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This is the major for cadets that wish to join Starfleet Intelligence (SFI). Intelligence cadets study a program which will prepare them for a variety of positions within SFI including field operations, intelligence analysis, SIGINT collection, and many others. This major, however, is only the beginning of the training for Intelligence operatives. Intelligence operatives also receive further, extensive training by SFI directly before entering a specific field.

Intelligence Requirements

In the chosen major, cadets must choose 1, or at most 2, species/governments to study during their time at the Academy, neither of which may be their own. Some examples include the Cardassian Union, the Dominion and the Borg.

Intelligence cadets also chose a minor, usually in Communications, Operations or Security, although any minor is acceptable.

No Intelligence minor is offered.

Intel Major

To major in Intelligence, a cadet must have the following 18 credits:

  • Diplomacy: Hostile Species
  • Engineering: Intermediate Electronics 1
  • Engineering: Operations and Command Functions
  • Intelligence: SIGINT Collection/Jamming
  • Intelligence: Analysis
  • Intelligence: Crypto-analysis
  • Intelligence Department
    • At least 3 more courses.
  • Language: (specialty)
  • Psychology: (Non-Terran, Specialty)
  • Psychology: Hostilities
  • Survival: Captivity
  • Tactics: Small Units
  • Tactics: Strategy of Battle 1
  • Tactics: Strategy of Battle 2
  • Xenobiology: Physiology, (specialty)
  • Xenology: (specialty)

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Intelligence Com. & Ops. Tactical Medicine MARINE OFFICER
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