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USS Garuda
Chase Valaine

  • Gender: Male
  • Position: Engineering Specialist
  • Ship: USS Garuda
  • Rank: Chief Warrant Officer, 2nd Class
  • Race: Terran
  • Spouse None

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Chief Warrant Officer Chase Valaine, is currently an engineering specialist aboard the USS Garuda. He previously served as an intelligence officer aboard the USS Vigilant-A.


  • Full Name: Chase “Epicness” Valaine
  • Birth Name: Eugene Fairweather
  • Race: Terran
  • Date of Birth: March 3, 2365
  • Place of Birth: Skagway, Alaska
  • Age: 34
  • Gender: Male
  • Telepathic status: 0 (Zero) - No telepathic ability.


  • Height: 5'10"
  • Weight: 175lbs.
  • Hair Color: Dirty blonde.
  • Length of Hair: Medium short, spiky.
  • Eye Color: Light blue, with bio-altered sheen at certain light angles.
  • Skin Tone: Lightly tanned, clear.
  • Birthmarks, Scars: None worth noting.
  • Build: Lean muscle, a runners build.
  • Carriage: Easygoing, but with confidence.
  • Poses (Hands/Gestures, Feet/Legs, Torso/Head): Typically relaxed, he motions with his hands more than necessary when talking, and leans forward while sitting.
  • Taste in Clothing (when off duty): Prefers dark reds, and monochrome black/white. Favors v-neck t-shirts and dark jeans.
  • Shoes: Black boots with excessive buckles.
  • Voice: Clear, mid-range.
  • Handedness: Right handed, good with both.

Body Modification

  • Neural-Node Implant: Behind one of his ears is an implant, an almost Borg-style neural-node. A walking wireless radio/computer surgically connected directly to his nervous system/brain, transmitted information is received through the node on several frequencies. While most often he uses it as a walking music player (he’s always listening to something), he can access the open ship feeds to gain current information. A complimentary modification to the neural node, he has bio-mechanical lenses implanted in his eyes which function as computer screens, displaying data in his vision as controlled through the neural node. The corneal implants give his eyes a cat-like shine at certain light angles.
  • Tail: An illegally gotten implant connected to his spine. The tail is long and thin with a slight tuft at the end, and has functional dexterity and strength. It is strong enough to carry a data padd, a cup of coffee, or small engineering tools/parts.
  • Tattoos: The impression of a spinal column up his spine (from tailbone to his hairline), sprouting skeletal wings across his shoulder blades. Tribal marks around both eyes. The mark of Surak and a Denobulan Crest combine in one tattoo on the inside of his left forearm, for his father and mother.
  • Jewelry: 3 piercings in one ear (two in the upper cartilage), two in the other ear (upper cartilage). 2 tiny spike piercings above the outer edges of his eyebrows. Tends not to wear loose jewelry, but he does have a pendant of a snake wrapped around a black gem, which was a gift.


