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Crew of the USS none


Civilian Tobian Dalton

Tobian Ayden Dalton, a Betazoid, is currently unassiggned.


  • Height: 5'11
  • Weight: 290
  • Hair: Light Brown
  • Eyes: Black
  • Handedness: Left
  • T/E Rating T4/E4
  • Betazed House Affiliation: Ninth House of Betazed (By association) -- Tobian is actually unsure which house he "belongs" to, per se. Due to the vineyard itself possibly reverting to its corporate overlords and the assets potentially being divided amongst the other houses, he grew up with the assumption that he was part of the house of agriculture. Due to his lack of education in such matters, he never had a reason to question this.



Dyfed Dalton
Father (Whereabouts unknown)

Tobian never actually knew his father. Dyfed's interests were tied up in the winery, and as such he spent most of his time away from home. The resulting lack of a father figure had given Tobian less desire to take over the family business, but it didn't stop him from developing a taste for wine.


Ellianis Dalton
Mother (deceased)

As an only child of a widowed mother Ellianis was always very protective of her son. She checked in regularly with him and they keep a decent relationship. Though there is some tension as she always wanted him to take over the family vineyards on Betazed. Near the end, she and Tobian reconciled their differences before she finally succumbed to her illness.


Dassa Alexander
Wife, 40, Formerly Chief Medical Officer of the USS Veritas

The pair of them met on the Gorkon and began their courtship once Tobian realized it was, in fact, possible, for him to love again after Hanna's death. Over the course of time, he'd come to love Dassa and the two of them married in a glorious fusion wedding that combined both his culture and hers.

Ayden Dalton.png

Ayden Dalton
Son 5

Born Ayden Daniel Dalton at Chateau Dyfed Dalton Vineyard on Betazed.

Romantic Relationships


Hanna Brandt
Former fiancé (Deceased)

During his time on the USS Proteus, Tobian met a human scientist by the name of Hanna. The two fell for each other quickly and had big plans for the future. Unfortunately, Hanna encountered a toxic spore during an away mission and had been unable to recover. The pain of her loss stays with him even years later. Tobian had resisted getting close to anyone else until he met Dassa Alexander.


  • Quarters: Tobian likes to keep his quarters very neat and clean. Comfort is also very important as he has been known to have impromptu patients. Much of his decoration is in the form of various antiques from different worlds, most of which are from cultures and time periods that he finds fascinating. He also keeps a variety of original paintings that he finds tasteful.
  • Temperament:: Tobian tends to be calm and reserved. He thinks things through and tends to listen before he speaks. He is very honest and can tend to be direct. He is serious while working but is not afraid to socialize and appreciates a good laugh.
  • Spirituality & Religion: A follower of the Four Deities and the Great Fire.
  • Likes: Growing up on a vineyard, Tobian freely admits he is a wine snob and loves a fine dry red. He is also a fan of Earth classical music and the occasional Klingon Opera.
    • Wine. Specifically whites, but he drinks reds with his wife on occasion.[1]
    • Klingon opera.
    • Earth classical music.
  • Dislikes:
    • Loud boisterous people or those that cause drama.
    • No tolerance for spicy foods.

Education & Career

Most of his early life was spent growing up on the family vineyard, named Chateau Dyfed after his father near Lake Cataria, Betazed. When he reached 18, he enlisted in Starfleet.

During his time at the academy Tobian trained to be what he had always known he wanted to be, a ship's counselor. To add to that though he took many classes related to Anthropology and the cultures of other species.

Tobian spent most of his early career serving aboard the USS Proteus as ship's counselor. As a lieutenant he was promoted to work as a cultural adaptation specialist at the Academy on Earth and helped cadets from various worlds adjust to life away from their homeworlds.

After serving a tenure on the Gorkon as a counselor, he had to take some personal leave to attend to his ailing mother on Betazed. While there, he and Dassa Alexander eloped, a ceremony performed in Betazoid fashion with elements of her faith mixed into it. Ellianis' death left him fairly ill-suited to continue serving in Starfleet, but he has still got the ear to listen. His second leave of absence was actually to celebrate the birth of his son back on Betazed. Upon his return to life aboard a starship, he was able to fill a few openings on various vessels as a bartender to serve in that capacity alongside his wife, while spending his off-days being a father to his son.

Service Overview

Starfleet Service Record
Insignia Rank Dates Posting Assignment
Ensign 237211.17 - 237311.17 USS Proteus Counselor
Lieutenant JG 237311.17 - 237404.09
Lieutenant 237404.09 - 237609.17 Starfleet Academy
Cultural Adaptation Specialist
Lieutenant Commander 237609.17 - 239210.22 USS Gorkon
Civilian 239404.11 - 239503.03 On Leave Betazed
239503.03 - 239510 USS Veritas
239510 - 2396 On Leave Betazed
2396 USS Astraeus
239705.02 - 239707.10 USS Veritas
Barista / Bartender