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Guide To The Intelligence Duty Post
Written by Brayden Jorey

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4.0 Counterintelligence
Intelligence is vulnerable not only to external but also to internal threats. Subversion, treason, and leaks expose our vulnerabilities, our governmental and commercial secrets, and our intelligence sources and methods.

SIM TIP: Counterintelligence is something that your character can do on your ship, however, it can be a bit tricky. Accusing another senior officer (or the PNPC’s) of giving up information (even accidentally) is likely to cause a certain level of unwanted friction.

To avoid this, talk to your ship on the OOC list and explain that you’d like to write a B-Plot about trying to uncover a "mole" or "informant" on the ship and ask for volunteers to create a PNPC that will eventually be found out.

4.1 Categories of counterintelligence

  • Collective Counterintelligence: Collective counterintelligence refers to gaining information about an opponent’s intelligence collection capabilities that might be aimed at an entity.
  • Defensive Counterintelligence: Defensive counterintelligence involves thwarting efforts by hostile intelligence services to penetrate the service. Defensive counterintelligence starts by looking for places in one's own organization that could easily be exploited by foreign intelligence services. Defensive counterintelligence specifically for intelligence services involves risk assessment of their culture, sources, methods and resources. Risk management must constantly reflect those assessments, since effective intelligence operations are often risk-taking.
  • Offensive Counterintelligence: Offensive counterintelligence can occur after having identified an opponent’s efforts against the system and then trying to manipulate these attacks either by “turning” the opponent’s agents into double agents or by feeding them false information they will report home. This is often called counterespionage - measures taken to detect enemy espionage or physical attacks against friendly intelligence services, prevent damage and information loss, and, where possible, to turn the attempt back against its originator.

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