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USS Constitution-B


Zayar Feraoun

STO Lieutenant-JG Red.jpg

  • Gender: Male
  • Position: Mission Specialist
  • Ship: USS Constitution-B
  • Rank: Lieutenant Junior Grade
  • Race: Human/El-Aurian
  • Spouse None

  • DoB: 236108.15
  • Weight: 155 LBS
  • Height: 6'1"
  • Eye color: Blue
  • Hair Color: Brown

This Is The New PC of the Writer of Azin

Awards Special Xalor 2011.jpg

"I would tell you that it's stereotypical to think that only weird people live in mountains, but I'm not the best person to hear that from."

Doctor Zayar Feraoun is the quiet and eccentric Kabyle Berber Mission Specialist of the USS Constitution-B.


Zayar's home colony of New Numidia
  • Full Name: Doctor Firhun Zayar Feraoun, PhD
  • Nicknames: Zee, Firfare, Fair
  • Current Rank: Lieutenant Junior Grade
  • Ship Serving: USS Constitution-B
  • Race: Human/El-Aurian
  • Date of Birth: August 19th, 2361
  • Place of Birth: Bejaia, New Algeria, New Numidia
  • Gender: Male
  • Telepathic status: Zayar has the same unusual 'listening' and extreme attunement to the space-time continuum his mother's people possess, it is the one aspect of his El-Aurian culture he does not shun.


  • Height: 6'1
  • Weight: 155 LBS
  • Hair Color: Brown
  • Eye Color: blue
  • Facial Features: Most would say he has a 'boyish' quality, and he clearly does not look 30.
  • Skin Tone: Pale
  • Build: Lean
  • Tattoos/Body Modifications: He has 'Bejaia, New Algeria', translated and transcribed into Berber Script down his left radial artery.
  • Scars: None Visible.
  • Handedness: Right


  • Civilian Clothing Taste: Simple, but fashionable, to a point.
  • Shoes: Simple, practical shoes.
  • Voice: He has a musing, airy voice with more than a bit of a Kabyle/Algerian accent, though this fades when he speaks in Standard, to the point where it sounds foreign, but nondescript.
  • Physical Presence: Quiet, and distant.
Zayar grew up with these mountains in the distance, they would forever be a metaphor for him about the boundaries that separate not only the individual from metaphorical goals, but also the physical boundaries between groups of people that cause them to develop differently.

Personality and Other Details

  • Personality Type: Zayar has a soft though distant personality. He likes to be around people, but mainly to observe and take part in activities that don't require much talking on his part. He likes to listen and while he rarely hands out advice, it is often wise. His personality is where his El-Aurian heritage really shows. He rarely gives away anything about himself and he possesses a certain, otherworldly quality to him, but he himself is very much detached. He is often very unwilling to become involved in affairs that do not concern him, and usually not even then. He is the epitome of a non-judgmental person. Zayar is very much, at heart, a Berber, though he is a quiet one, and his exposure to other cultures has given him a strong, internal identity, that is not easily figured from his outward behavior or by what he says. He also does not discuss his heritage with others, beyond small quips about his childhood and the culture of his people. Some would say he's secretive, but perhaps years of observation have taught him the fine art of extracting information without volunteering any about himself.
  • Humor: He is very, very witty and funny in writing, in person, less so.
  • Likes: "A multitude of things"
  • Dislikes: "Not many things"
  • Strengths: Keen observer and listener
  • Weaknesses: Indecision and unwillingness to become involved.
  • Hobbies: Observation, writing about cultures.
  • Religion: Zayar is a very secular person and does not practice religion, though he still believes, though not in any one deity. He was raised an Ibadi Muslim though he is also highly familiar with Christian tradition through his grandmother and Vulcan mysticism from his time on Vulcan. As an element of culture, his focus of study, he is also well versed in many other religions.
  • Languages: Zayar's first language is the Kabyle dialect of Berber (Taqbaylit), though he rarely speaks in it anymore, contributing to his lack of an accent. He also speaks several other dialects of Berber (Tamazight) in addition to Federation Standard and French, though he did not learn these until his early teens.
  • Quarters: They are rather comfortable, with many North African accents.
  • Education:
    • Bachelor's of Science: Anthropology: Starfleet Academy, San Francisco
    • Doctor of Philosophy: Cultural Anthropology: University of Oran, Oran
    • Post-Graduate Work: Vulcan Science Academy, Shi'kahr, Vulcan
  • Favorite Things:
    • Food: Zayar has learned to eat what is in front of him and not be picky. He claims to not taste much of anything anymore due to his repression of his sense of taste among alien cultures where 'exotic' ingredients are featured.
    • Sports: Zayar frequently participates in the 'athletic cultural activities' of whatever culture he is observing. If he actually likes any kind of sport is unknown.


