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Crew of the USS Chin'toka


Lieutenant Commander Chythar Skyfire, MD



Johanna MacLaren

When they served together on board Starbase 118 Ops,and Chythar received his baptism by fire during the Odyssey mission. He feared he'd started out wrong with her, because of his emotional turmoil. He did, early on, attempt to relieve her of duty due to her injuries and he feared she would make them worse if she accompanied them on the mission. This was quickly forgotten in the aftermath of the Odyssey Project and the two became fast friends. In fact, she was like a mentor to him.

Since serving together aboard 118, she has continued to be a friend and mentor to him. Where he sometimes was socially awkward, she helped reassure him that he was doing a good job. He came to regret attempting to relieve her of duty during their first meeting on the starbase as she lay on death's door during a suicide bomb attempt on Argurtha that left her in a coma. When he transferred to the Columbia, Johanna had recovered from her ordeal on Argurtha and was very surprised to see him and claimed that he was the answer to a prayer.



Catalyst to basic telepathic/empathic abilities

AZIN: Your mental capacity for putting up walls around your mind is impressive, such strength comes from confrontation, and I know you have had much pain in your life.

Conversation between Azin and Chythar Skyfire in the Excalibur-A in sickbay.
"The Mind Is A Complicated Thing, Part 1" - SD 239103.11
Dr. Azin is a very interesting character. It is to this individual that CD owes his 'gift' of telepathy and empathy with other humans due to a mind meld that went wrong. Chythar volunteered to help Azin overcome some sensory difficulties using his mental fortitude. The two times these men have spoken since the incident were to determine his success at learning to cope with the telepathic and empathic gifts he was left with. And both conversations were rather short, very abridged.
Carmen Tis.jpg

Carmen Tis
Comms friend / Cultural Exchange Program Pen Pal

Chythar met her through the Starfleet Academy Cadet Cultural Exchange Program, which has allowed many cadets to hook up with officers across the fleet. The initial subspace conversation took place during Chythar's most recent layover at Starbase 118 as he waited for a transport heading back to Earth. The two officers conversed briefly about hobbies and exchanged a few tips regarding shore leave before the call ended.



Therapy Dog
Given to Chythar as a gift shortly after the quarantine crisis on Deep Space Ten. The pup's original owner couldn't take him to Andoria with her, so gave him up for adoption. Greywin Fergus answered the ad and immediately thought of putting the pup to use as a therapy dog for a highly-stressed out doctor he knew. Fergus enlisted the aid of Alora DeVeau to locate the doctor's quarters. During the visit, Chythar attempted to argue with them to no avail. He's been getting on rather well with the pup since he was gifted. In fact, during free time and sometimes even on the clock, these two are often seen together.

DeVeau: Now doctor, I bet you’ll fall in love with him and he’s already in love with you so you couldn’t just break his little heart now could you?
:: oO The doctor isn’t taking this very well. Wonder if I can…? Oo Fergus thought to himself. Chythar set down the puppy for a moment while he pondered this over. ::
::Alora reached out and gathered the little critter in her arms then stood once more. She held him up so her face was right next to the pup's. Immediately she widened her eyes and pouted her lips. ::
DeVeau: How can you resist this cute wittle face? You know you want...deep down inside….
Skyfire: I don’t suppose I can. I concede. :: He picked up the puppy again, and got licked in the face for it repeatedly. ::''

Lt. Skyfire's Quarters, PO Fergus, Lt. DeVeau, Devlin and Dr. Skyfire
Good Therapy Part 2 - SD 239112.06
Devlin has become so finely attuned to his master that he can tell when Chythar is feeling miserable, and just by sitting on his master's lap brings curative cuteness to the table. CD has learned that sometimes just talking to the canine helps, despite the fact he knows his pet can't answer in anything other than cute little yips. Though recently, it was revealed that Devlin can understand a few simple words and has started assigning nicknames to people.
Later on, Chythar comes to the realization that one of the hardest things he's ever done on any mission was leave Devlin on Astrofori One for a mission or two. Now the two are reunited, and Chythar once again has to get used to doggie drool on his badge when it chirps at unusual hours.

