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Starfleet Intelligence


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The sections within an Intelligence unit can broadly be broken down into three different areas: Field Operations, Operational Technology and Analysts. Given the wide variety of jobs within each of these sections, officers specialize in one particular area of the section which they are within.

Field Operations

The Field Operations unit governs the deployment and control of Field Operatives or Agents deployed from the Intelligence taskforce. Agents can be deployed in a number of formats ranging from tactical insertion to the covert placement of a single operative. Length of deployment depends on the source of the Intelligence unit. On the whole, short term operations are deployed from starships while longer term operations, including undercover operations, are deployed from a starbase or similar fixed, defensible position.

In general, Field Operatives are the muscle of the Intelligence Department when needed, yet there is more to the job than that. Specialties within are wide ranging from 'Human' Intelligence to such tasks as covert surveillance, electronics and demolition. Other more obvious specialties that fall within the realm of Field Operations would include interrogation and the art of getting into somewhere where you should not be.

Operations Technology

Operation Technology (or Op Tech.) officers work to enhance standard equipment, to come up with new solutions to problems and to maintain the Intelligence units equipment ranging from phasers to computers. Beginning in the planning stage of a mission, Op Tech remains involved in planning to determine whether changes to existing equipment is needed or whether custom built specialist equipment is required for the mission to be successful.

Depending on deployment location, a job can have more mundane duties to perform. Given the type of jobs that need to be performed by Op Tech, the skill base is wide and varied. It should be noted that in all but the largest Intelligence units, Op Tech works on a rather small scale, anything larger than something a normal person can carry would require the assistance engineering.


The Analyst section is generally regarded as the largest section, although this would depend on the mandate of the Intelligence unit. The two main sub-unites of the Analyst section are Data and Communication analysts. The jobs of both sub-units are to collect, compile and analyze information from any number of different sources and pass any information of value to the Director. In this capacity, Analysts separate the "signal" from the "noise." When an ongoing mission in underway, Communication Analysts are tasked with keeping the Field Operatives in contact with the ship and to keep the contact hidden while monitoring all on going Communications.

Data Analysts monitor what the Field Operatives are actually doing remotely while providing support information to any problems that the Field Operatives face. The section leaders of both Data and Communication Analyst sections report directly to the Director, who has overall control of the operation. Data Analysts are also tasked with Crypto-analysis, the task of deciphering and analyzing enemy cryptographic codes.

Director of Intelligence

The Director of the Intelligence unit ultimately has to govern when, where, and how the unit operates with relation to the overall mission of the ship or facility that they are on. Strong links with the FO or CO of the parent unit are required, to ensure that the mission of the Intelligence department coincides broadly with the mission of the general StarFleet forces. Other than serving as a liaison, the Director is also required to run the Intelligence unit in the same manner in which a department head runs any other grouping of officers.