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Template:Star system TR-345

Sensor Scans

The first scan of the system TR-345

First scans 1.jpg

This is the initial readouts on long range scanners.

It seems there are two smaller planets and one rather large planet. Because of the nebula distortion factors we can not get sharp imagery.

This is the second scanned image with greater resolution.

TR-345 b.jpg

The third image scan reveals a vail covering cloud about the main planet.

TR-345 c.jpg

Cleared Up Sensor Scans

Better sensor readouts from the system TR-345.

TR-345 clear with moons.jpg

The planet seems to have a set of rings about the equator and the third moon looks like it has an atmosphere. The details should become more obvious as we get better images.

Inhabitant Information

The inhabitants of TR-345 are humanoid. Physically they are very similar to Terrans, though the males are much shorter than the average Terran male. Their skin is tinted in an amber color, they have violet eyes and silver hair.

The female inhabitants wear revealing clothing. One such example is a very short, sleeveless, thin, silver colored, soft leather dress with a leather arm band in which to hold a knife.

It is still unknown how the male inhabitants dress.