Alora DeVeau

They met on DSX shortly after Chythar's transfer. Due to his somewhat antisocial behavior, he hasn't spoken to her very much. She deliberately sought him out after the quarantine crisis; the first time to accompany Mr. Fergus in delivering a cute little puppy, and saw him again later when he came by to pick up some plants. It is possible she may be hosting a game night on the Garuda at some point, and may drag the doc out of his quarters to make sure he gets social interaction.

DeVeau: I admit, we haven’t hung out much, but I always enjoy company. You can chill with me any time you like. You know, I thought about starting a game night on the ship. Would you be interested in something like that? It would be a good way to get together with other people and get to know them.
:: As much as the idea appealed to him, he didn’t know if he can deactivate his badge long enough to enjoy it should such a thing come up. Again he sipped his drink. Devlin liked her hand once as he was scritched under the chin, letting his tongue hang from his mouth. ::
Skyfire: I don’t know if I can get away from the badge. Doctor’s life and all that. I’d be interested, but would have to stop if someone paged me for a medical fiasco.

Lt. DeVeau's Quarters, DeVeau and Dr. Skyfire
Of Dogs and Plants Part 2 - SD 239112.06
Chythar's subsequent visit to Lt. DeVeau's quarters was at the request of the captain to check up on her following a catastrophe which involved plants taking over Alora's mind.
Her return to duty went rather well, all considered. She even offered to help Chythar with offering to help him analyze the results of whatever tests Saveron was running, so he could more clearly understand what was happening to him.
Following the transfer to the Invicta, Chythar and Devlin paid her a visit to discuss the test results on himself and had another temporal incursion in which he was transported back to ancient Peppelaxia and met with Virah-Latyi as she was about to give birth. When he returned to Alora's quarters after five minutes, he felt dizzy and disoriented. She opted to take a sample of his blood for some tests.
The results came in and she contacted Skyfire before he left the Invicta to discuss them. He's not irradiated with temporal radiation, but he does have some sort of link to the Peppelaxian queen of the First Kingdom -- which somehow keeps drawing him back to some point in her timeline. Upon the death of Queen Virah-Latyi, it is believed by Chythar that these incursions would stop. After his final temporal incursion, he witnessed the death of the queen. When he returned, he sent Alora the results of the tricorder scan. Whatever link he had to the past was gone. His association with Alora hasn't continued much beyond this, as the last time they spoke was shortly before his transfer to the Columbia.
Fate once again turned, and she confronted him when he transferred suddenly aboard the Za without informing her of his transfer, which he was still trying to process himself. So, he couldn't blame her for being surprised.

Cory Stoyer

When the two men first met aboard the Gorkon, neither of them guessed that they would one day become close friends. They've both exchanged their sets of rules, and learning the rule sets of the other. Whenever Cory breaks one of CD's rules, there's a smack to the back of the head that accompanies the rule number. During one of the crazier missions where the ship was falling to pieces, Cory had to be restrained and CD quoted rule 7 at him. He was also at Cory's wedding, and does the occasional intervention where he makes a phone call and puts certain people in touch. Namely, Cory & Petra's conversations with counselor Tobian Dalton were totally Chythar's fault because Cory hates counselors.


Mei'konda Delano
Former CO of the Astraeus / Present CO / Friend
Chythar first met the Caitian back aboard the USS Garuda in 2391, and was present for Mei'konda's rise to lieutenant commander as it happened the day he arrived. CD felt very ill-prepared for fast forming friendships, but had over the course of his service aboard the Garuda come to see the Caitian as a friend. After a brief time of service apart from the lieutenant commander, he was reunited with Mei'konda aboard the Veritas in 2394, arriving just in time to witness not only his friend's promotion to full commander but also to wed the Vulcan Evan Delano. Several months after the wedding, he transfers with Mei'konda to the USS Montreal to assume the role of CMO.
Their time together during this most recent period is wrought with intrigue, and several flashbacks which Chythar would rather forget. To make matters worse, the final mission during which CD fulfilled his role as CMO was the same one in which Mei'konda saw him freeze in front of his staff. In all honesty, Chythar was grateful when the Caitian said he understood the reason for an indefinite sabbatical.

