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USS Excalibur-A




  • Gender: Male
  • Position: Mission Specialist
  • Ship: USS Excalibur-A
  • Rank: Ensign
  • Race: Dokkaran
  • Spouse None

  • DoB: ~237805.XX
  • Weight: 90 lbs
  • Height: 6'2"
  • Eye color: True Blue
  • Hair Color: Black

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"I am here to advise and assist... I serve at your pleasure"


  • Full Name: Doctor Azin PhD
  • Nicknames: Plant, Tree, Woody,
  • Current Rank: Ensign
  • Ship Serving: USS Excalibur-A
  • Race: Dokkaran
  • Date of Birth: ~May 2378
  • Place of Birth: Ceata
  • Gender: Male
  • Telepathic status: Azin is not telepathic per say, but like all other members of his species, he is highly attuned to the world around him and able to detect shifts and changes in the bodies of those around him (Particularly their hormones). Azin is able to process these hormonal shifts and identify what that those hormones mean. Azin can tell if someone is lying, aroused, depressed, and is not overwhelmed by the sensation and takes the sensory input as just another sensation, unlike telepaths which have to exercise mental discipline to keep from becoming overwhelmed by the thoughts of those around them.


  • Height: 6'2
  • Weight: 90 LBS
  • Hair Color: Black
  • Eye Color: True blue
  • Facial Features:
  • Skin Tone: Pale (Naturally even lighter, foliage has darkened in Sol's light)
  • Build: Lean
  • Tattoos/Body Modifications: None visible.
  • Scars: None visible.
  • Handedness: Right


  • Civilian Clothing Taste: Favors Dokkaran designs of dark colors and patterns, bare arms, high zip-up collars and small cutout patterns to reveal his alabaster pale skin in small glimpses.
  • Shoes: Boots, boots and more boots if shoes are required. Azin is true to Dokkaran customs though and usually goes barefoot around the ship.
  • Cosmetics: During his time as a Dabo boy Azin was (And still is) quite proficient with little tricks of make-up to make him appear a little more exotic, or menacing.
  • Voice: Cold, distant, ethereal and commanding. Azin can add a certain slyness to his voice, almost flirty and playful, though dark and otherworldly, more like a siren's call.
  • Physical Presence: Dark, graceful, and a tad freightening if you asked his former CO. Azin walks swiftly, silently and with great grace, like a majestic hunter on the prowl.

Personality and Other Details

  • Personality Type: Distant and aloof, Azin is unconcerned with many of the problems facing the crew. Matter of fact, exacting and always speaking the truth, Azin's advice is sound, if harsh at times. He routinely offers sympathies, though is manner and his voice make these rather unconvincing or insincere. Azin hates for people to shy away from the truth.
  • Humor: Sarcastic, witty and dry in both sides of his personality, though it can be razor sharp.
  • Likes: Democratic attitudes, secrets, altruism, casualness, and scholarly pursuits
  • Dislikes: Conventional humanocenric attitudes, protocol, formality, republicanism (Or any sort of system of government that is not some form of direct democracy) and lack of respect for other cultures and religions.
  • Strengths: Quick thinker, kind (When he wants to be), superb survivalist, encyclopedic memory (A trait all Dokkarans share) and harmonious.
  • Weaknesses: Over confidence? Alien personality?
  • Hobbies: Obtaining secrets/knowledge, religious study.
  • Religion: Azin is a zealot devoted to the Unnamed Goddess and her teachings, was formerly a Cleric-Initiate. Many are just a little unsettled by Azin's fervent religious belief in a secular age where most are simply spiritual if anything at all. While his religion makes little demands of him, it dominates his life as religion permeates Dokkaran society in all of its forms, the two cannot be separated.

Since arriving on the Excalibur, Azin feels in a state of flux, while he is now more open with his crewmates and smiles exponentially more, it is a soft and mystical one, almost formal and motherly. Azin still retains a very clear stately, ethereal grace to him, though the sub-tones of his voice reflect a more open demeanor. However, his voice and personality often refocus to a cold, distant demeanor, not unfriendly, but varying between the persona of an untouchable, icy oracle, to a mystical, warm, ethereal priest. Many who are experienced with Dokkarans will not find this Dichotomy unusual, but to many people, it is off putting that such subtle and yet drastic shifts can occur within one person.