  • Personality: An apparently boisterous man with large aspirations, larger apparent self-confidence. His most prominent concern is typically his next romantic conquest, rather than his daily duties. His work in Engineering is quite excellent... if it can maintain his interest. His capability for engineering is undoubtedly high, but his ability to finish a project without getting distracted is a big hurdle. His record is littered with minor infractions, mostly from frustrated senior officers who couldn’t corral his less-than-disciplined nature and his penchant for unapproved body modifications. His record doesn’t seem to bother him that much, and rank isn't something he thinks about. Despite his somewhat tough outer appearance and socially domineering attitude, he is perfectly friendly, even overly sociable... though he doesn't come off as too trustworthy. His self confidence in the face of his failures can come off as equally endearing and frustrating to those around him. When he isn’t socializing, working, or playing music… and sometimes even when he is… he is always listening to a running data feed from the vessel/station. His need to know all current information is nearly an addiction, and his technophilia (love for advanced technology) has no known limit. He comes off as particularly self-motivated and superficial at first... but he also has a mysterious, intelligent side that is harder for him to hide when a crew gets to know him better.
  • Defining Songs: Mumford and Sons, "Little Lion Man."
  • Quarters: Not a mess, but never perfectly organized. His laundry is always clean but never folded. He doesn’t keep sentimental objects like photos, making his room appear a bit bland.
  • Favorite Room: The bedroom. *Anyone's* bedroom, really.
  • Habits: He tends to unconsciously tap a finger or lightly nod his head in beat with the music he is listening to through his neural-node.
  • Mannerisms: Expressive gesturing with his hands during conversation.
  • Religion/Spiritual Devotion: He could be called anti-theistic, but he avoids the subject at all cost.
  • Hobbies and Pastimes: Very good at strategy games and with technology. Plays various instruments (preferring the guitar and violin) and can sing well. Can interpret multiple streams of data simultaneously, multitasking.
  • Likes: Varieties of all kinds of music, especially trance, techno, and punk. Cats and tribbles. Being around people, especially boisterous people like himself. Drinking and games of chance. An information addict, constantly desires a source of data or noise. He especially loves a challenging activity, a good mystery/conspiracy, good liars, and genuinely honest people.
  • Dislikes: Above all else, he hates silence. Also waffles, an information vacuum (being left out of the loop), being alone, hypocrites, and bad liars. Chase is genuinely fearful (phobic) of deep/dark water and can only tread water a little. He jokes that sharks find him attractive, but the fear is more about the claustrophobic feeling of being in the water, rather than about waterborne predation.
  • Ambitions and Goals: Unknown and fluid. He appears to be an "in the now" person.
  • Achievements: His ongoing quest to bed every species inducted into the Federation.
  • Disappointments: He fiercely guards his personal information concerning his life pre-adoption at age 10.
  • Temperament: Normally, Chase is temperamental and harsh, rarely one to mince words or avoid saying something blunt. He compliments this with a dark sense of humor. Even still, he is usually in a good mood, and it's extremely difficult to get on his bad side or phase him emotionally. Should someone manage to genuinely get on his nerves, pity those who do.
  • Mental problems (complexes and phobias): Some previous officers have commented as to his apparent (yet undiagnosed and well-camouflaged) sociopathic tendencies. He spends a great deal of his free time searching for his next intimate encounter, accepting it regardless of its source. A counselor might wonder why he is so profusely tattooed and pierced and surgically altered (against Starfleet uniform policy), as well as his lacking of apparent moral compass.
  • Physical Limitations: Having grown up in Alaska, does not handle strong heat well.


  • (With a smile.): “You can say it, feel free. It’s impossible for someone like you to insult me.”
  • (Concentrating on an engine part.): “This nodule thingy twists in here, and then this sticky-outy part connects to that, and… *ZZZSSHTT*… wait… wait… I can fix this.”
  • (Being interviewed for criminal suspicion.): "What makes you think my self-worth revolves around my pips?"
  • (Protesting being interviewed.): "You think you know what I am already. A villain. The tat’s, the attitude, the way I dress. Which one is it you don’t like?"
  • (After Sky Blake uses her Brekkian electrical defense on him.): "I almost… forgot you could do that… (after she uses her electrical defense on him a second time)  ::quietly, into the snow:: Okay… okay… stop….."
  • (Speaking about a snowstorm.): "Give it a chance. It might grow on you. It’s honest weather. Hides all the dirt, quiets all the noise, freezes over all the murky waters. It’ll kill you, but it’s honest. Warm weather tricks you in with the sweet sound of summer and chirping birds, all sand between your toes, pretending to be pleasant. Then… ::he knocked his fist on the tabletop::... bam! Heat stroke. Out of nowhere, it kills you with kindness."

Example Sims

Chase With his Snake Pendant


  • Parents
    • Father: Sa'vashe Valaine. Vulcan, Programmer (Federation Vessel Computers)
    • Mother: Phenoiry Elsa Phenrhar-Valaine (Fee-no-ar-ee, Fen-roar). In short, referred to by friends by the name Phen (Fen), or more affectionately referred to by the name Phen-El (Fen-El) by her Vulcan husband. Denobulan, Xenobiologist, Astrobiologist.
  • Siblings: Several, mostly from other species. All adopted.
    • Identified: Female Klingon, Starfleet Marine on active duty.


