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2.0 Lifespan of Classified Information

This covers the lifespan of information from beginning, it becoming classified to when it is no longer classified. Please note - some information may be indefinitely classified (i.e anything to do with the OMEGA project.), however, the presumption within the Federation is that information should not remain classified longer than it has to.

2.1 Automatic Classification Before Review

Starfleet reports, after action reports (AAR's), sensor information are by default considered Secret. Such reports are under a 90 day review period by Starfleet Command Logistics Directorate. If 90 days elapse without a final recommendation for classification, they may appeal to the Federation Council for up to 2 (two) extensions. At the end of 270 days, if Starfleet has not yet made a recommendation, it will drop to Restricted classification. Generally, the Council decides to delegate a member to handle the recommendations - however it may revoke this and hear it en banc at any time.

Examples: Anything to do with this after action report would have been automatically classified. And this after action report due to an ongoing investigation. (OOC Note: This would also be done if someone in the field says it is Secret - Starfleet reexamines the declaration to make sure it's valid.)

2.2 Federation Policy on Automatic Declassification

In the Federation, there is a strong belief in sunshine. Accordingly, the Federation laws and policies on classified information dictate that all information should be unclassified absent a strong reason otherwise. Information depending on classification has an automatic review policy. To continue the classification of information, Starfleet MUST get Federation Council Intelligence Committee permission - or in extraordinary situations, the Federation's President's permission - to retain classification.

The schedule for review is as follows:

  • For Official Use Only: 90 days if not paired with any other limiter.
  • Restricted: 5 years.
  • Secret: 20 years.
  • Top Secret: 40 years.

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