Several months after the destruction of the Montreal, the Caitian contacted Chythar at home on Earth and asked for him to come back, but not in a medical capacity -- as a civilian. It was the opportunity of a lifetime, in which the Eagle Nebula would be explored and new flavors of coffee would be found.

Upon once again returning to service in Starfleet, Chythar receives authorization from Mei'konda to open up another BC franchise on the Chin'toka.
Semi-formal Greyson.png

Carter Greyson

Carter and Chythar served together aboard the USS Excalibur-A. They have gone through several rough patches together, ranging from Chythar saving Carter's life aboard the USS Garuda to the occasional disagreements with other officers. Now, the pair of them occasionally joke that Chythar's time on engineering projects will land him in a gold collar, even if the only purpose that serves would be to put another color in his wardrobe.

Romantic Liaisons


Chase Valaine
One Night Stand

Skyfire Guess I'll be seeing you. :: and pressed the control panel to let himself out. ::
Valaine: Chythar.
:: CD turned back to look at Chase, his green emerald-like eyes attempting to pierce through the cold crypticism that was the tailed Terran. He said nothing, as there was no hint of what words might come from Chase’s mouth. ::
Valaine: If you know what you want, and you take it, no one can use you.
:: It was precisely the opposite of what he’d said only a moment before, but phrased cryptically. He finally raised his head from his boots to look the man in the eyes. ::
Valaine: Seemed to me you knew what you wanted. Don’t let anyone complicate that.

Chief Valaine's Quarters, Chief Valaine & Dr. Skyfire
Can You Tell Me The Date? Part 2 - SD 239201.25
Chase and Chythar met during the chief's physical, during which time Chythar shared the fact he was a telepath and Chase hinted that there was a trip to Risa in the doctor's future. The two talked about a possible date that was supposed to happen during shore leave, and it got postponed because of the plants overtaking the ship. When Chase came by later to be treated for respiratory problems, CD used telepathy to diagnose the problem and then they re-scheduled. The following day, CD met with the chief and one thing led to another, leaving Chythar with mixed messages the following morning. They haven't spoken since.

Alex Blair
Former Significant Other
Chythar began their relationship aboard the Helasse by explaining there were no hard feelings about Blair being made first officer. Over time, they formed a close friendship and Alex made CD the morale officer. Now, back in their own universe, they have exchanged a few dinners, and a couple of kisses. CD has never felt this way about anyone before, so the fact he now has a relationship is still very new to him. He expects to make a few blunders here and there before he's used to it. They've been out in public a couple of times since this formed, had a few serious chats, and grown closer together as a couple.

Skyfire: Just hold that thought for a moment, mate.
:: He stopped in his tracks, then turned to face Alex. It was all or nothing, and he took a breath before making his move and gave the mission specialist a full kiss. In that moment, it was like the rest of the world faded away. It was like magic, a sudden rush of happiness he hadn’t felt before. Any of the previous names which came to mind could not compare to this moment. ::
:: For a moment as they kissed, everything faded away. As they pulled apart, Alex felt momentary euphoria. This was far from his first first kiss, but something about his one was different from every other one. Alex stood there motionless for a long moment. ::
Blair: Wow……
Stripey: oO You blew it. Oo
Skyfire: oO Shut up. Oo Ah made a mess of things, didn’t Ah?
Blair: No not that at all. It was...great. Actually I’ve never experienced anything quite like that.
Skyfire: Me
::Alex took another moment to compose himself. He had never been caught off-guard by something as simple as a kiss before and Alex felt out of his element. Eager to return to a somewhat normal feeling Alex leaned forward and pulled Chythar in for another kiss. This time lasting just a little bit longer. ::
::Before he could respond, he was once again kissing Alex. This time, he wasn’t the initiator, but damn did it feel good.::
Blair: Sorry, I had to see if it had the same effect the second time. :: Pause. :: Don’t worry, it did.
Skyfire: Whew...for a moment Ah thought maybe it wasn’t meant to be.
:: Alex smiled at Chythar. Suddenly any nerves he had been feeling earlier were gone and everything felt just right again. ::
Blair: So, as much as I’d like to stand here kissing you all night, I am pretty hungry. Ready to head to dinner?
Skyfire: Dinner! Right. We had reservations, didn’t we…? :: and motioned for Alex to lead on. ::