  • Mezwar Feraoun: Zayar's father, Mezwar is a very firm traditionalist who holds his identity as a Berber very close. He insisted on only speaking Kabyle at home and this contributed to a lack of communication (at least good communication) between him and his wife. His culture is very important to him and the thought of raising his son in a multicultural environment was out of the question to him. Zayar have rarely spoken since he left to join Starfleet and while the conversations are not tense or acrimonious, they are hardly substantial.
  • Jherain Nevarin:
    Jherain Nevarin.jpg

Centuries old and a lifelong traveler, Jherain has floated from place to place for many years and is very much a free spirit, and not the typical wise El-Aurian one might otherwise encounter. Zayar observed that she experienced more than she actually listened and never sought to actually understand, which no doubt contributed to the deterioration of the relationship between herself and Mezwar. After years of fighting caused by deep cultural differences, Jherain left New Numidia and Zayar went to live with his paternal grandparents, before entering Starfleet two years later. Since then, Jherain and Zayar have seen each other only sparingly and by late 2391, they had not seen each other in person in over a year.

  • Sareia Nevarin:
    Sareia Nevarin.jpg

Jherain's sister (older or younger is not known, though Zayar thinks they are of a similar age but might not share the same parentage), Sareia has her sister's intrepid spirit but is more graceful and mystical, actively listening to the world around her while she experiences it. She and her sister are not in regular contact, due to their lifestyles, but Sareia has been in constant contact with Zayar since he left New Numidia to join Starfleet. He lived with her on her home on Earth during breaks and they spent a few holidays together in exotic locales. It is unknown if Jherain feels any jealousy over this close relationship, but she does not seem to be aware of the extent of it. Sareia might have a daughter, who is either estranged or deceased, either way she refuses to speak of pictures of a young woman who has similar red hair.

  • Maternal Family:Sareia is the only other maternal family that Zayar has met, though considering the vast lifespans of the El-Aurians and propensity many of them have for having many children, Zayar likely has a vast maternal clan he simply does not know about. Jherain might also have other children, though others have never been mentioned and it is known that she was never actually married before she met Mezwar. It is also possible that Jherain and Sareia are all that remains of their family, since many El-Aurians were assimilated or otherwise killed by the Borg.
  • Paternal Family: Zayar has a reasonably large extended paternal family. His father was one of nine children, with five sisters and three brothers and his grandfather was one of six children and the only son. His grandmother was quite the opposite and the only daughter of four children. His family (his female relatives in particular) form an affectionate, close knit cabal that is as nurturing as it is large. Zayar has many, many cousins and they live all over the New Algeria territory, though a few have gone off-world. Zayar lived with his grandparents for a few years and is reasonably close with them, though they are no longer in regular contact. He visits them every chance he gets though. While he doesn't express it, Zayar often feels like an outside due to his lack of wearing his identity on his sleeve and fervent embracing of Berber identity. Some would pin this on his unpopular mother, but it is as much Zayar's own choice as it is her influence.
    • Firhun and Kahina Feraoun: Zayar's paternal grandparents, both Firhun and Kahina were born on Earth, but left while still teenagers to colonize New Numidia. Zayar was named after his grandfather (as a simple sign of respect, though no one has called him that since his infancy) a prominent leader in his community and among the first colonists. Unlike her husband, Kahina is a Chaouia Berber (Išawiyen) from the Aures in eastern Algeria and came from a mixed Muslim-Christian family. Her different ethnic identity, combined with her initial lack of family on the colony, led to her to feel slightly out of place in the very large Feraoun clan. Kahina eventually became a pharmacist while her husband devoted his life to the cause of his people and they raised nine children together. Like her grandson, Kahina is less 'fervent' in her identity and of the two, she is closer to Zayar.

