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Crew of the USS Astraeus

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Lieutenant Commander Chythar Skyfire, MD

(( Skyfire’s Quarters ))

:: The morning following his dinner with Taybrim, Chythar got up and walked over to his desk when he saw that he had a flashing message alert on his console. He sat, staring at his console as he opened the message. Rage boiled within him as he read he was being transferred. oO Damn it, Starfleet! Oo He remembered how much it hurt when Sal told him he was transferring to the Darwin, all the pain that came with it. ::

(( Flashback -- Skyfire’s quraters, some time ago ))

SKYFIRE: A pleasure to see you again, Sal. Can I get you anything?

TAYBRIM: No, I… I’m all right. :: his brows furrowed in worry. He has just spoken to CD about how difficult it was to lose two counselors already. It felt like a betrayal to him… to the crew, one that Sal wasn’t completely in control of :: I… wanted to come talk to you.

:: He sat down, swallowing hard and hoping his shields were sufficient for this meeting. ::

TAYBRIM: :: He clenched his teeth. Sometimes you just said the hard things without preamble. :: Chythar… I’m being transferred. To a ship called the Darwin, as a science officer.

:: CD’s heart sank. His best friend Ryoji stayed behind on the base, to his knowledge. And hadn’t been responding. Then was Lieutenant Rose, who was the counselor and seemed to have disappeared shortly after the Astrolabe incident. Now Sal, whom he’d just gotten used to, was being transferred to the USS Darwin. He didn’t respond immediately, aside from taking a few deep breaths. His shields prevented most of it from getting through to his colleague, though there was a bit of pain behind his words when he finally found his tongue. It was a question, but one of confusion. ::

SKYFIRE: You’re leaving, then?

TAYBRIM: I was going to decline the transfer… but there are some extenuating circumstances. Some things I need to resolve. But I don’t plan on being a science officer forever. And my line is always open. We’ll be in touch.

(( End flashback ))

:: Now, he had two reasons he wanted to stay: Cross, whom he was just beginning to realize he loved. And Taybrim, the man he loved like a brother. One who would always be there for him, even if they weren’t serving on the same ship. With a shaky hand, he tapped the badge on his desk. ::

Skyfire: =/\= Skyfire to Taybrim and Cross. :: He had to tell them both what was going to happen. He had to make sure they understood his concern. The news of the transfer made him angry as he recalled the reason why he hated Command so much -- they were the reason he never saw his mother. She was on Romulus when it exploded. And he didn’t really remember her very well because of Starfleet Command. Yet, ironically he was in uniform of the very organization that had killed his mother. His blood boiled, and he had a hint of anger in his voice as he spoke. ::

:: Cross was glad to hear from CD but was wondering why he was contacting Sal at the same time. She had been keeping away from sickbay to give him a chance to make up his mind without pressure.  ::

Taybrim: ::There was an instant note of concern in his voice, picking up on the ripple of emotions in CD’s simple words:: =/\= Taybrim here… is anything wrong?=/\=

Cross: :: Cross could read concern in both the voices and it worried her. She knew that they were the two that he would be more likely to turn to if something was up. :: =/\= What can we do for you? =/\=

Skyfire: =/\= Could you guys meet me in either my quarters or the lounge, ASAP? It’s important.

Cross: :: Cross had just got out of the shower after her early morning run so threw on a uniform and headed for the door. It was one of the very few times that she left her quarters not looking perfect. =/\= On my way.=/\=

Taybrim: ::A slow nod. Something was up, and what that was he couldn’t begin to guess. Something that needed to be said in person.:: =/\=I’ll be right there…=/\=

Skyfire: =/\= I’ll see you shortly, then...

:: His hand was still shaking as he looked down at it, his muscles tensed from anger. He wasn’t feeling any of the practiced calm he’d been working so hard to develop. His anger clouded his mind, dropped his guard. He was probably transmitting his anger through the connection to his brother. ::

Cross: :: Making her way to the turbolift she realized that she did not know where she was going. As she moved Cross quickly pulled her hair into a ponytail. :: =/\= Where are we meeting? =/\=

Taybrim:  ::Mentally facepalming:: =/\=Sorry, I should have asked… which is easier, lounge or quarters? =/\=::

:: He looked down at himself, realizing he was in his sweats from being asleep. He’d crashed hard-core last night after he got back, so his reply was simple. ::

Skyfire: =/\= My quarters would work best, I think.

Cross: =/\= See you there =/\=:: All sorts of things crossed Cross' mind on what was happening. oO Why did he call us? It’s going to be bad news but the question was how bad was the news? Oo ::

:: He began pacing his quarters after the channel closed, taking slow breaths and trying to calm himself down. He needed to be calm, needed to be still of mind. He walked over to the replicator and made himself some tea, which he took a sip of as he tried to relax. ::

(( Fast Forward -- a few minutes later ))

:: The door chime rang. He was now sitting on his bed, the tea cup in his hands. He looked up towards the door. ::

Skyfire: Enter.

:: Cross and Taybrim entered the room, the door shutting behind them. He motioned to some chairs he’d pulled away from his desk. ::

Skyfire: Have a seat… :: As he spoke, his right hand was still shaking slightly. Concern emanated from both of them, stronger from Sal than from his new love due to the connection they shared. He had another sip of his tea while they asked him things, trying to brace himself for the hardest thing to tell them both. ::

Taybrim: What’s going on?  ::He canted his head to the side, curious and concerned::

Cross: Whatever it is we will be here for you and work it out together. :: He set the cup of tea down on his nightstand, then met their gazes with one of dead-cold seriousness such that he had never displayed before in his life. Anger hinted at the edge of his words when he spoke. ::

Skyfire: Starfleet is transferring me to the Garuda, as an MO.