Conversation between Alex Blair and Chythar Skyfire Dinner Before Tea Part I - SD 239310.08
One of the things that Chythar has had difficulty with, despite the constant support of his partner, is opening up when things are bothering him. This either happens when Alex presses or when CD needs a friendly ear without talking to a counselor. Time has brought them closer together, and they have begun trading off custody of Devlin. They spend the occasional night on each other's couch, they have listened to one another's nightmares, and they have commiserated over the miscellaneous service ribbons they received. Alex has also nursed CD after a night of drinking landed the CMO blasted.
Even after the little misadventure in the holodeck, Chythar and Alex formed an empathic connection, and have begun learning how to read one another through various aspects of stress. CD presented Alex with a bracelet, and it was many months and just before Alex's unexpected transfer to the USS Za that CD was presented with Alex's old marine dog tags in return. Later that night, Chythar found out he too was being transferred to the same place. Now, together aboard their new home, they prepare for the next phase of their adventure.
However, so far their time aboard the Za has not been all sunshine and roses. Several facets about Chythar's connection to Lael have come to light, thus complicating his relationship with Alex. CD attempted to get an explanation in, and instead wound up putting additional strain on his partner. Now, the tension exists between them and only time will tell whether the rift can be healed.
Their days aboard the Za were spent apart, and only on their way to the Veritas following the decommissioning of their previous posting did they begin speaking to one another once again. Alex felt extremely guilty for allowing his feelings to get the better of him, and causing the distance that grew between them. Alex offered an olive branch in the form of asking Chythar to move into quarters with him once they arrived at their new home.
Within a month after they get transferred to the Veritas, Alex is called away by Starfleet on a mission of a classified nature. Upon his return, they are reunited for a very brief time before Alex once again leaves for a new posting, this time to the USS Constitution as her first officer. Their correspondence over such a distance has been brief, and after a while their relationship has faded to friends but not constantly in contact.
In the days that followed, Chythar took off Alex's dog tags and keeps them wrapped around a picture he keeps on his desk of him and Alex as a fond reminder of the man he loved.

Lael Rosek
Best Friend & Current Signifigant Other

During their tour of the alternate universe, the ship was faling to pieces around them and Lael noticed Chythar seemed to be more distant than normal. He looked like he needed a friend, so they began talking and their friendship was born. He takes jujitsu lessons from her once in a while and has become one of her closest friends since. Every now and again, he comes face to face with the mat in practice because he drops his guard. Sometimes, he is asked to just listen, which puts him in the unlikely role of a counselor. It helps once in a while. He's also teaching her what he knows about shielding her mind.

During some recent spinal surgery and his apparent refusal to give up on her, they became empathically and telepathically connected. The nature of this unusual connection allowed them to read each other's mind to a certain extent, to share the same nightmares, to read each other's emotions, and to sense when their mental shields weren't at their greatest.
They had served together through the Gorkon, briefly aboard the Za, and managed to stay together through it's decommissioning before their transfers to the Veritas and Montreal. During that time, they were practically inseparable as far as friendships went. Several jujitsu lessons, several combat exercises, awkward family moments, and shouting matches over stupidity as friends tend to do, their relationship strengthened.

Skyfire: I am quite sure. You and Commander Rosek are the the best command duo I’ve had the pleasure of serving with, but I would like to formally request time to collect myself and heal.

Over the course of their mission to Meridian, Chythar realized that his flashbacks and PTSD are keeping him from doing his job. With a heavy heart, he had to tell his best friend that he was taking an indefinite leave from Starfleet to regain his sanity. They kept in touch frequently over the course of his sabbattical, and she has seen fit to list him as Maddy's adopted father. Such a decision has made him realize that he truly does love her more than life itself. He is realizing that there is nobody else in his life more important than Maddy and Lael.

