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“The better part of valor is discretion.”

This article refers to the now-defunct simming group. See also: StarBase 118 Black Tower, StarFleet Intelligence.

At the end of the Dominion War, inadequate intelligence of the major powers in the galaxy became a growing concern to StarFleet Command. To resolve this concern, Starfleet Intelligence began to establish a network of intelligence installations throughout sectors of the Federation.

The former Sector 118 intelligence headquarters are located at StarBase 118 on one of its tower structures. Consequently, it was dubbed "Black Tower" by its early agents active between 237906.03 – 238007.01 until the facility was closed. While active, Black Tower was commanded by Lt. Colonel K'sena of Kryl. Many of the officers were transferred to the USS Albion under the command of then Commander, later Captain, Rourke.

It was established in 2382 after the closing of the Tower and after the decommissioning of the Albion that Starfleet Intelligence (or SFI) would no longer function as an independent department. Intelligence branches fall under the jurisdiction of ranking Admirals within the Fleet at present, and does not exist solely as an independent department.

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