The entire Dokkaran race is considered one big family, everyone knows everyone else's name and there is a sense of openness experienced nowhere else. There are no 'first meetings' in Dokkaran culture, as they believe that they have all met before. This is not a Human style family, but all know all, one way or another, and there is some intimacy in that. Like other Dokkarans, Azin does not attempt to form social units like Families, even informal ones among his crewmates or friends, but is remarkably social, if solitary and distant.

Professional History

Professional History
Insignia Rank Dates Posting Assignment
01-Ens-Blue.png Ensign 2388006.25-239002.06 Dessara IV Stockade Counselor/Administrator
01-Ens-Blue.png Ensign 239006.10 - 23912.30 USS Tiger-A Counselor
01-Ens-Blue.png Ensign 239012.30 - Present USS Excalibur-A Mission Specialist

Mission History: USS Tiger-A

Azin's first mission on the Tiger-A was the mission to Triceblessed, homeworld of the Constellationites. Azin was given the task of researching the foreign relations of The One Kingdom, and functioned as a diplomatic officer. During the mission Azin also got the chance to modify his quarters with Lieutenant T'Mihn Ah'mygahn ch'Ahvrom and Lieutenant Commander Nemitor Joshua Atimen.

Azin was later injured by an encounter by what would later be discovered as an Alien Entity that crashed into the ship during warp, taking over vital systems. During Azin's Communion it also invaded his thoughts and communicated semi-directly with him. This experience and his own particular brand of psionics helped Lieutenant Brayden Jorey contact the entity and convinced it to leave the ship. Just not before the Tiger crashed into an Ocean Planet...

Once again injured and far more grievously, Azin slipped in and out of consciousness, remembering various negative points in his life involving Animals and Humans. After his condition was stabilized by Ensign Tiya Dirsye and Ensign Willow Francis, Azin joined the away team to the recently discovered Iconian Outpost. It was there that Azin discovered something that could complete his own personal mission, and decided to re-align the Gateway to take them to a distant planet. Alas he could not count on other forces at work and the Team was trapped in a sort of quasi-holographic environment depicting a post-apocalyptic Earth. The foreign sensory information drove Azin crazy and he spoke only in his native tongue. After returning to the Tiger he calmed down and revealed his part in the failure of the Gateway's operations to Lieutenant Brayden Jorey.

After reaching Deep Space 17, Azin was confronted by a specter of his past, or so he thought. Assisted by Lieutenant T'Mihn, Azin out-thwarted what he thought was some Dokkaran religious figure out to correct his 'heresy'. All along though, it had been Kellia, the Dokkaran who staged the Dessara IV prison riot that led to several painful events. After confronting Kellia and reconfirming his commitment to his career in Starfleet and those around him, Azin eventually decided to leave the Tiger and see more of the galaxy, to start anew. Azin also no longer felt he was suited to the objective position of a Psychologist and instead re-qualified as a mission specialist for assignment to the USS Excalibur-A as a field officer for Starfleet's Border Command.

Mission History: USS Excalibur-A

Strange New Worlds

Azin arrived on the Excalibur during her shore leave on Starbase 118 and joined the ship for it's first test of the quantum slip stream drive, followed by war games. This war games pitted the crew against each other with Fleet Captain Kalianna Nicholotti leading the assault against her own ship while Lieutenant Commander Katherine Orman and Azin led a ship side sabotage effort. Azin performed better than some surely would have hoped, Luna Walker included, and accidentally blew out most of the ODN relays on Deck 9 while trying to sabotage the secondary deflector, which may or may not have led the ship into an asteroid field. When all was said and done, Azin went to work trying to fix the damage he caused, but was rebuffed by Lieutenant Commander Luna Walker. Upon engaging the slipstream drive and an unusual failure in the system that caused them to drop out of slipstream, several of the crew, Azin included, experienced strange visions. Azin was utterly debilitated by these hallucinations before Doctor Chythar Skyfire was able to help him regain consciousness.

Eventually Azin realized that his thoughts were not his own and with Doctor Chythar Skyfire's assistance, delved into his mind to find that he was acting as a vessel for someone else's consciousness, a woman of an unknown race name Vehsa. With the good Doctor's help, Azin was seemingly able to banish Vehsa's spirit, and all of her associated knowledge, which she tried to use to tempt Azin to letting her remain within his body, merging her mind with his.

