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USS Juneau
Position Medical Officer
Rank Ensign
Species Human/Vulcan
Gender Male
DOB 232410.03
Age 76
Birthplace Rh'lar, Han-shir Continent, Vulcan
Writer ID J239808S11

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/Medical Records
/Psychological Profile
/Personal Log

Service Ribbons
Awards ServiceRibbons GoodConduct 2011.jpg
Starfleet Investigation Ribbon.png
Awards ServiceRibbons Graduate.jpg

Good Conduct Ribbon
Starfleet Investigation Ribbon
Starfleet Academy Graduate Ribbon

Player Achievements
Friends in high places
What's up, doc?
A face for the name
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Data hound
Primum Nil Nocere

Ensign Sival, M.D., Ph.D., is currently serving as a Medical Officer aboard the USS Juneau. Born in Rh'lar, Vulcan and trained in Condar, Betazed, Sival spent a varied career specializing in diagnosis, physiology, family medicine, field medicine and psychiatry. After having worked with veterans suffering from PTSD, Sival was motivated to apply his skills to Starfleet. When not on duty, Sival keeps a residence in Tempe, Arizona, Earth, where he enjoys parasailing, weather watching and playing the violin.

Stats and Appearance

  • Full Name: Sival
  • Gender Identity: Male
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Religion / Spiritual Devotion: Buddhism & Teachings of Surak
  • Telepathic status: T5/E0
  • Height: 1.8m
  • Weight: 68kg
  • Hair Color: Black
  • Length of Hair: Short
  • Hairstyle: Traditional Vulcan male
  • Eye Color: Brown
  • Other Facial Features: Prominent Vulcan eyebrows and ears
  • Skin Tone: Dark
  • Build: Average
  • Handedness: Left


  • Wife: Emily Sanford (Human), Starfleet Astrophysicist (deceased)
  • Son: Christopher Sanford (Human / Vulcan), Marine Exobiologist
  • Father: Josiah Webb (Human), Doctor (deceased)
  • Mother: T'pel (Vulcan), Historian
  • Siblings: One Half-Sister, T'pyn (Vulcan), Anthropologist
  • Pets: None


  • Myers-Briggs: INTP
  • Temperament: calm, controlled, easy-going, sometimes excitable, even-tempered, sometimes impulsive, optimistic, peaceful, reliable, thoughtful
  • Strengths: analytical, original, open-minded, curious, objective, compassionate
  • Weaknesses: impatient, sometimes disconnected and lost in thought, not easily satisfied, perfectionist
  • Attributes: cautious, courageous, discreet, empathetic, focused, humble, independent, industrious, merciful, nature-focused, pensive, persistent, private, proactive, wise
  • Flaws: indecisive, nervous, obsessive, scatterbrained
  • Habits: taps fingers absentmindedly
  • Mannerisms / Quirks: forced blinking, raised eyebrow, overuse of passive voice when speaking Federation Standard, tendency to count things
  • Description of Living Space: neat, tidy, clean, (mostly) organized
  • Clothing Style: pressed, conservative (off-duty)
  • Talents: Able to draw upon both intuition and reason; affinity for music
  • Skills: can easily classify and distinguish like things; performs advanced calculations mentally
  • Areas of Incompetence: may not always establish realistic objectives and goals based on what is practical instead of what his confidence level tells him is possible; may not always follow through on all of the small yet important details involved in a process; may put off making a decision;[1] can be arrogant and dismissive at times
  • Hobbies and Pastimes: meteorology (weather watching); playing the violin, parasailing
  • Favorite Topics: hermeneutics; astronomy; marine life; theology
  • Likes: puzzles; obscure trivia; food
  • Dislikes: weaponry; ferrets
  • Morals and Values: achievement, adventure, calmness, courage, creativity, dependability, education, emotion, fairness, family, fitness, honesty, knowledge, passion, peace, positivity, reason, relaxation, reliability, respect, responsibility, service, spirituality, stability, success, wisdom
  • Primary Motivators: making a difference; achieving what's possible
  • Greatest Fear: being banal
  • Words of Advice (for Sival): Be patient with others who don't grasp concepts in the same way you do. Work at improving your social skills.

See more at /Psychological Profile.

Chronological History

  • 2324 - Birth, Rh’lar, Han-shir Continent, Vulcan
  • 2354 - Completed Medical Degree in Comparative Physiology, Earth
  • 2356 - Completed Ph.D. in Psychology, Betazed
  • 2358 - Completed M.D. in Psychiatry, Mars
  • 2358 - 2381 - Resident at Condar Hospital, Betazed
  • 2381 - 2386 - Médecins Sans Frontières, Various locations in the Alpha and Beta Quadrants
  • 2386 - 2393 - Trauma Counseling / Psychiatry; University Hospital, Mars and Hartford Hospital, Earth
  • 2393 - 2397 - Starfleet Academy, Earth
  • 2397 - Posting as Medical Officer on the USS Arrow
  • 2397 - 2398 - Sival Inactive for a Time
  • 2398 - Posting as Medical Officer on the USS Juneau

Service History

Starfleet Service Record
Insignia Rank Dates Posting Assignment
Cadet 2393 - 2397 Starfleet Academy
Ensign SD 239709.29 - 239710.22 USS Arrow
Medical Officer
Ensign SD 239826.08 - Present USS Juneau
Medical Officer

Key Relationships


Emily Sanford

Relationship: Wife, deceased (Human)
Emily was a Starfleet astrophysicist who tragically died in 2368 while in the line of duty. She was present at the battle of Wolf 359 in 2367.[2] Sival always travels with the pair's wedding rings, even if just going on a short leave.