Friends & Associates

Starfleet Academy

  • T'San: Zayar's roommate at the Academy Freshmen and Sophmore year, T'San and Zayar were fast friends, mostly because they really didn't talk to each other. There was never small talk, only discussions of substance that may or may not have been of a personal nature. Zayar and T'San continue to irregularly correspond this way. After the Academy, both Zayar and T'San studied together at the Vulcan Science Academy doing post-graduate work. Zayar was there for the birth of T'San's firstborn son and is the child's Godfather. Zayar seems to consider her a friend and T'San, the same.
  • Tom Daniels: Lieutenant Thomas Daniels was one year ahead of Zayar at Starfleet Academy. He is listed as KIA during the Occupation of DS17 by the Vaadwuar in 2387. Zayar has a painting with the signature 'T. Daniels, 2382' scrawled in the bottom left corner.
  • Lara Godolphin: Lieutenant Commander Lara Godolphin was Zayar's Cade Squad Commander at the Academy. Zayar and Commander Godolphin got along very well and she was the one who recommended Zayar for his former position in the Avalon Sector. Commander Godolphin was listed as MIA in the Klingon Invasion of 2389, though she was found alive several months later on a Klingon Freighter. She has since returned to work at the Academy and she writes Zayar every now and again.

University of Oran

  • Cherif Al-Jidani: Zayar's Doctoral Advisor, Zayar had to overcome some cultural prejudices to work honestly with the man, though he was never rude or aggressive towards him. While an Arab, Cherif was an admirer of Berber culture and aware of the acculturation of the Berber people into Arabs centuries ago. Eventually Cherif and Zayar got along quite well and it was his recommendation that got Zayar a study position at the Vulcan Science Academy after the completion of his Doctorate. Doctor Al-Jidani published some of Zayar's more detailed reports to Starfleet Command in Anthropology Journals on Earth and has tried to get Zayar to abandon Starfleet for an Academic position for years. However, the 115 year old man did accompany Zayar on one cultural survey in the Avalon Sector in 2390.

The Avalon Sector

  • Dera: An Orion freighter Captain and former member of the Orion Syndicate, Zayar frequently made passage on 'Captain' Dera's ship as he traversed the Avalon Sector. While she and Zayar didn't get along at first, Dera and Zayar grew into an unlikely friendship. Dera now sits near the top of Zayar's short, very short, list of friends and she would know more about him than anyone else in the Avalon Sector. Would that anyone could track her down though. Dera went missing right after Zayar's last assignment before being transferred to the Constitution. Zayar is far from concerned however, knowing that the wile Orion can take care of herself.

USS Constitution-B

  • Lieutenant Aigle Phos: In possession of more knowledge about him than anyone else, Lieutenant Aigle Phos is the nearest thing Zayar has to a true friend on the Constitution. Having been stranded in Stellar Cartography during the outbreak at Sotra, the two officers got to know each other a little bit. They proceeded to interact further after the crisis and is the only person of Zayar's acquaintance who has met his mother since his days at the Academy. Aigle is the only person on the Constitution to know such details as Zayar's favorite color, his unambiguous place of birth, and his real first name.
  • Commander Shelther Faranster: Zayar regards the Captain of the Constitution as a man of great ability, but perhaps still coming into his own with his new command, much like Zayar himself. The Commander and Zayar interact little, but with his role as Mission Specialist moving closer to the Command Chairs, they are poised to interact more.
  • Lieutenant Commander James: While limited, Zayar finds his interactions with the Constitution's former executive officer and chief engineer to be 'agreeable' as the Vulcans say.
  • Lieutenant Selene Faranfey: To say that the Antosian officer is spirited is an understatement and Zayar has a somewhat icy relationship with the good doctor. Their relationship (at least their professional one) improved with the advent of the hostage crisis on Deep Space 285, when they worked closely together. Zayar later took up the role as surrogate Operations Manager for the Saucer Section during the asteroid crisis.

Personal History

Another world, another life Commander. I remember my home as a presence, not a physical location. I am from there as much as I am from the planet it resides on.

Born on the Human colony world of New Numidia, Zayar is the son of the Kabyle Berber, Mezwar Feraoun and the El-Aurian Jherain Nevarin. New Numidia was a colony established in the early 24th century to act as a new homeland for the Berber peoples of various tribes. Zayar was born in Bejaia the capital of the New Algeria territory, which acted as the homeland for the Kabyle and Chouia tribes. Growing up in a traditional and culturally minded, but still modern environment, Zayar spoke only the various dialects of Berber spoken in the city and did not learn Federation Standard until his secondary schooling. His mother's command of the language was good enough, but in comparison to everyone else around them, Jherain spoke both poorly and fluently, increasing her own sense of isolation from the community and her husband, who was immune to her plight. The deep cultural divides between his parents eventually tore them apart after many attempted reconciliations. At age 16, his mother left the colony and Zayar was sent to live with his paternal grandparents, finishing his schooling and later joining Starfleet after being recruited as one of the few viable potential cadets from the wild and largely untamed Avalon Sector. While this could be interpreted as a sort of affirmative action, neither Zayar, nor his instructors ever doubted his potential or readiness for the Academy.

