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Denali Station mini icon.png       "We convince by our presence."
- Walt Whitman

Mission Archive


A Web Unbound
  • Stardate 239906.15-239907.31
    • Shore Leave on Denali Station is recalled after a sensor in the operations department picks up strange, possibly dangerous readings from somewhere within the Market District. Simultaneously, a door opens on the ominous spired building that doesn't look like any of the other buildings in the City.
Take Me Somewhere Else
  • Stardate 239909.10- 239911.05
    • As Fleet Captain Oddas starts making the necessary preparations to welcome the delegations from Mitandar and the Cardassian Union, Chief Science Officer Tomas Falt comes across an interesting report about the recent discovery of a mysterious hall underneath one of the Spires located outside the Administrative Area.


Asteroid Over The City.png
Annihilation Approaches
  • Stardate 240001.03-240003.20
    • A routine day on Denali Station becomes dangerous as strangely unnoticed, fast-approaching asteroids are set to make an impact faster than the survey team on the USS Eagle can redirect them all.
Orb of Renewal
  • Stardate 240005.13-240008.06
    • Fleet Captain Oddas takes the Eagle to the planet Osalu III in search of a mysterious Bajoran artifact, known as the Orb of Renewal.
Denali invitational logo.png
The Invitational
  • Stardate 240009.18–240011.23
    • Denali Station welcomes the Aavaro Wilds and beyond for a good old-fashioned space race.


Dark Side of Lightside
  • Stardate 240101.03 - 240103.18
    • The Crew attempts to stop the ship from spreading chaos throughout the region.
Dead in the Water & Whispers from the Ruin
  • Stardate 240104.17 - Present
    • One team investigates why the USS Juneau has gone dark, while the other investigates an abandoned city.