Professional Colleagues


Cassandra Egan Manno
Former CO

During the rescuing of Captain Reynolds, Skyfire's assistance proved useful for a few reasons: one, he was somewhat telepathic. Two, he was a doctor. It wasn't until during shore leave, however, that he discovered the real reason for a trip to the captain's office -- to find out whether he accepted the position of assistant chief from Del Vedova. After explaining a bit about his ambitions, it was decided that he was the new assistant since Kotir had gone on leave.

Skyfire: I understand you said this was a volunteer mission and I'm the only man in teal who did volunteer. Why did you ask me to accompany you in the yacht, out of all the fine officers you have and just promoted?
:: Her response was immediate and spoken all in a low voice. ::
EGAN MANNO:: Because I want to be the one to find them, Doctor. And whatever's happened, I want to make sure they're alright. Both of them, no matter what. Harrison Ross was my first officer; Quinn Reynolds is my -- friend; and they're both members of my crew, which means I will look out for them, and that doesn't just mean locating the Thunderbird.

Aboard the Thunderbird shuttle. Capt. C. Egan Manno: And Then We Rode - SD 239107.10
Their subsequent conversations have been purely business -- the captain had expressed some concerns about a journalist named Andrew Davenport and had asked for a series of tests. Every single one that Chythar knew, illegal or otherwise, was to be run. And he presented his findings to both her and security chief Lt. Evan Delano.
Another mission later, and he has lunch with Cassie at the Jalanda Palace on Deep Space X. This conversation involved temporal physics, and specifically the alleged deaths of three crew members. The possibility was raised that Chythar could, in theory, have become more telepathic than he already was, though that seemed to CD very unlikely. Chythar theorizes that a transporter accident caused there to be duplicates of Tristam Core, Ki Shandres, and Saveron stranded on the planet and thus died, which created the remains that he found during his little time slip.

EGAN MANNO: You are extremely good at your job, that’s true. I have no quibbles with your results, but I am concerned about you as a professional. To be blunt, Doctor, you are sometimes arrogant and dismissive, and while those qualities don’t always affect your work, I am potentially concerned about them given that you would be in command of a staff of medical professionals and a sickbay of patients.:: Cassie paused briefly, tipped Skyfire a penetrating look, and continued. :: Therefore, you’ll inherit Doctor del Vedova’s position: Acting Chief of Medicine. :: beat :: I hope that the position will become permanent, but I would like to see improvement before that occurs.

Captain's Ready Room, USS Garuda to Dr. Skyfire JP: Capt. C. Egan Manno & Lt. Skyfire: Promotions (Part 1) - SD 239109.29

During his second shore leave following the capture of the rogue ship, USS Mercury, he had to deal with a medical crisis involving their chief of navigation. Once more, he was called into the captain's office -- this time to receive a promotion to lieutenant and a promotion to acting chief of medical. It seems every time he goes into her office there is a degree of 'what did I do this time' affiliated with it. In order to make his position permanent, he was challenged to make some personal improvements before he was going to be made CMO on a permanent level.

When the chain of command for the Garuda was given to Captain Aron Kells, Chythar wished her luck in her role as mission commander for the region. She has been immensely pleased with his service since he blessed her crew, and recommended his promotion to lieutenant commander.

Medical Colleague

The relationship between Skyfire and Saveron started as a professional one between colleagues. As medical professionals, they do spend some of their time discussing work or meditation techniques. As a Vulcan, it was presumed that Saveron would be able to lend a hand with meditation techniques, and Chythar was more than willing to accept any help that was offered. It took a little while for CD to accept the fact that Saveron did genuinely wish to help him get a handle on his telepathy, as he hadn't had much experience with Vulcans before. In the end, it turned into a crazy trust exercise as he offered a mind meld to allow Saveron insight into how he became gifted.

