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Found in the Dialran System, the Ring is a marvel of engineering, with a diameter of 2 AU and orbiting a G Class star and having a surface area of approximately 3 million times that of a typical M Class planet. First discovered during the If This Goes On... mission, the crew has discovered a variety of habitats and other features.

Engineering Systems


Large thrusters on the outer edge of the Ring have been discovered, and one repaired, which keep the Ring in the appropriate distance around its star, firing automatically as necessary.

Wildlife Trolley

At least two trolleys operating on a unique transporter system have been observed - collecting wildlife in one habitat and depositing it in another.


Biome 2147A/9 - CODENAME: Nightshade

One of the many uninhabited biomes of the Rings. However, Biome 2147A/9 is unique in that it's position on the inner Ring of the superstructure allows it perpetual night, allowing only one hour of sunlight every decade (when the inner Ring has fully rotated to this biome's southernmost axis point). This biome also enjoys a murky, chilly atmosphere. One conducive to deep fog banks, lush greenleaf grass, and tall water heavy oak-like trees.

Explored somewhat by Noa T'Nessa Levinson and Quentin Collins, this biome provided the latter with a poignant reminder of the temperate of his childhood home and the former a sizable new area to explore.


A century old city that appears to have some amount of sentience, and relied on its past citizens for mutual survival. The unoccupied City was unwittingly awakened by the arrival of the USS Grace Hopper. Some of Hopper’s Away Team were injected with unique bio-tech that allowed the City to communicate its special needs, telepathically, to those officers and thus coerce them into helping it awaken. The City began to regain function by drawing power from other biomes, but primarily the USS Grace Hopper was its target, putting the ship in jeopardy. Later it was learned that the City was desperately trying to save the last of its citizens trapped in a failing stasis pod. This humanoid is one of the original Caretakers of the City, and was the last of their genderless species, called Ix’O. Centuries ago the citizens of Deolia entered into a cycle called The Great Sleep, and unfortunately for unknown reasons they never woke. All but one was lost. Luckily, this highly resilient species reproduces through a form of mitosis, which the Caretaker was struggling to complete when it was found.


A large, densly packed, abandoned, city spinward of the Protectorate Village. Statues, monuments, and other features seem to indicate different species cohabitated the city at the same time. Captain Oddas and a small team explored a large shopping complex and retrieved artifacts. Wild animals are known to roam the streets.

Protectorate Village

A race of artificial beings calling themselves 'Protectorates' was discovered near the site of a starship crash on the surface. The inhabitants seem to have some collective memory of being 'built' to maintain Ring systems. The Village itself appears to be medieval - Earth in the middle ages - with more understanding of metalwork than typical of society at their stage.