If This Goes On... (USS Eagle)

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The Crew of the Eagle heads toward the Dialran, the home of a large Ring-like structure with the surface area of 3 Million M-Class planets.

Important Characters

  • Adovan-4: The leader of the village Protectorate Village 172
  • Scale-9: The resident Medicine Man of the aforementioned Protectorate Village 172
  • Captain Uchee Orjea: The Captain of the Acen vessel who attacked the Eagle after it deposited an Away Team in the vicinity of Protectorate Village 172

Part 1

Acting on information from a Mithgiln report the crew of the Eagle is heading toward the Dialran system where are there are reports of a Nivian Ring - a ring 1 AU in radius around a G-Type star. The first data provided by probes has revealed that the structure is at least 1.25 million years old. The interior is made up of separate independent biospheres, each containing a different climate, weather patterns, and perfect spacing between one another. Each of these biomes is also equipped with its own propulsion circuit which keeps it all in sync with the rest of the interior.

Power for this vast installation seems to be coming from some kind of geosynchronous energy drawn from the star. One of the sections is breaking down which could lead to the entire Ring falling into the star.

Part 2

After the initial scans have revealed an artificial environment and an old nacelle inside the rings. To investigate the village and nacelle first hand the Eagle's CO has dispatched two away teams under the command of Lt.Cmdr. Shayne.

Claiming to be visitors from a different village contact has been made by Lt. Cmdr. Shayne. Meanwhile, the away team under the command of Lt.Cmdr Kenna is exploring the Nacelle that is converted into some sort of temple by the locals.

Meanwhile, the USS Eagle has made contact with an Acen ship under the command of Captain Uchee Orjea. Captain Orjea has given the Eagle an impossible deadline to leave, which Captain Oddas has declined to follow. Captain Orjea has responded by opening fire on the Eagle.

Part 3

The Eagle, under fire from the Acen ship's tetryon canon and the Ring's defensive systems, finds itself losing power and struggling to maintain weapons, shields, and life support. The crew manages to back away from the Ring, fire on the Acen vessel to disable its cannon and to deploy a type of a low-technology aluminum net in order to shield itself from ongoing energy drain. Captain Oddas forces the opening of negotiations by beaming Captain Orjea into her Ready Room.

On the Ring surface, the Away Team, Commander MacKenna has discovered the remains of a Starfleet vessel, which the natives refer to as a temple.

Part 4

After disabling the Acen vessel and after Captain Orjea was beamed onto the Eagle, negotiations began. Captain Oddas Aria began opening up peace talks with the accompaniment of Lieutenants Melody Delri'ise and Kano Risha. After managing to calm the Acen Captain, the Eagle offered out both medical and technical assistance to the Acen vessel, seeing as the damage was more than superficial.

With peace talks gradually coming to a close and with the discovery of a cave entrance beneath the wayward warp nacelle on The Ring's surface, the Acen presence on The Ring was brought into question on the Eagle's bridge. With all attempts to deflect accusations of any kind towards Captain Orjea, the answer to the Acen occupation was eventually given. The Ring was a means of growing and harvesting a plant that was crucial to the generation of power in Acen society. Suffering from a worsening famine, the Grunn Fern was gradually more and more brought into question amongst the crew.

With instruction from Captain Oddas, Lieutenant Commander Quentin Collins and Lieutenant Kano Risha escorted captain Orjea to the main engine room. Where a plan would be devised to synthesise the growth conditions of the fern. Meanwhile, down on The Ring, the nacelle, which had become a revered temple for the local species, began to power itself up. Just as a plan was being finalized to repair the damage to The Ring's software, the nacelle fired off. Thankfully, the Eagle crew managed to fix the catastrophic malfunctions to The Ring moments before being hit by the beam fired from the Oberth Class' warp nacelle. Despite the Acen ship sustaining damage, technical and medical support was sent out and the away team managed to beam back aboard.