Denali Station/Administrative Area

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Denali Station mini icon.png       "We convince by our presence."
- Walt Whitman

Administrative Area

The Administrative area of Denali is made up of three buildings located around a central plaza. The two taller buildings have been quickly converted into housing, administration and research space. The third, shorter building, has been repurposed for engineering workshops on the lower floors as well as communal gathering spaces on the upper floors. Space for conference/meeting rooms has been set aside throughout the buildings. The plaza at the center of the three buildings has been cleared of debris and overgrowth.

The two taller buildings, Anchorage and Soldotna, differ in structure but are nearly identical in layout, each standing at 40 stories tall. The upper half of each has been repurposed for housing Denali’s civilian and Starfleet staff and their families.

Anchorage contains the offices for the Denali Commanding Officer, Executive Officer, and other Starfleet and Civilian administration offices. Three floors near the base have been dedicated to the Clinic, overseen by the station’s Chief Medical Officer

Soldotna was built nearly identically to Anchorage, and the upper twenty floors have been converted to living space as well. A replimat has been set up on the first floor, open to all for dining away from their quarters. Directly above that, set across two floors, are offices for the security and tactical department, although the other buildings have security substations as well. The remainder of the building is home to the Science Division. The Chief Science Officer has their home in this area of the tower.

Fairbanks, the third, smaller building, was discovered to have a number of levels below ground as well as the 20 stories above. The Marines have been assigned to the first two levels below ground, which also includes a ramp from the back of the building to a garage-like area on the first level of the basement. On the level below the Marines an Intel suite has been set up. The Lobby of Fairbanks has been divided with one side leading towards lifts to the engineering workshop levels, and the other side bypassing those and heading straight towards the upper levels where larger open areas are designated for mass gatherings, but haven’t been built out yet.

This is only an initial layout, as more buildings are opened, secured, and restored to good repair, many of the departments and facilities will expand out into new places.

Near the entrance of Soldotna is a public gateway transporter, which is pre-configured to take visitors to the Research Station.