After that encounter, Azin fell into an unusually poignant Dokkaran sleep cycle, which left him unconscious for the remainder of the mission. He awoke to find his Commanding Officer feared dead and first contact with a new collection of races underway. He reeled from the revelations for a time, but eventually decided, at the urging of an old friend, to get out there and enjoy life, and try and make himself one of the crew.

After returning to the ship from Erscyne Station, Azin engaged in some uncharacteristic participation in social drinking with Lieutenant Commander Brek, and offered his services to the Ferengi diplomat. The next morning, he introduced himself to his new Commanding Officer, Fleet Captain Cascadia Rainer, though he fears they may have gotten off on the wrong foot with Azin's more than ample lack of formality and unsolicited advice, along with Azin's work and reports for Border Command. Azin then helped to organize the breakfast to introduce the new crewmembers and see off the departing ones, and received a gift from Brek that Azin stated to treasure equal to the holy Soil under his care.

Awards & Commendations

Personal History

Azin was 'born' around May of 2378 on Ceata, beneath the branches of The Lady. In total, Azin has spent three months among his own kind and those first three months of his life that he spent on Ceata are unknown to everyone except for Azin and the Dokkarans themselves. He occasionally references social events, religious rituals and experiences with certain Clerics. If these are his own memories or those of other Dokkarans, is unclear. What is known is that in early September, a Dokkaran named Azin was registered on a transport from Luzen to San Francisco.

Another Dokkaran named Azin then appears on the manifest of a freighter bound for Mithran Station, a space station on the border of Klingon space dedicated as a place for weary travelers to sell their goods, restock and unwind before crossing the border. Azin worked in the casino there, first as a dabo boy and then as a bartender. Once again, very little is known of what Azin did during these two years that he spent on Mithran Station, but the details are easier to discern from his scant recollections of the place. He often makes references to sexual harassment from many patrons, male, female and other transgendered species, and fending off their advances is how he learned to be witty, and also how to fight. Azin also learned how to mix several very potent beverages, though to the best of anyone's knowledge, he did not stand behind a bar since leaving the station and has only mixed drinks for a very few, select people that he is willing to call 'friends'.The exact time, nature and motive of Azin's departure from the station is also unknown, but an Azin once again appears in San Francisco on a transport from a colony on the Klingon border, with a letter from a Starfleet Officer recommending him to Starfleet Academy. He was granted a late admissions exam and was promptly accepted to Starfleet Academy (there is debate if he was accepted on merit or affirmative action).

For his first two years at the Academy, Azin made a modest effort to fit in, but his very alien nature in comparison to the others at the academy made life hard for him, and it quickly became apparent that he and his peers were operating on two very different frequencies. Azin didn't function well in human groups or work well with teams, and his lack of human social graces alienated him from instructors and fellow cadets alike. However, his quick reflexes, heightened senses and predatory nature made him an excellent Velocity player on the singles varsity team, and Azin was responsible for them winning multiple championships. Curiously, the awards are nowhere to be found in his quarters.

By the end of his time at the academy, Azin had multiple discommendation's for insubordination, demerits and other blemishes on his record that made his assignment to anywhere but a backwater assignment all but certain. Azin instead decided to pursue graduate work at Waseda University in Tokyo, Japan, where he pursued a Doctorate in Psychology. In many ways, he found Japanese culture to his liking, but there were still elements of his personality that clashed with his fellow students, and so Azin quietly spent four years in Japan, before being assigned to a post in Starfleet.

Azin's first posting was to the Dessara IV Stockade, a maximum security prison run by one Admiral Alyssa Vayne. Azin spent 18 months there first as a prison psychologist and then as an administrator. His time at Dessara IV also passed by quietly, though there is less known about this part of his life, than any other. Azin never, ever speaks of Dessara IV, and the events that led to the stockade's destruction in a prison break orchestrated by a member of Azin's own people, Kellia. Afterwards, Azin and the entire surviving Stockade personnel were assigned to different postings, all split up, for unknown reasons. Azin was this time given a deep space assignment on a rather prestigious ship, the Tiger-A, where he returned to life as a psychologist.

