Denali Station/Technical Overview

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Note, that as of 239905, personnel, Engineering, and Tactical systems are still being installed.


  • Starfleet Personnel
    • Officers: 200
    • Enlisted: 750
    • Civilians: 400


  • Denali is powered by 3 Fusion Reactors located in the basement of Fairbanks
  • Computer System: LCARS, Six M-30 Bio-Neural Gelpack Isolinear X Processor Cores


The Engineering and Tactical Departments will be responsible for the development of a defense system for the City and Station. Currently there are no shields or weapons installations which means that, for the moment, the Station depends on the USS Eagle to defend itself against a possible attack coming from space. Future plans for Denali Station are:

  • Beam Weapons: 4 Type X+ Phaser Planetary Emitter Defense Satellites
  • Torpedo Launchers:
    • 4 Rapid Fire Torpedo Launchers
    • 2 Quantum Torpedo Launchers
  • Torpedo Capacity:
    • 400 Photon Torpedoes
    • 150 Quantum Torpedoes
  • Shield Capacity: 1M TeraJoules, centered around the Administrative areas of the city.