:: The Vulcan’s experience was by default with his own species’ telepathy and to a certain degree that of other naturally telepathic species. Skyfire’s induced and potentially unstable telepathy was a novel entity. ::
Saveron: I do not doubt you are aware of the uniqueness of your situation. Induced telepathy is almost undocumented, certainly I am not aware of any other case of long-term telepathy induction. If you are asking me how your situation might progress, I cannot offer a prediction based on verbal description alone.
:: The Terran was familiar with unusual mind melds, and had watched his mentor, Dr. MacLaren, perform one on Captain Walker a long time ago. Nearly three years had past since then. As for his own, he was no stranger to them -- he had to deal with Azin’s sensory difficulties nearly a year ago. He was acclimated with the crazy details. ::
Skyfire: I don’t know if this would help...but would you like to see it as I did?
:: The Vulcan cocked his head to one side slightly, considering the question. In all the time he had been in Starfleet, he had not actually had cause to utilise his own telepathy. In the absence of any obvious physiological effects to Skyfire’s brain other than the DNA shift, it might be the only real way to gain true insight. ::
Saveron: Such may be enlightening. :: He allowed eventually. :: And I would be willing to undertake such an examination, but you must understand that Vulcan telepathy is not comparable to Betazoid telepathy or similar manifestations. :: He explained carefully. :: It is no casual surface connection.
:: Not everyone was comfortable with the idea of their minds being so open and accessible, not least Saveron himself. ::
Skyfire: I understand. It’s the only way I can think of that may help you gain insight with regards to my peculiar situation. :: He paused again, having another sip of tea. :: I survived a Dokkaran mind-meld that got out of control because of an outside entity.
Saveron: Fascinating. :: And from what Skyfire had told him, the cause of his abilities. :: I am willing to share your experience if you wish. :: It could explain much. ::

Lt. Skyfire's Quarters, Dr. Saveron and Dr. Skyfire
All In The Mind Part 1 - SD 239112.06
Saveron's knowledge of telepathy proved to be quite useful for the two of them to confer with Raissa on genetic sequencing and improving CD's own weak shields but also allowed for the two of them to confer on other cases as well, such as Delano and Ross after the incident involving an interrogation and a forced mind meld. CD hasn't gotten used to the fact that Saveron asks for permission before consulting on a case, but as always, the Terran is grateful for the insight.

Jansen Orrey
Counselor #8

::CD nodded quietly, thinking it’d probably just be better to listen without speaking. He still felt the anger within him, and tried to relax. Orrey seemed to know his trade but the fact that it was yet another counselor didn’t make it any easier. Counselors and him didn’t get along very well since the Invicta.::
Orrey: ::Jansen took a sip of his drink.:: Your file shows a long history of counselors. I wonder if you could tell me about each of them? So that I can see a little of what they had been working with you on. ::Jansen had as long as if not a bit longer history of counseling in his own file. Truth be told the first counselor Jansen worked with in the Federation was a current presidential candidate so he had seen his share of different techniques over the years.::
Skyfire: Oh gosh, that’s...that’s a long list. You sure you want the history of all seven of your predecessors?
::The list was indeed long, and he hoped, for his own sanity, that Jansen had the patience to listen to the whole nine yards, or in this Since he had to go through each one and the work they were doing.::
Orrey: ::Jansen smiled and took another sip.:: I don’t have any appointments for a while, and more patience than a Brikkar.
::The last part made Chythar chuckle slightly, but only slightly. He had another sip of his tea before setting it back on the desk.::

Counselor's Office, USS Gorkon. Dr. Orrey and Dr. Skyfire
How Did I Miss That? (Part 1) - SD 239301.03
Chythar first came to know Jansen during the aftermath of the holodeck fiasco aboard Astrofori One. The first time these two sat down together for a counseling session, Chythar admitted he was, overall, an angry person after going through the long list of counselors. This helped formulate the basis for their second session, in which they would deal with anger and frustration.
Their second session was productive in the sense that Jansen discovered that Chythar was a doctor before joining Starfleet. Later, it was revealed through drawings in the sand of what was important to CD. As they neared the end of their second session, Jansen also discovers Chythar's hobby and love for crafting. Over the course of their time in the alternate universe, however, the two have hardly spoken.

Gabrielle Porchevska
Former Admin Nurse

Recently after his appointment to assistant chief of medicine aboard the USS Garuda, he met Ensign Gabrielle Porchevska for the first time. During a conversation in 10-Forward, he made it clear to Gabi that he wasn’t looking for a relationship. She helped by compiling the list of teams before he left on the away mission. Shortly after their return from the USS Mercury, he was told he sucked at conversation and she needed to help alleviate that.

