ayiana along with Doctor Loxley, manage to devise a way to "restore" partially-transformed people back to normal via the transporter.
  • Service Ribbons:
    • None.
  • Shore leave orbiting Væron: Relaxes with the crew above the planet, helping the colony slowly repair the damage caused by the creatures. Ayiana takes a short leave-of-absence to attend her sister's college graduation on Trill.

Sevo's Timeline

This entry pertains to the life of the symbiont, Sevo.

216105.02 Birth of Lizara née Valeran
218002.16 Birth: The Sevo symbiont is birthed from an Annuated Progenitor in the symbiont pools of Trill.
218304.13 1st Implantation: Sevo is implanted into it's first host, Lizara.
222806.12 Birth of Camen
225010.01 2nd Implantation:
  • Sevo is implanted into it's second host, Camen.
  • Lizara dies shortly after from old age at 89 years old.
227017.01 Birth of Vereesa
229409.22 3rd Implantation:
  • Sevo is implanted into it's third host, Vereesa.
  • Camen dies from a heart attack at 66 years old.
234408.14 Birth of Toran
236607.25 Birth of Ayiana
236911.07 4th Implantation:
  • Sevo is implanted into it's fourth host, Toran.
  • Vereesa dies shortly after from old age at 100 years old.
239006.02 5th Implantation
  • Sevo is implanted into its fifth host, Ayiana.
  • Toran dies at 46 from extreme isoboramine imbalances due to Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder following his service in the Dominion War. Sevo suppresses all memory of Toran, warping it's own memories to think Vereesa was its most recent host.

REV SD 239706.13