While not precisely a model Cadet, Zayar was a model student and on academics alone, he graduated near the top of his class at the Academy. Much of his knowledge in fields such as the sciences could be considered rudimentary, but this knowledge was largely unimportant for someone seemingly destined for the life of a Starfleet scholar, or diplomat. Zayar later pursued graduate studies at the University of Oran in his grandfather's homeland of Algeria, gaining a PhD in cultural anthropology four years later. After gaining his doctorate, Zayar did some post-graduate study at the Vulcan Science Academy. His year on Vulcan is one of the most mysterious times of Zayar's life and to the best of anyone's knowledge, he has never spoken of it. Many theories abound, but the simplest (and perhaps most likely) explanation is that he does not consider that year to have been particularly eventful.

After completing his education, Zayar was assigned to Starfleet Command and assigned as a special representative to the Avalon Sector, tasked with observing and recording the various cultures of the region, from tribal to spaceworthy. Zayar fulfilled this role for 3 years, taking meticulous notes all the while, which are now housed in his multi-volume journals. When Starfleet decided to finally get serious about their interests in the Avalon Sector, Zayar was assigned to the new flagship of the region, the USS Constitution-B, newly recommissioned for Deep Space under the command of Commander Shelther Faranster. Being the only expert on the region and one of the only natives, Zayar's assignment was seen as a natural one, though apparently no thought was given to his readiness for such a task or his willingness to fulfill the role.

Professional History

Professional History
Insignia Rank Dates Posting Assignment
STO Ensign Red.jpg Ensign 239109.08 - 239102.01 USS Constitution-B Mission Specialist
STO Lieutenant-JG Red.jpg Lieutenant Junior Grade 239202.01 - Present USS Constitution-B Mission Specialist

Starfleet Academy

"It was odd you know, being told that Earth was my homeland. The world I grew up on was meant to serve that purpose for my own people. I was as alien to Earth as it was to me."
Zayar Feraoun
Commissioned on 238306.05
Academy Commandant
Starfleet Academy
Training Officer
Starbase 118 Campus

While a Human, Zayar didn't grow up in the Federation and had been raised to be rather... adverse to the idea of it. Not xenophobic or in opposition to its ideals but in opposition to the lack of autonomy New Numidia felt it would have endured as a member of the Federation. Because of New Numidia's status on what was then a bright, shinning frontier, Zayar's application was a highly valued one for Starfleet and his application process was expedited. During his time at Starfleet Academy, Zayar was part of Green Squad, made up of Cadets with somewhat unusual backgrounds. Some were old, some were from the distant corners of the Federation and some were beyond that. Regardless, there was something about them that made them a bit alien to the Federation and Starfleet, so it was assumed that they would all forge a common bond as outsiders, willing to serve. Zayar wasn't exactly a model Cadet. He had trouble with the more 'military' aspects of Starfleet and essentially everything outside of a classroom. He wasn't a disaster, but he was clearly at the bottom in terms of weapons, command and practical engineering training. His stellar academic record made these deficiencies easy, but not impossible, to overlook.

Zayar participated in archaeological and anthropological field work during his time at the Academy and it was here that his incredible ability to recall and record information to exacting detail was first displayed. He was widely regarded as one of the next great Starfleet scholars and he received glowing reviews from his academic professors and mixed understanding-dissatisfied reviews from his instructors. Zayar was even selected for potential in Starfleet Intelligence, though they found his ability as an analyst to be wanting, and his indignant comments at the prospect of such shadowy work. Upon his graduation, he was assigned to Starfleet Science on deferred assignment while he entered graduate school.

Mission History: USS Constitution-B

"You know I do wonder if the person who thought my assignment here was a good idea read anything else in my file other than my place of birth."

Mists of the Mind

"I'm not the best...yet."