Skyfire: Alright. I’ll finish up these reports and meet you for dinner?
Porchevska: ::she paused at the doorway:: Why Doctor Skyfire, are you asking me out?
:: He replied with a smile. ::
Skyfire: Only if you accept.

CMO's Office, Porchevska and Dr. Skyfire
Medical Debrief - SD 239109.23
It was here that he received his first kiss, which felt good but not right given his recent breakup with Debra Cross. After discussing this blatant advance with Counselor Raissa Moonsong, it was explained to Chythar that due to the Argellian DNA she was not shy about her heritage and they worked through it. Gabi’s intent to teach him how to have fun and improve his conversational skills was well meaning, though CD is a little confused by her methods.
After the quarantine on DSX, she had been listening to the various gossiping happening on the station concerning Chythar’s actions and confronted him about it. Out of pure anger, she clocked him across the jaw then kissed him because she acted on pure impulse. Skyfire isn’t going to enter this incident into her record as a reprimand -- it was a misunderstanding. During that shore leave, Gabi decided it'd be a good idea to get Alora drunk. Such actions were enough to get her written up on report, and Chythar was forced to confine her to quarters. For an Argellian, that is a true punishment. After their first mission aboard Astrofori One, Gabi claimed to have learned her lesson and the punishment was lifted.

Chosen Family

Sal Taybrim Captain.png

Sal Taybrim
Former Counselor & Brother of Choice

Met in the aftermath of Pythia's Tale on board the USS Excalibur-A, Chythar had a few sessions with Sal Taybrim and managed to get to know him a bit. Then, unexpectedly, Sal was transferred to the Darwin. Sal promised CD an open line if he ever needs it, and resulting in the young doctor building a gradual hatred of counselors; he sees Sal as the third one he's lost. It was during that time that he realized he loved Sal as a brother rather than as a romantic interest.

By a lucky transfer request, Taybrim returns to the Excalibur, though in the position of science as opposed to counselor. The two men begin to form a mental connection, caused by Sal's damaged telepathy. Later on, this connection evolves into a T4/E4 between the two men because of an accident during one of Chythar's treatments of a patient.
Then, the two men get separated yet again, but this time it is Chythar who leaves for the USS Garuda when he is unexpectedly transferred to the USS Garuda. They still correspond through subspace letters and the occasional holocall, but most of the time it is a waiting game to see who gets the other's letters. Often times, their shore leaves don't sync and they have to make do with words. They had a brief reunion on Starbase 118, training a class of cadets where Taybrim confessed he was hunting Chythar for his stew recipe before giving the more serious answer that he was assigned as Chythar's first officer.
After not even a month serving on the USS Invicta, Chythar was sent in a shuttle to Starbase 118 by the Q, who had apparently known about a transfer. No explanation, just that he was being transferred to the USS Columbia, which was to dock at the starbase. So, he contacted Sal and gave him the recipe for the Stew Surprise on the condition that Vitor Silveira wasn't let anywhere near it.
Chythar called Sal after he returned, informing him of the changes that had taken place. Namely, his return, subsequent adoption, and feelings for Blair. They saw each other briefly during a layover where Chythar just happened to be passing through on his way to the USS Columbia to accept a medical posting. He grabbed a beer with Sal, explained a few more changes that were happening, and then departed again. Chythar's been bad about keeping in touch, but tries.

Raissa Moonsong
Former counselor & sister of choice
As of SD 239109.30, Raissa has begun to work with him on gaining control of his abilities. He still has a few trust issues to work out, but he is slowly beginning to find that he can actually work with her. By the end of his first session it was unknown if this was to be the start of Chythar's Garuda score card of breaking counselors. He had mentioned Sal Taybrim as his previous counselor, whom he made progress with and described his track record with other counselors.
In the beginning of his second counseling session where they were supposed to be talking about his abilities, they talk about how confused he is regarding Ensign Porchevska. Worked through that, then he told Ris about his brotherly connection to Sal, and how much of a helping hand he got shortly after his accident with Azin. By the end of it, he had taken a very positive step towards controlling and integrating his abilities.