:: A wave of relief flowed over Debra' body, she did not like the idea of them being parted but it was nothing like what was going through her mind. She let out a little smile and leaned forward placing her hand on his. The fact that he was so worried about it and how he told her also told Debra how much she meant to to CD. ::

Cross: That's it? You had me so worried.

Taybrim: :: he offered a small smile :: Transfers are funny things. But they’re not always bad, CD. And they’re not always forever.

:: Skyfire sighed heavily. He wanted to open his mouth and speak, tell her the reasons why he hated Starfleet Command. That Starfleet was responsible for pulling his mother to Romulus. That he had a few abandonment issues. Yet, he couldn’t say anything for several seconds, the contact from her hand on his rendering him speechless for several seconds. When he finally found his tongue, he spoke again. ::

Skyfire: You don’t understand…. :: Pause. oO Slowly inhale. Then speak. Oo :: My mother was on assignment for Starfleet, on Romulus during the supernova. I last saw her 16 years ago. Ever since...I’ve had sort of a loathing for the chaps in red and the brass.::

::The information took Debra by surprise, she had no idea what he had gone through to lose his mother like that. She knew how hard it was for her and she did not really remember her mother as Debra was so young when she died. ::

Cross: We won't let them win by separating us. Proximity can make things easier but it is not a requirement. Anyway maybe I could pull a few strings and see what happens but it could take a little time.

Taybrim: ::Sal gave a slow nod.:: I don’t blame you one bit, CD. Sometimes it feels a bit like being flotsam and jetsam. But honestly, I hope to see you again. I’m not sure where the tides will take us, but if we get the chance, I would jump at the opportunity to work together again.

Skyfire: That...won’t be necessary. :: He swallowed hard. :: I accept it’s a way of life for us. It’ll just be rough on me for a while. Leaving you both. :: He glanced to Sal. :: You’re the long-lost brother I just found, and will now lose again. :: and then to Debra, forcing himself to meet her eyes through his own tear-filled gaze. :: And you...the woman I am starting to love… :: He trailed off, pain of loss starting to cut into him. Similarly to how he felt the day Sal left for the Darwin. ::

:: Tears ran down Cross' face, she was not sure how to cope with the emotions. She usually kept them bottled up but she opened up a little to CD and without her realizing he had got through the multitude of barriers that she kept up. At the same time she had gained and lost him. All she wanted to do was hold CD and not let him go. Was this what true love rather than lust felt like? If it was, despite hurting so much she wanted more of it with him. ::

Cross: The man that warmed my cold heart before stealing it. :: Those words hit him like a Tellerite had just gut-punched him. He took her hand in his, a tear or two streaking his face. He closed his eyes and looked to the man he called brother. ::

Skyfire: Empathy sucks…. :: before reaching over and grabbing his tea. He had another sip as he waited for Taybrim to say something. ::

Taybrim: :: he offered a fond, if somewhat lopsided smile :: Sometimes it takes change for us to realize what is really important. I started out in the civilian service, so this whole Starfleet shuffle is hard for me, too. But we already reconnected once. I see no reason why it wouldn’t happen again.:: The doctor gave his brother a raised eyebrow. ::

Skyfire: I think you may be missing the point, bro. I leave, I have to break another counselor. One who doesn’t understand what the hell happened with Azin. You understand, you’re helping me get through it. I leave, and that goes away. :: He swallowed hard, another tear streaking his face. He was definitely feeling the loss already -- that faint sense of control, and calm, was now gone. He didn’t know what was going to happen. Or how to handle it. Games of trust had to start from square one: learning the name of someone new, then square two: slowly open up to that person. Another game he didn’t like. ::

Taybrim: :: He took in a long, slow breath :: I can always offer a friendly ear over subspace. I know a few counselors on other postings, as well. Maybe you’ll get lucky? The universe seems to have an odd way of working out sometimes.  :: he offered a small, but encouraging, smile ::

Cross: It sure does, even if it needs some help from time to time. I have contacts all over the Federation if needed.

Skyfire: I...I don’t know… :: Skyfire’s hands were still shaking, and he set down his tea. He closed his eyes and tried regaining his sense of calm. Deep breaths were taken as he tried to accept the fact he was being transferred, clinging to Sal’s words that they would find each other again. He was silent, trying to sort through his emotions. ::

Taybrim: It will work out. I know it will.  :: He sounded so calm and sure of himself, emotions he wasn’t quite sure he felt inside, but it was what they both needed to hear ::

Cross: It will work out, maybe not as you expect but it will work out somehow.

:: Chythar felt Taybrim’s calm flood in through the mental connection. It seemed to calm him down a bit more. He blinked away the tears that filled his vision and nodded faintly. He started to get up and pulled on a shirt, wishing he had words to respond with as he began packing his stuff for transport. ::

Lieutenant JG Chythar Skyfire
Medical Officer USS Excalibur-A

Lieutenant Sal Taybrim
Science Officer
USS Excalibur-A

1st Lt. Debra Cross
USS Excalibur-A

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