Cloak and Dagger (Juneau)

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The Crew of the Juneau sets out to investigate a series of attacks on merchant ships at the behest of Lightside Station officials.

Important Characters

Pelgi Traid
Cardassian, Captain of the CFS Guafakin - a merchant ship attacked when a Breen ship decloaked and attacked the vessel.
Thot Vudl
Breen, CO of the BCS Ma'azz.
Jem'Hadar, First of Thot Vudl's forces.

Plot Summary

Part 1

The Juneau, en route to the site of a large cluster of attacks on vessels, answers the distress call of the CFS Gaufakin. Too late, they beam aboard the Captain Pelgi Traid and two other survivors to render aid just before the vessel explodes. The survivors talk of Breen ships that can cloak and of Polaran weapons - none of which make sense together for that part of space. Engineering and Operations managed to bring the merchant ship's computer core onboard and are beginning a data recovery effort.

Part 2

Using information gleaned from the computer core, the Juneau arrived near the location of several attacks following the path of Cardassian's attacker. Upon arrival the Juneau was struck by some sort of 'trap' which pulled the vessel out of warp, leaving them vulnerable for a short period to boarders, which several Jem'Hadar have taken advantage of. Engineering finds itself under attack, with several members of the Marine Division and the Engineering Department working to retake the compartment, including using a massive energy discharge to de-shroud several boarders.

Meanwhile, on the bridge, the Bridge Crew is boosting signals to try and detect the location of the presumed cloaked Breen ship before it attacks. The method relies on the Breen's automatic processing of hails, and some quick thinking on the parts of Tactical, Science, and Operations division.

Part 3

After using the Breen vessel's automatic processing of hails to attach a pair of microprobes to its hull the Juneau follows the BCS Ma'azz to its base of operations deep within the Sandwich nebulae. Leading a small Away Team over the XO, Jansen Orrey, attempts to ascertain the identity and purpose of the attackers. Meanwhile, the Juneau finds itself under attack by waves of smaller ships that while, individually, cause minimal damage, their numbers create problems for the ship and crew.

From the examinations of the Jem'Hadar the Juneau Crew know they no longer need Ketracel white and are attempting to telepathically convey a message, in hopes to short circuit the conflict by causing the Jem'Hadar to turn away from their Breen creators.

Part 4

The Jem'Hadar received and understood the message from the Juneau. More importantly, the Jem'Hadar First received confirmation from Thor Vudl as to the validity of the information and, in doing so, fired on the former Breen master. After a short exchange of fire, Thot Vudl transported away to the Ma'azz - which left for parts unknown. The Jem'Hadar were left to fend for themselves, an opportunity the Juneau crew took to open diplomatic channels with the newly formed Jem'Hadar colony.