Moonsong: ::her eyes were dark with pain and disorientation:: Why…? Why did you keep calling me? I couldn’t help you… so much pain...
Mo'Phatz: Counselor, it'll be ok in a moment. ::Roslyn softly said as she administered a light sedative.
Skyfire: ::whispered:: I thought it was just an auditory hallucination…

Conversation between Counselor Moonsong, Dr. Skyfire, and Dr. Mo'Phatz.
Awkward! - 239111.22
During their mission to DSX during a quarantine, Chythar undertook a risky experiment that used his previous research on the Skyfire Cure for a bioweapon that apparently targeted Cardassians. He volunteered himself as a test subject to help create the antigen as there didn’t seem to be any time for a proper set of tests before people started dying. During his harrowing experience, he used his telepathy without realizing it and called out to Ris while he was incapacitated. As he regained his mental faculties once he was pulled free by the antigen, he had auditory hallucinations of her name echoing in his mind.

::Skyfire and Ven conferred. Or rather Ven smugly pronounced his diagnosis, while Chythar kept his calm and asked if his own telepathic contact could have served as a catalyst to this event. While Raissa was only one quarter Betazoid, it did not mean that her human ancestry was psychic-free. She had been born with the potential and her genetic makeup only needed a boost. The combination of her heavy use and CD’s connection had done more to cause her talents to spike. It altered the pathways in her mind.::
::Raissa was no longer an E3 touch empath. She was now a T3/E4. A touch telepath. But she did not need to touch to feel or project emotion. She had been changed. And it was permanent. And it was partially Chythar’s fault.

Memory of Counselor Moonsong
What I have Become - 239111.29
During his next session Skyfire apologizes multiple times for his part in the mission, and mentally reaching out to her. They have a sibling quarrel after which she tells him that he is considered family, then after the dust settles he builds his own mental shields. Later on after some medical tests on Moonsong, it is discovered that Chythar’s mental contact actually acted as a catalyst to change her prior rating of E3 to a new rating of T3/E4.
Following the plant disaster, he brought his friend Devlin to his counseling session, during which time he mentioned the conversation in which Chase Valaine seemed to be hinting at romantic involvement. She encouraged CD to call Chase once he left her office, and right before he did both he mentioned that he'd like to shift the focus to professional assistance rather than telepathic.
After the incident involving his temporal incursion, during which he found the bodies of three of his colleagues, he came back aboard the Garuda to find said three bodies (those of Core, Shandres and Saveron) all seemingly alive and well. Counselor Moonsong went to his quarters to check up on him, and to get his sympathetic ear to some of her own issues. In the same conversation, she told him he wasn't crazy. He had to run physicals on all three of them to make sure they weren't ghosts -- and for the sake of his sanity, to make sure they were all still alive.
The next mission, their connection became stronger after her loss of the Community representatives. The shielding they provided her with was gone, their gift to her was enhancing her telepathic rating on a more permanent scale. During the following shore leave, she and Chythar both received aid from Saveron regarding mental shields, and it's CD who will always have her back no matter what happens. Due to the change in her abilities, CD advised that the relationship with Carter was in jeopardy and it might be best to call it off. After the breakup, he went to the arboretum of the USS Invicta to console her. Because of their mental connection, he is one of the few people who can touch her safely.
Sometime after the winter festivities of 2392, he receives a subspace call from her which inquires further about the "photon torpedo" he dropped about his return to the Menthar Corridor. The conversation ranged from the death of Virah-Latyi to his own well-being, and that of their canine friend Devlin.
When the Gorkon went missing, Ris never gave up hope that CD was still alive. When he returned, the two spoke via subspace and she revealed that her family was expecting him to pay a visit. Chythar next saw her again upon his reassignment to the Veritas after the Za's decommissioning. During his social visit after the mission to Antor II, he managed to keep the conversation off of work and made an appointment for his actual intake evaluation. It took months for him to get to the point when he could even make an apology and mean it.

Just when he was certain they'd probably never be family again, as of 239705.03 becomes an uncle to Raissa's little girl, Natalia.

REV SD 239712.30