Zayar was among the first to come into contact with the alien infection that invaded the Constitution, at least he should have been. Along with Lieutenant Phos, Zayar was sequestered for most of the crisis, totally unaware of the events unfolding around them. Eventually they were called upon to help Ensign Sivah and Lieutenant Faranfey formulate a plan to get rid of the gas creatures that further threatened the ship. While eventually, everyone's efforts came to naught and the gas creatures left the ship, Zayar felt shaken in his inability to do anything during the crisis. This led him to formulate a plan to observe other senior officers to widen his skillset and become a better mission specialist and advisor to Commander Faranster.

Involuntary Admission

"So I guess we can't just ignore the crass and abusive terrorists who have taken our Captain and half his senior staff hostage?"

While on shoreleave on Deep Space 285, Zayar was visited by his mother and aunt, in a surprise visit. They later went to the Black Hole bar where Zayar interacted further with Lieutenant Phos, the first time since leaving Sotra. He also met the Ferengi bartender known as Zogi. While they made plans for a picnic, they were interrupted by events that came afterwards. After arriving on the bridge to pick up his journals from Commander Faranster, Zayar was on the bridge as the hostage situation on the station unfolded. He issued the recall order for Constitution personnel on the station and later worked with lieutenant Stoyer to find out just who the hostages were. When it was revealed that the hostage takers were part of the Maquis Reborn Zayar was able to relay his own passing encounter with the group and what the Federation knew about them.

As the crisis dragged on, Zayar continued to dish out information for Commander Siris, working closely with Lieutenant Faranfey and Lieutenant McCleran. Towards the end of the crisis, when it was determined that asteroids were on their way to Deep Space 285, Zayar took the Operations Console on the Saucer Section bridge, under the command of Lieutenant Faranfey. He relayed information about the asteroids and helped the Constitution and the station to weather the crisis. As the last asteroids were destroyed, causing antimatter explosions that produced wakes that disabled the Constitution's systems for brief intervals, Zayar was able to transport Commander Faranster and the rest of the formerly captive crew aboard the Constitution, with the help of Ensign Kala. Zayar was also the one to report the escape of the Maquis terrorists from the scene of their crime.

At the end of the mission Zayar was promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade.


Feraoun: Oh sure, blame the kid who grew up in the mountains.

Phos ::Smile still present, but a little less genuine:: So, what about you? Unless you spouted out of the void somewhere, I assume you come from somewhere too?
Feraoun: :: Zayar gave a wide smile through the blood and pain.:: North Somewhere actually.
Phos: ::Impishly:: Somewhere? Perhaps I was right with the void!
Feraoun: The geographic location of one's birth and upbringing is less important than the knowledge of what kind of community they grew up in. I grew up in one defined by history, heritage, and tradition, a new homeland for an ancient and very diverse group of Humans. Suffice to say, it's a small city on the edge of a beautiful ocean. It sits at the foot of rolling green hills that eventually form into mountains that spring up on the landscape, forming a barrier between the green lushness and the desert wastes. It was a beautiful place to be surrounded by, and the people were kind, and had a strong sense of community.

Faranfey: Asteroids? :: She said turning to Feraoun. ::
Feraoun: :: Shrugging his shoulders and putting his hands up in an unusually animated act, though his voice was still the same.:: Anthropologist Doctor, wrong person to ask. If you ever want to find out about the cultural attitudes that led to such violent behavior, that I can tell you.

McCleran: What?  ::She asked, with a shrug. ::
Feraoun:oO It's never simple is it? Last time it was a simple resupply run. Then there was a viral outbreak and violent hallucinations and the electro matter that nearly destroyed the ship. Oh, and the gas creatures mustn't forget about those! And now what should have been a simply uncomfortable shoreleave with his mother was now a life and death situation with a venerable asteroid apocalypse! Complete with terrorists, a freaky computer specialist, and now the Bartender was offering happy hour. How this is the reason I never requested a transfer to a deep space assignment.Oo
Feraoun: :: Quickly returning to his console to look busy.:: Oh, nothing. :: Under his breath.:: Just filling out a transfer request...

SIM Archive

Learning Curve/Ship of One Fool: Zayar relays his plan to Commander Faranster and then someone shows up on his doorstep.
The Former Mrs. Feraoun: Zayar's mother pays him a visit.

Awards & Commendations

Professional History
Award Given By Date Given Posting Notes
Awards ServiceRibbons Commendation.jpg Captain Shelther Faranster 239102.01 USS Constitution-B For stepping outside his comfort zone in the face of disaster.

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