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Starfleet Intelligence


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The agents of SFI participate in various missions to accomplish their goals.


Counter Intelligence operations involve identifying possible hostile activity and taking preventative action to impede their operations. This could require uncovering long term operatives, taking proactive measures to stop planed operations or in extreme cases require Counter Terrorism teams being employed to resolve any urgent situations.

Counter Intelligence duties within SFI are primarily directed at identifying intelligence activity targeting the Federation. This not only includes operations undertaken by hostile governmental agencies, such as the Tal Shiar and the Obsidian Order, but also with threats from independent organizations such as the Orion Syndicate and the now-defunct Maquis.

Deception & Disinformation

To divert intelligence-gathering operations away from vital Federation interests, or to disguise ongoing SFI operations, the SFI department may engage in deception and disinformation activity, by way of imparting into the hands of non-Federation parties information which they believe credible. Even non-enemies may be the unknowing target of deception and disinformation, if SFI believes that the ultimate target may be more convinced of such information by proxy.


Extraction, in the intelligence field, is the act of moving a target from an unfriendly location to a friendly location. Two types of extraction missions exist:

  • Extraction of a friendly target. Typically, this involves recovering undercover agents, valuable personnel, or defectors from a hostile location.
  • Extraction of an unfriendly target. At times, it may be necessary to obtain key enemy personnel to acquire their technical or strategic knowledge.


Occasionally, SFI investigates incidents which may have an impact on intelligence. In such cases, agents become involved either in StarFleet or non-aligned agencies.

Reconnaissance & Surveillance

As one of the primary activities of SFI, reconnaissance and surveillance are the primary means of learning about non-Federation activities. In such missions, intelligence information is collected in the following methods:

  • Researching: simply enough, SFI agents may spend an inordinate amount of time researching via data archives.
  • Intercepting transmissions: agents may be required to find ways to intercept communications by way of technological methods, including bugging target locations, amplifying signals sent between two target parties, and so forth. Such transmissions are then sent to HQ for analysis.


If necessary, SFI may covertly infiltrate a target organization by way of disguising and inserting agents. Once successfully in place, the operative(s) must complete their assigned mission and withdraw safely.


BLACKNET is a classified Operator database that can be used by SFI and its direct affiliates to categorize and share information such as BOLO's, VIP lists, Black lists and mission reports, with other members of the intelligence community. Access to this database is striclty monitored, with a classified back-up location.