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The 292nd Infantry Regiment (a.k.a. Eagle Eye) serves as a hand-picked unit of marines who have received training through StarFleet Intelligence to render aid and support to an elite group within the Regiment that conducts field assignments, commonly called the CICD, or the 118th Counter Intelligence Corps Detachment, which is a specialized unit of officers who's mission is to provide intelligence services to the StarFleet Marine Corps and StarFleet Intelligence, which are based on expiditionary mission profiles in "areas of interest".

StarFleet Intelligence determines what missions the 118th CICD will carry out as well as who will be trained for that mission. Most officers within the Detachment are usually given specified training in one of four areas: a) Ground b) Human Source c) Signals d) Air/Space Intelligence

Specialist Training

Specialist training for these officers includes, but is not limited to:

  • Infantry Officer Course
  • Scout Sniper Platoon Commander Course
  • Ground Intelligence Officer Course
  • Counter & Human Intelligence
  • Signals Intelligence & Electronic Warfar
  • Air/Space Intelligence
  • Intelligence Collection Manager's Course

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