Dead in the Water & Whispers from the Ruin (Denali Station)

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After the USS Juneau makes a request to Denali station for personnel to assist with a discovery Lieutenant Commander Falt takes a small team to rendezvous with them. Meanwhile Commodore Oddas leads the rest of the crew on an expedition to an abandoned city ruin.

Act 1

Dead in the Water

Denali Station received a message from Commander Melchor, CO of the USS Juneau, requesting the station send additional personnel to help them investigate a discovery they’d made during their current survey mission. As the Juneau was only a few lightyears away Commodore Oddas decided to dispatch Lieutenant Commander Falt and a small team n a runabout to rendezvous with them and provide support.

After a few hours the team arrived at the agreed co-ordinates but the Juneau was nowhere to be seen, and was not answering hails. Scans detected them orbiting a nearby gas giant, but when the team make their way there they discovered the ship floating powerless and adrift. Whilst the runabout, piloted by Marine Warrant Officer Kingsley, made a low pass of the ship to look for any external damage they suddenly experienced a power drain themselves and were forced to crash land in one of the Juneau’s shuttle bays.

Fortunately no one was injured during the emergency landing, but the team quickly discovered the power drain was affected all systems, including their tricorders and phasers. Not wanting to suffocate in a runabout Commander Falt ordered the team into the shuttle bay in EV suits, with the intention of sealing the bay doors and repressurising the room so they could begin looking for the missing crew. After a couple of close calls the team succeeded and were able to leave the shuttlebay.

Whispers from the Ruins

Commodore Oddas lead a team to investigate a mysterious energy signal in a city that might once have been a twin to Denali, but which now laid in ruins, flooded and overgrown.

The team travelled by shuttle, and no sooner have they landed and exited their shuttle than they were set upon by a flying reptile. Ensign MacGillian attempted a high-risk manoeuvre to drive the beast away by leaping off a building. He was successful, but ended up separated from the rest of the group. Lieutenants Forsyth and Kettick and Lt Jg Vahin were dispatched to retrieve the wayward Ensign, but as they regrouped with MacGillian they were forced to run away from more of the local wildlife.

Meanwhile, Commodore Oddas and her team, consisting of Lieutenants Parvana and Xiron and Ensigns Strathmore and Bowman, continued exploring the ruined city in search of the source of the signal. In doing so they discovered their environment had many similarities with Denali, but also a host of new mysteries.

Act 2

Dead in the Water

As the team left the shuttlebay they met Lieutenant Sanchez, one of the Juneau’s crew members. She was unable to shed any light on the situation, but did confirm she had not seen or heard from any of the rest of the crew. Fearing the worst Falt led the team to Engineering to set up a command post, before sending Lieutenant Commander Kendrick, Lieutenant Drex and Ensign Harford on a mission to attempt to locate the missing crew.

As the temperature drop and the support system rushed to the collapse, with no gravity and lights, Falt, Kingsley and Sanchez connected a portable power generator to a console and recover a cryptic message left by Sanchez herself. Doubts about the loyalty of the Engineer grew inside the Denali team. Cornered, an alien creature in the form of a glowing blue worm abandoned Sanchez's body. Still, the woman could not give any valid explanation about what happened to the USS Juneau and its crew.

Meanwhile Kendrick, Drex and Harford reached a cargo bay where they hoped to find something to keep them warm. They noticed a crate glowing yellow and without thinking twice Kendrick touch it. Immediately, the three were taken into another dimension. It did not take long to realize they were entrapped into a nightmare. When they broke free, a blueish worm escaped from Drex's body and hide into the crate.

As the three considered the options for the next move, Falt's team decided to leave the Engineering Area. Travelling through the Jeffreis tube is not easy task and by removing a panel Sanchez disturbed a group of blue worms crawling on the plamsa pipes. The alien creatures tried to attack, but the Federals managed to escape and eventually found refuge in the same cargo bay of Kendrick and the others.

The team does not stay together for long. After a quick update, Commander Falt ordered Kendrick, Drex and Kinglsey to modify a torpedo to generate an EM pulse in hopes of stunning and chasing away the aliens. Meanwhile he, Sanchez and Harford start looking for a second crate that could be in the scientific laboratories.

Whispers from the Ruins

Both teams began to move through the abandoned buildings.

After encountering some unpleasant wildlife, Kettick's team decided to climb back onto the roofs. A sharkoctpus, apparently attracted by the unknown food source, took them to the top of the building, cutting off their escape route to the shuttle.

The group was forced to leave the building by crossing the waterway on an improvised zip line. Deprived of their lunch, the ferocious Sharkoctpus attacked and devoured the runabout.

Following the directions of Vahin's tricoder, and trying to avoid other not-so-nice inhabitants, they eventually reached a room containing some interesting technology, similar to that found on Denali: a teleportation system.

Meanwhile, the Commander's team explored the interior of a second building. Their tricorders showed an energy signal somewhere nearby.

Like the others, they encountered unfriendly creatures. Phasers did not seem to be very effective, and in an attempt to escape another attack, the group took refuge in a small room. Here they discovered several consoles and the power source. Under the pressure of the attacking unfriendly animal, they activate the consoles. Unknown symbols and instructions appeared on the screen, but fortunately some were familiar to Oddas. The Commodore began a data transfer to gather as much information as possible for future analysis, but the sudden need to escape the beast interrupted the work and the group found themselves teleported elsewhere.

Act 3

Dead in the Water

The teams split up again.

In the torpedo bay, Kendrick's team was lucky enough to find a weapon they could operate on, and an Andorian officer knocked out. While Drex tended to the unconscious officer, Kinglsey modified the weapon to release the EM pulse. The action seemed useless, as the only effect is a worm leaving the Andorian's body and tried to escape the room.

Meanwhile, in the science lab, Falt, Harford and Sanchez found the second crate. An inexplicable force urged Sanchez to reach for a golden glowing object hidden inside the crate. The worms let her pass, and with the treasure in hand, the team decided to reach the torpedo magazine. Some form of non-verbal communication is established between Sanchez and the alien entities and partly with Drex.

As Sanchez entered the room, Drex felt the need to retrieve the second treasure from the crate in the cargo bay. Two glowing objects needed to leave the ship and head home to the nearby star, along with the following blue worms.

They placed the objects into the hull of the torpedo modified by Kinglsey and Kendrick, and a blinding light engulfed the weapon. As the torpedo left the ship, power returned to the vessel and Doctor Harford was finally able to help the unconscious crew of the USS Juneau.

Whispers from the Ruins

The Commodore's party suddenly found themselves teleported into the room where Kettick and the others were. The teams were reunited.

With no flying transport to get them home and no long-range communications, they had to find a way to reactivate the city's ancient teleport system.

Under siege from the wild creatures that populate the building, they all worked together to power the equipment and safely cross the transfer portal.

With the passage closed and the savage beasts blocked on the other side, the entire party prepared for forced quarantine, accompanied by a stowaway hidden in Fosyth's backpack, a small crab with a crystal shell.