Mithgiln in the Wild (Eagle)

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The USS Eagle Launches with a new Crew, Commander, and Mission.

Important Characters

  • Doctor Ugen - healer of the Mithgiln
  • High Marshal Toriat Wesh - leader of the Mithgiln forces

Plot Summary

Part 1

The USS Eagle, under orders to drop a subspace relay at XJ4-932 finds a planet inhabited by a pre-warp civilization suffering from a plague being assisted by the Mithgiln, a native species to the Aavaro Wilds. After allying some Prime Directive concerns the Commanding Officer decided to err on the side of assisting the inhabitants of the planet below. Forming teams, her staff began working with the Mithgiln onboard the Eagle to find a cure, lead by Doctor Foster, while coordinating other efforts from the bridge of the lead Mithgiln ship, and searching a mine on the planet's surface below to find a possible source for the infection a team lead by Lt. Commander Han.

Part 2

On the planet's surface, the Away Team quickly determined the source of the plague seemed to be a race of cybernetic beings who had unleashed the plague. The same group of beings quickly took Choi Ji-hu prisoner and blocked transporter access. Aboard the Eagle, Commander Oddas and Lt. Blackwell quickly isolate and jam a transmission from the cybernetic beings meant to attract their cohorts to the region of space. The crew aboard the Mithgiln vessel identify several infrastructure projects on the planet surface which appear to be in disrepair, but at least one in a state of active sabotage.

Part 3

With their signal jammed the cybernetic beings launch a rocket to try and outwit the Eagle crew, which with fancy flying and weapon work from the Eagle crew is destroyed. The Away Team on the surface manages to rescue themselves by destroying several cybernetic aliens and beaming themselves home in one of the alien shuttles. The intrepid Doctor Foster, with help from his counterpart - one Doctor Ugen, synthesizes a cure for the disease, but not before Lt. Commander Pavlova and Lt. Commander Shayne repair a sabotaged dam and beam themselves home, along with several gallons of water.