Denali Station/Technical Overview

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Denali Station mini icon.png       "We convince by our presence."
- Walt Whitman


  • Starfleet Affiliated Personnel
    • Officers: 350
    • Enlisted: 1150
    • Civilians: 500
  • Non-Starfleet Affiliated Personnel
    • Civilians: Around 10,000 shopkeepers, residents, and others.


  • Denali is powered by 3 Fusion Reactors located in the basement of Fairbanks
  • Computer System: LCARS, Six M-30 Bio-Neural Gelpack Isolinear X Processor Cores


Defensive Strategy and Torpedo Deployment

An integral component of the Station's comprehensive defense strategy involves the strategic positioning of 400 photon torpedoes and 150 quantum torpedoes. While the ongoing production of these advanced weaponry by Starfleet is still in progress, an initial shipment has successfully reached the Station as of stardate 240008.

Utilization of Asteroid Craters and Ammunition Storage

In response to the asteroid attack on the City and Station in the early months of 2400, a strategic plan emerged. This plan harnesses select asteroid impact craters within the City to serve as prime launch platforms for their torpedo launchers. Adjacent warehouses have been repurposed as secure storage facilities, accommodating the necessary ammunition to effectively repel an initial offensive.

Integrated Underground Network and Ammunition Distribution

These repurposed warehouses enjoy direct access to an intricate underground network, facilitating seamless movement and distribution of torpedoes. This subterranean network extends towards a southwestern mountain range situated near the City, which is designated as the primary ammunition repository. The flexibility of transporting torpedoes is ensured through both site-to-site beaming technology and physical transit via the underground network.

Enhanced Protective Measures

As part of ongoing efforts to bolster defense capabilities, a protective shield has been meticulously installed, enveloping the Administrative Area of the City. This measure serves to fortify critical infrastructure against potential threats, thereby contributing to the Station's overall security posture.

Information on the Station's defensive capabilities:

  • Beam Weapons: 4 Type X+ Phaser Planetary Emitter Defense Satellites
  • Torpedo Launchers:
    • 4 Rapid Fire Torpedo Launchers
    • 2 Quantum Torpedo Launchers
  • Torpedo Capacity:
    • 400 Photon Torpedoes
    • 150 Quantum Torpedoes
  • Shield Capacity: 1M TeraJoules, centered around the Administrative areas of the city.