  • Talya Robins: Talya and Chase enjoy a somewhat combative relationship, but compliment one another well. Talya has given him the opportunity to explore his past, and Chase has helped Talya overcome personal limitations. They have shared personal secrets, enjoy fighting together (socially speaking, not physically), and Talya is rumored to have a little girl named Xena... though the connection to Chase is vague at best. UPDATE: Talya and Chase being divorced in a mutual agreement, Xena is confirmed to be his daughter. His ex-wife and daughter are currently safe in hiding, no longer active duty Starfleet, and safe from her zealous governments grasp. He maintains secretive contact with her, and though he doesn't act much like a father, he does everything he can from his long-distance position to make sure they have everything they need and stay safe. Talya and Xena are the first real familial connection he has made, aside his adoptive parents, and Talya was likely the first person he called a friend.
  • Sky Blake: Not a romantic relationship, though not for his lack of trying, Chase and Sky have similarly harsh undertones to their personalities. Sky, having learned a great deal about Chase's history, began treating him as a friend, then something akin to family. He takes far too much delight in sending Sky completely inappropriate thoughts via her telepathic ability. He might not ever admit to it, but he takes great satisfaction in her treating him as a "little brother," and though he would deny it vigorously, he would do almost anything for her. He also took great delight in harassing the Vulcan germophobe, Sabor, who she married. In his twisted understanding of it, they are one happy little family... much to Sabor's chagrin.
  • Vladislav, Alket: Going simply by Vladislav, this Cardassian is as hostile and abusive as any other. His name, Alket, translates into "Secret." Chase maintains a Love-Hate relationship with the Cardy due to his medical prowess, trusting only him to adapt or implant new systems. Vladislav has conducted two major operations for Chase. First, his neural node, with a subsequent upgrade with the optical lenses that act as computer screens. The second, being his bio-mechanical tail, which is fused to his coccyx/spine. Each surgery was technically "illegal" by Star Fleet standards, but Chase relies on his right to body autonomy to protect him, as the surgeries to remove them would be somewhat risky... leaving few Fleet officers willing to force him by order to remove them. In order to have them done Chase visits Vladislav at his secret medical center, hidden in an asteroid field in a remote sector. The cost of the implants is high... Vladislav has a curious and cruel medical streak in him, and the payment must be made in both latinum and sacrifice... to the benefit of both his bank account and his personal entertainment.
  • Charlotte deBarres: A hostile relationship that started badly and ended badly. While both were assigned to the Avandar, they had one official date after which Charlotte's previous love interest, a Marine named Beornan, took offense to Chase's pursuing her, eventually confronting and dislocating his shoulder as a warning to stay away from her. Chase being Chase, he took more interest in taking down Beornan than he did in pursuing Charlotte after that, and events culminated in his phasering himself to attempt to set up Beornan for assault. Lt. Cmdr. Eerie investigated the situation, and punishments were handed down to all parties involved. When Chase met up again with Charlotte on the Vigilant, she had matured and become a Cadet, and they hit off an actual, if young and spotty, friendship... with her intelligently keeping Chase an arms distance away.
  • Eerie: The Brikar and Chase have butted heads several times, first on the Avandar and later on the Vigilant. However, even though Eerie is often required to investigate Chase or question him for his activities, they have a certain respect for one another that goes beyond the simple "Enforcer & Deviant." Chase put great effort into creating a unique throne (a large rock-styled seating arrangement) for Eerie when the Brikar needed something suitable for his larger mass in the main security office. Though it was far too dramatic and unprofessional for the security office, Eerie took it into his quarters for personal use, garnering favor with Chase by accepting his unique form of expression. Aside the time Eerie threw Chase into a holographic ocean, he has quite enjoyed even the investigations, and enjoys pushing Eerie's boundaries and watching the Brikar change over time.

