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Crew of the USS Astraeus


Civilian Devlin

Devlin, a Terran beagle is currently serving as a therapy dog aboard the USS Astraeus.


  • Height: 10"
  • Weight: 15 lb
  • Fur: Brown and white
  • Eyes: Brown
  • Build: Adorable
  • Age: 9


Devlin was born on Deep Space 10 with 5 siblings. His original owner, Arlene Jones, was heading to Andoria and couldn't take the young pup with her. So she placed an ad, which Petty Officer Greywin Fergus answered. Along with the puppy was a blanket that contained the scents of his siblings.

When he gives people nicknames, his thoughts usually stumble over the letter A if it's at the beginning of a word or name. So it gets shortened to something. Alora became Lora, for example. His bursts of thought are mostly happy images that are typical of a puppy, like a beach frisbee game. The little canine also enjoys free hugs, because beagles are adorable and who wouldn't want to hug him?
Since Chythar's rating jumped from T2/E4 to T4/E6, Devlin has been a strange anomaly to the doctor's telepathic ability. Even while still at the low end of the telepathic and empathic spectrum, CD could still read Devlin's mind. As though the canine were so finely tuned to his master that one didn't need to be telepathic in order to sense him. How this was possible is still a mystery to Chythar, and probably will remain so.


2398 skyfire.png
Chythar Skyfire
This little fellow was gifted to CD as a therapy dog, because his original owner couldn't take him aboard the ship en route to a frozen world. Over time, Chythar has learned to communicate with his canine companion. Devlin has managed to figure out how to nickname people, and usually 'speaks' in two or three word thoughts to his master, who has to translate for him.
Alora deveau2.png
Alora DeVeau
Nicknamed "Lora" by the little fellow while aboard the Garuda and later the Invicta. Chythar sees her as a friend, and she had a very playful cat that Devlin enjoyed stalking.
Raissa Moonsong
Chythar thought of her as a sister, Devlin thought of her as someone who needed hugs. Always happy healing hugs, as canines are adorable like that. Devlin is never one to turn down free hugs. Ris thinks of Devlin as a child shared in parentage with Chythar.
Antero flynn lt.png
Antero Flynn
Recipient of the name "Flyboy", and Devlin found him to be quite cuddly during their time on the Columbia. Another friend of Chythar's, though alas a short-lived meeting. Hopefully their paths will cross again.
Former Master
Alex Blair
Nicknamed "Lexi" by Devlin. While he and Chythar were together, he saw the man as his other master.

Photo Gallery

Devlin wearing a sweater made by Sasha Moonsong

Miscellaneous References

SIM Archive

  • SD 239112.06:
    • Good Therapy -- Greywin picks up Devlin and meets Alora DeVeau, getting her in on the plot to present the canine to Dr. Skyfire, who accepts the adorable puppy.
    • Of Dogs & Plants -- Chythar goes over to Alora's quarters with Devlin to talk about plants, his previous posting, and making friends. Part I & Part II