Friends, Rivals and Others


  • Lellia: The Firstborn of the Dokkaran, Lellia was the first to Awakening under The Lady after the Elysium Encounter, followed by her male counterpart Luzen. Lellia is the de facto leader of the Dokkarans, sitting as the head of the Council of Elders since the body was formed after the founding of Luzen (It was her that suggested naming the city after her deceased 'brother'). While she has no formal title and only directs debates over mundane issues of administration, her voice does carry great weight within Dokkaran society. Lellia presided over Azin's 'Awakening' 12 years ago, and while they have not spoken in some time, Lellia has been a significant figure in Azin's life.
  • T'Mihn Ah'mygahn: One of the first people Azin met aboard the Tiger, T'Mihn (Or as Azin says, Lieutenant T'Mihn Ah'mygahn ch'Ahvrom) has established an amicable if still developing relationship with Azin. Azin is also keenly aware that she is not like other Vulcans and desires to find out why. Lieutenant T'Mihn assisted Azin in his confrontation with Kellia and he is immensely grateful, he keeps a Vulcan meditation candle lit for her, as a sort of vigil to bring her good fortune, light years away.
  • Kellia: The third of the Dokkarans to Awaken, Kellia was noticeably different from her predecessors and presented a much darker persona. Kellia was the first Dokkaran to go off-world and has never been back. Over the last two centuries Kellia has forged the infamous Palid Cartel into one of the largest criminal empires in known space. The secret to her success has undoubtedly the Dokkaran schools of thought she brought with her and the Harmony that runs throughout her organization has kept both her powerbase, and her throne atop it, stable. Kellia was the one that arranged the Dessara IV Stockade Break and killed most of the staff while freeing the inmates. She talked at length with Azin, Dokkaran to Dokkaran, and while he does not admit it openly, Azin very much admires Kellia's application of Harmony and some of her ideas. Kellia once again confronted Azin on Deep Space 17, trying to convince him to leave Starfleet and return to their people to launch a revolution. However, Azin refused, and decided that Starfleet had much to teach him, and while Kellia might have considered it a mistake to stay, it was his mistake to make. Having moved closer to the Pallid Cartel's range of operations along the Romulan Border, Azin has no doubt not seen the last of her.
  • Sidney Riley: Azin's Commanding Officer aboard the Tiger, Fleet Captain Sidney Riley's command was a bit of a culture shock for Azin, who was previously under the command of Admiral Vane of the Dessara IV stockade. Azin is a times surprised by the Human/Deltan, though at others he finds his lack of faith in the collective of humanity reassured by her actions. For many reasons, Azin keeps her at arms length, feeling burned by his initial attempts to get to know her. After the encounter with the Alien Entity that took over the Tiger and lead to several personal and profound situations with the rest of the crew, Azin is trying to separate Fleet Captain Sidney Riley, from Sidney Riley the person. Unusually enough Azin has no trouble admitting his respect for her abilities, but like all persons in 'authority', he sometimes takes issue with her style of command. This style of Command takes a lot of input in from other officers but it none the less enforces a certain pettiness that Azin feels exists within hierarchal structures.
  • Aribelle Tagren: While spending very little time with her, Azin feels something of a kindred spirit in Doctor Aribelle Tagren at the moment, seeing her as consumed with her duty to ship and crew more than anything else. Such selflessness is perhaps required in a Doctor, but Doctor Aribelle Tagren does it without ego.
  • Doctor Mek Senkora Tal'korian-onn: Azin is not fond of the Tandaran Doctor, who caused Azin considerable pain by using a dermal regenerator on his wounds sustained in the initial encounter with the Alien Entity. Their second encounter was also on the bridge when Azin scratched the man as he attempted to once again treat his injuries in a separate incident. While Azin does not voice his discontent with the Doctor, Azin still gives a discerning glare to the man every time they see each other. If this relationship will change remains to be seen.
  • A'ern Zerxes : Azin is thankful to the Al-Leyan security chief for carrying his barely lucid self through the Jeffries Tubes to sickbay when the Tiger crashed on an ocean world. Harmony dictates that Azin must be kind to someone who shows kindness in return (And in this case Azin might eventually have to follow the 2nd Tennet of Harmony word for word if Zerxes breaks his leg, as Azin would be bound to literally carry him).
  • Brayden Jorey: Azin is rather ambivalent towards the Helmsman of the Tiger, though shows something akin to distain for his assumptions about the Alien Entity and that it must be an animal because it's emotions and consciousness were different than those of a humanoid. However Azin did secretly cheer for him when Jorey broke the 'Chain of Command' and called the senior staff together without consulting Fleet Captain Sidney Riley.


