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Crew of the USS Gorkon


Lt. Commander Ayiana Sevo



Nizo Yorval

Ayiana's father, Nizo, has always been incredibly supportive of his daughters. An avid Tetraball fan, Nizo has spent a career as a librarian, and eventually head librarian, at the Najana Library, one of the largest and most complete libraries on Trill.


Jana Yorval

Jana Yorval is the curator of a prominent museum in Najana City. In her spare time, she enjoys cooking and managing her garden at home.


Aleesia Yorval

In many ways, Aleesia Yorval is the polar opposite of her older sister Ayiana Sevo. She has a wild personality; never afraid to speak her mind. Aleesia often has amusing (to her) quips or jokes about nearly anything anyone says. She is the quintessential party girl, usually found socializing in bars and clubs. Aleesia is a dangerous flirt, but does it more for the fun (or to annoy Ayiana). Contrary to her outward appearance, however, Aleesia is just as smart and capable as her sister. She is currently attending college on Trill, studying xenolinguistics and xenocultural studies.

Professional Relationships

Quinn Reynolds.jpg

Quinn Reynolds
Commanding Officer/Mentor

Ayiana has come to respect Quinn Reynolds immensely. She sees Reynolds as an authoritative role model and is constantly trying to earn her respect. A blow came when Reynolds oversaw an inquiry in which Ayiana assaulted a fellow Starfleet officer. Ayiana felt immense guilt at letting Reynolds down. Bridges were eventually mended, however, when Reynolds offered Ayiana the position of First Officer, which Ayiana cautiously accepted. Ayiana once again disappointed her mentor when Reynolds was forced to remove her from the post of First Officer after only a few months, due to Ayiana's continuing trouble with her anger.


Former Commanding Officer

Captain Nugra has been instrumental in Ayiana's budding Starfleet career. Upon sudden transfer of the Victory's former Chief Science Officer, Captain Nugra decided to promote Ayiana to the position as a newly-minted Lt. JG. While she had doubts herself about the responsibilities of commanding a department, Nugra thought she would do well. He was right. A few months later, Nugra yet again surprised Ayiana by promoting her to full Lieutenant. Ayiana was heartbroken to learn that Nugra would be giving up his command of the Victory, and reassigning most of her crew to the USS Gorkon. This was not the last time Ayiana would see Nugra, however, as he has periodically been assigned to the Tyrellian Defence and Exploration Taskforce, stationed on the Gorkon.

Omun Inaki.jpg

Omun Inaki
Academy Professor/Mentor

Commander Omun Inaki (Retired) was Ayiana's Subspace Mechanics professor at the Academy. He encouraged her to study Subspace and Quantum Mechanics as her major, and urged her to continue her application for Joining. When Ayiana, along with the rest of the Gorkon was declared MIA while trapped in another universe, Inaki personally delivered the Federation Flag to her family.

Friends & Colleagues

Sevo, Toran (Alternate).jpg

Toran Sevo (alternate)
Close Friend

Toran originally hails from a separate universe where the Dominion won the war. He is the fourth host of the Sevo symbiont, but never died in his reality, unlike his counterpart in Ayiana's universe. When the USS Gorkon found their way there, they ran across the USS Triumphant from that universe. After it was destroyed in a battle with the Dominion, it's crew sought refuge aboard the Gorkon. After the Gorkon found a way home, Toran and several other former Triumphant crewmembers went with them, finding fresh starts and new lives in our universe.

Originally, Ayiana had no knowledge of Toran, as the Sevo symbiont had suppressed all memory of him after his traumatic death. Eventually, Ayiana learned about Toran from a former counselor of his. When they finally met, it was difficult to see Toran in the flesh for Ayiana, as she was still sifting through her distorted memories. Since that time, however, Toran and Ayiana have talked much, and become close; Ayiana often confided in him about private things. She now considers him as close as family.


Alucard Vess
Close Friend

One of Ayiana's longest friends in Starfleet, Vess was present on the USS Victory on Ayiana's first day. She has served with him ever since then on both the Victory and Gorkon. At the very least, she considers him a good friend and confidant.


Talia Kaji
Close Friend

While Ayiana was comatose following an injury, Talia Kaji used her telepathic abilities to enter Ayiana's mind in an attempt to discover the problem. It turned out Ayiana's symbiont, Sevo, was undergoing a psychotic breakdown caused by a traumatic pre-joined memory. Talia managed to navigate the strange dreamscape of Ayiana/Sevo's minds and managed to mend Sevo's mind; consequently allowing Sevo and Ayiana's minds to rejoin.

This very deep and invasive mental probe left some sort of lingering telepathic connection between Ayiana and Talia, despite the fact that Ayiana, as a Trill, has very limited telepathic abilities. The pair recently discovered that they could "feel" each other in close proximity, and Ayiana's surface thoughts were surprisingly easy to read for Talia, even if she wasn't trying. Bursts of emotion from one was felt particularly powerfully on the other. The two planned to experiment with this newfound connection to see how far they could push this unique relationship, but Talia transferred away a few years ago and Ayiana hasn't seen her since.