Personal History

  1. Mission #1 Chase joined the crew of the USS Avandar with his feet running, making friends and enemies alike among the staff. Having annoyed Security Chief Eerie by creating a holographic Brikar-style throne in the Security Office, skulls and incense included, as well as musically courting whatever lovely ladies he could spy in 10-Forward or the Comet Club, he made a loud initial statement on duty and off. A date with DeBarres gone wrong, his shoulder was dislocated in a spat with the Marine Beornan, but his plans for justice against Beornan would have to be put on hold. Ecstatic to be sent on his first away mission, the team investigated a Count of questionable origin who relied on slave labor and medical experimentation on sentient beings to fuel his life-extending and money-making experiments. The infected slaves became little more than walking husks driven by mindless hunger, zombie-like, and the crew had to fight their way out to avoid joining the ranks. Evanna Blackwood was KIA and tr'Khellian was infected. Chase was bitten while defending a crewmate, his arm severely injured and was subsequently infected with the virus. Shuttled back to the Avandar the away team was quarantined. The virus nearly took hold of his body and mind, but was staved off by Medical Chief Malcolm and Doctor Robins skill. Chase's arm would require extensive surgery to repair once the virus was cured.
  1. Break #1 Chase, cured of the zombification virus, took his free time by the horns. Having previously impressed the lovely Doctor Robins, she chose him for her unfortunately rushed need of a pregnancy to avoid being forced into an undesirable marriage by her home world laws. Despite the circumstances, he had no complaint with completing the intimate request. Having completed that "duty," he moved on to getting his revenge against Marine Beornan via a weaving conspiracy which would brand the Marine a criminal. (Having had his shoulder dislocated in their earlier fight over his date with DeBarres, Chase phasered himself to add to the unexplained assaults against him to use as leverage against Beornan.) Having set enough dead ends and given enough conflicting reports to keep the Security Chief and Intel Officers running in suspicious circles, he wasn't 100% successful in the end, but managed to drag the Marine through enough stress to satisfy his somewhat psychotic desire for revenge. The crew was unable to prove his involvement, but he received 3 weeks restriction to duty, a reprimand that would be removed from his record after 18 months good behavior, and was ordered into counseling.
  1. Personal Mission Reassigned to a duty away from the Avandar, Chase found himself assigned to an exciting new mission concerning espionage to an unnamed forbidden planet with no Federation foothold. To arrive there undetected, he traveled for 37 days in a Class Three Probe outfitted to maintain life support. Using calculations and gravitational influences of a nearby star and a plant, drifting through space with the smallest of propulsion control, Chase's probe nearly bounced off a Klingon Bird of Prey before his arrival on the forbidden world. Little else is known about his mission.
  1. Break #2 After completing his espionage-related mission and returning to known-active duty with Starfleet, Chase was assigned to the Vigilant on open Intelligence duty. This was a change from his mission on the Avandar, which had been to investigate the crew, in particular the Captain and her partner.
  1. Mission 2 On the Zakdorn home world, embroiled in political intrigue and deception, the Vulcans were blamed for certain information being collected from the Vigilant. A virus planted on ship led to the abandonment of the vessel temporarily, and the planet plunged into turmoil and outright war. The crew survived, but only by fighting the Suliban, who were suspected of being used as patsies to do some other species (or entities) dirty work. It is unknown if Chase had to kill anyone during the battle, and he isn't talking about it.
  1. Break #3 Housed on the Zakdorn home world in a Grand Hotel, the crew took leave after the battle for survival and while the Vigilant was repaired. Chase took up drinking and a variety of night time rendezvous' as a method of self-therapy, but managed to spend some quality time with his good Brekkazoid friend Sky Blake. Here he revealed that, after the fighting had died down, he had received a communique from his birth-parents. Out of jail and supposedly making a "new life," they insisted on traveling into Deep Space to visit him for the first time in over 10 years. He also revealed that his ex-wife Talya and daughter Xena were currently in hiding, safe from her overbearing government, and that though he couldn't be with them he was content they were safe.

Professional History

  • Date Graduated from Academy: November 2388
  • Current Rank: Chief Warrant Officer, 2nd Class
  • Current Assignment: USS Garuda
  • Duty Post: Engineering Specialist
  • Historic Noteworthies: Chase's father being well known for his engineering skills took the opportunity to mentor him from the date of his adoption, in an effort to give the aimless 10 year old boy some direction in his life. Chase took to the skills with a vengeance, and was admitted to the Academy on his first attempt. While he found the rank structure less appealing, he found the structured environment and challenges invigorating. The USS Avandar was his first professional duty post.

Awards & Commendations

  • The Order of StarFleet Merit and Achievement 1: January 2011
  • Purple Heart: For service to ones crew in the face of danger, in the defense of a fellow crewmate while endangering his own life and limb. (Mission #1 - Badly wounded when bitten on the arm by an infectious "zombified" citizen while the Away Team attempted to escape the location.)