  • Brek: Azin's shortest, though perhaps most meaningful relationship, Azin knew the Excalibur's second officer for months before truly interacting with him. After a night of drinking, Azin opened up to the Ferengi more than any other person on either ship on which he has served. After an exchanging of gifts, Brek left the Excalibur to follow Lieutenant Commander Benjamin Livingston to the Columbia, and Azin bade Brek farewell by providing him with an ominous goodbye.
  • Kalianna Nicholotti: Azin really didn't know his former Captain, but never the less, felt very close to her as his leader. He quietly maintains a vigil for her, and while he doesn't consider her to be dead (like the Dokkaran tradition of not considering missing, wandering Dokkarans dead), he knows that like some of his kinsmen, the reason why one does not return home is because they are no longer capable of doing so.
  • Katherine Orman: One of the few people Azin addresses on a first name basis (at her 'insistence' AKA, threats of bodily harm) Azin gets along quite nicely with the Excalibur's security chief, having been paired with her during the war games to sabotage the ship, even if their first encounters were rocky and in hardly ideal settings.
  • Chythar Skyfire: Azin likes the Excalibur's former medical officer, and the two share a connection from the joining Azin initiated to root out the cause of his sensory troubles.
  • Benjamin Livingston: Azin's contact with the Excalibur's former executive officer was limited, but Azin liked Commander Benjamin Livingston, and approved of his elevation to the Captaincy of the Columbia, as his reports to Starfleet's Border Command entail in a rather unusual paragraph added almost certainly to meet length requirements.
  • Cascadia Rainier: Azin believes he found a kindred spirit in his new commanding officer, however, the opening act to their relationship was tense to say the least.

Romantic Interests

Azin was involved in several 'chases' throughout his life but never engaged in the typical relationships of other humanoid cultures. He unwittingly left a string of broken hearts behind at the Academy, not realizing that humans seek more than 'The Chase'. One of these 'Chases' was a glorious courtship with a Klingon warrior who sought his favor in the traditional Klingon fashion, it is unknown what became of it.

Notes, Secrets and Spoilers

  • As revealed on the Tiger through flashbacks, Azin was responsible for the death of Admiral Alyssa Vayne, killing her as retribution for the utter corruption of her command, which involved beating, killing and torturing prisoners in a sadistic mind game designed to deliver 'real justice' to those who Admiral Vayne believed had been let off to easily.
  • As also revealed on the Tiger, Azin is a sort of heretic among his people, following a primordial vision that displays Ceata being ravaged by fire falling from the skies, killing the previous inhabitants of the world. Like others in a small cult, he received further visions from another Vizinyian tree found in a ruined city beneath the surface of Ceata. Azin broke ties with the cult however, and left Ceata, though he still seems to follow their theology. As also seen on the Tiger though, Azin's visions and memories may be distortions or delusions or even right out lies, and he may have been manipulated by a higher power.
  • While on the Excalibur it was discovered that Azin held the consciousness of another being in his mind, a sort of modified Katra. This was the essence of a lore keeper named Vehsa, who used Azin's body to split her consciousness in two, preserving it in Azin's body and to be reclaimed at a later date once the other 'half' of her had found the secret to immortality. Many unanswered questions linger after this episode and Azin's memories about his time before Starfleet are now blurry at best. He now wonders if the entire 2 years of his life were nothing more than Vehsa trying to keep him isolated, keeping him from interacting with other Dokkarans and those who might discover the presence of his 'passenger' in his own mind. Still, they might not, and as Azin's interactions with Kellia prove, at least part of his life is based on an isolation from other Dokkarans, if it is because of a split in Theology, Azin does not know, and he has become less and less sure about the validity of his memories before Starfleet. Still, he is reluctant to return to Ceata and find out once and for all, because the prospect that the entire two years of his life occurred just the way they did, is a very frightening prospect.

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