Lael Rosek

Lael and Ayiana became friends during their time serving together on the USS Victory. Lael was once abducted during a mission, and Ayiana failed to stop the abductors. After rescuing Lael, they became closer. Lael confided in Ayiana about her spinal injury and asked Ayiana for scientific help on how to fix it. Ayiana suggested looking into Genetronics, but Lael transferred off the USS Gorkon before Ayiana could see if Lael pursued her advice. The pair have sadly not maintained contact.


Petra Bjarnadottir

Petra and Ayiana had quickly become friends shortly after Petra joined the USS Victory. They considered the other best friends, and Ayiana even served as Petra's Maid of Honor during her wedding to Cory Stoyer. Their relationship has become strained after Ayiana and Cory fell in love with each other, to the full exclusion of Petra. Ayiana hasn't even talked to her in months. It is currently unknown if their relationship can ever be repaired.

Kael Tam.png

Kael Tam
Former Colleague

From the moment Ayiana first laid eyes on Kael, she had a deep loathing and contempt for the man; feelings she couldn't place since she swore she never met him before. It turned out that Tam used to be a Trill Guardian, those unjoined Trill who dedicate their lives to tending the spawning pools where symbionts are bred. Earlier in his career, he had counseled Toran Sevo for PTSD after the Dominion War, learning about Sevo's previous hosts in the process. It was through Tam that Ayiana learned about Toran. The memories of Toran had been mysteriously suppressed by Sevo, making Ayiana think that Vereesa was her last host, instead of Toran. Eventually, Ayiana developed a begrudging respect for Tam for helping her reveal a forgotten piece of Sevo's past. She was quite saddened when Tam died while they were trapped Over There.


Tasha MacFarlane

The quirky Chief Engineer aboard the USS Gorkon rode into Ayiana's life on a magical unicorn of Scottish lunacy. She is always upbeat and full of life, even in the direst of circumstances. They became quite close after Tasha lost her arm during an away mission on the team under command of Ayiana. At first, Ayiana felt immensely guilty for letting it happen, even though the incident happened so fast there was nothing Ayiana could do. Much to her surprise and relief, Tasha didn't feel in the slightest that it was Ayiana's fault. Since then, the pair have started to become closer, sharing gossip and confiding in one another over personal issues.


German Galven

Ayiana first met German Galven as his proctor for his Final Exam at the Academy. After creating a dangerous ad hoc weapon that saved their lives, she passed him. After he graduated, she occasionally read his scientific papers among the scientific community. They once again met, via a teleconference, years later after German wanted to discuss a recent mission of Ayiana's. So far, the pair remain distantly professional, regularly reading each other's papers and reports.

Romantic Liasons


Cadfael Peters
Former Fling

During her time attending Starfleet Academy on Trill, Ayiana participated in the Academy's Cultural Exchange Subspace Friend program. She communicated regularly with a Human cadet named Cadfael Peters from the Earth Academy. The universe had a sense of humor, it seemed, as they were both posted to the USS Victory within weeks of each other. Their first meeting was after an away mission a day into her posting.

Their second mission together - first contact with the Sunak - ended with Peters injured and Ayiana comatose. During that time, Cadfael stayed by Ayiana's side in sickbay whenever he was off-duty, even putting his "good-luck" watch on her wrist. After Ayiana had woken from her coma, Cadfael had declared his love to her.

The pair's newfound affection would prove to be short-lived, however, as Cadfael was transferred to the U.S.S. Darwin on their next mission. They kept in contact over subspace for a time, but Ayiana has since lost touch with him.


Cory Stoyer
It's Complicated

Cory and Ayiana have served together since their time on the USS Victory. In that time, they had become good friends, along with Cory's wife, Petra Bjarnadottir. Cory frequently asked Ayiana for help and advice with Petra, often what to buy for her. Their relationship became complicated when the USS Gorkon was hijacked by pirates; its crew subjected to various dream states to keep them complacent. In the Dream, Cory propositioned Ayiana for a dinner date, which she accepted. Eventually, the ship was retaken, and the Dream shut down; Cory and Ayiana woke up to find themselves entwined in each other's arms.

At first, they thought they could separate their real emotions from their dream emotions, but it was not to last. The pair quickly found themselves falling in love with each other, at the exlusion of Petra. Ayiana knew it was wrong to pursue the relationship, but she did anyway. It all came to a head at a party, where Cory asked Ayiana to dance. At the climax of the dance, Cory called off the whole thing, leaving Ayiana alone and distraught on the dance floor. The pair are currently trying to maintain professional courtesy aboard the Gorkon.

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