Christopher Sanford

Relationship: Son (Human / Vulcan)
Christopher is Sival's only son. He is 3/4 human and 1/4 Vulcan.


Picture Name Ship Posting Relationship Status Comments
Capt oddas aria.png
Oddas Aria USS Juneau Commanding Officer Sival has come to respect Captain Oddas Aria. He believes she is a thoughtful and reflective leader who genuinely cares about her ship and crew. He is motivated by her quality that when push comes to shove, she seems like she will take the risk and do what needs to be done. Personally, he has had some awkward conversations with her; thus, he hasn’t been able to get to know her well. Their relationship remains professional, captain - subordinate.
T'Lea USS Juneau Colleague Sival admires T'Lea for her strength of character and no-nonsense attitude, despite her being half Vulcan, like himself. To him, she seems in control of her emotional state, which he has yet to be able to do to his satisfaction. Even though she appears to be behaving facetiously at times, he believes it’s all in good fun, and deep down she cares about her friends and colleagues. He also believes she is sharp, incisive, intelligent and cultured, all qualities he respects. She has a personality that draws out Sival’s introversion and allows him to discuss issues, to which she adds her fresh perspective. Sival is hopeful that T’Lea will consider him to be a friend, if she doesn’t already.
Karise Indobri.png
Karise Indobri USS Juneau Department Head, Colleague Sival considers Lieutenant Commander Karise Indobri to be "agreeable". Sival hasn't been working with her for long, but from the short time he has been with the her, she has been a model and an inspiration for him. Notably, she seems to always conduct herself with calmness and grace. Sival feels fortunate to be working under a leader whom he can look up to. Personally, he doesn't know the doctor very well, but he hopes to be able to get to know her better someday.
Vitor Tito USS Juneau Colleague Sival regards Lieutenant Junior Grade Vitor Tito with guarded compassion. Their first few encounters were not pleasant, and Sival did not understand the man's animosity and negative attitude. However, from afar, Sival has noticed Tito's overall disposition to have cooled down somewhat. It may be possible in the future for them to strike up a conversation. As for now, the two are strictly colleagues.
Tomas falt.png
Tomas Falt USS Juneau Colleague Sival has interacted with Tomas Falt a few times since coming about the Juneau. He sees many interests that they share, most notably a love for nature. He also has talked with Tomas about other topics that he finds interesting. He hopes the two can become friends someday.
Kalia Qinn.png
Kalia Qinn USS Juneau Executive Officer, Colleague Sival has rarely interacted with Lieutenant Commander Kalia Qinn, but from what he has been able to observe, she seems to be focused and knowledgeable. He hopes to get to know her better.
John Kendrick USS Juneau Colleague Sival considers Lieutenant John Kendrick to be friendly. During their last mission together, Sival witnessed John's intelligence and cool head when faced with stressful situations. This has earned Sival's respect, as he seems to be able to manage his emotions, rather than letting his emotions control him. Personally, he hopes they can be friends someday.
Trovek Arys-Ensign.png
Trovek Arys USS Juneau Colleague Sival has cultivated a deep respect for Trovek Arys, and he has come to value her wisdom and advice. When they first met, he found her personality slightly eccentric and her counseling methods to be unconventional. This intrigued him, and he was able to observe how these qualities seemed to be Arys’ unique strengths, and they are effective when she is helping others. This curiosity led to the beginnings of a friendship that occured during an emotional mission. Sival saw Arys battle some of her biggest demons with courage and strength, and she was able to help others at the same time. This earned Sival’s respect, and it has opened the door for him to want to build a trusting relationship where he feels comfortable discussing personal issues and repressed trauma.
Dekas USS Juneau Colleague Sival has just met Dekas. He finds him to be pleasant and honest. He looks forward to getting to know him better.

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Sival was born in Rh’lar city on Vulcan on stardate 232410.03 to a Vulcan mother and Human father. Sival inherited typical Vulcan attributes, such as superior strength, endurance and mental abilities when compared to Humans. Physically, he appeared Vulcan through and through. However, even though green blood ran through his veins, his heart was undoubtedly and unabashedly Human. Rather than choosing either a Vulcan or Human “way of life”, Sival believed it was important to break the binary and cultivate his own, unique identity, striving to find balance and harmony among the two species inside of him. The result was an identity that was truly his and belonged to a race and culture all its own.


As a child, Sival was endlessly the explorer, always wanting to know what was out there, striving to be open-minded and objective when analyzing whatever he encountered. It could be said that Sival was an explorer of the mind as well, often getting lost in his own thoughts, ruminating over creative and original solutions. It was this inquisitive nature, along with his love for solving mysteries and piecing together puzzles about the natural world that motivated Sival to tag along with his father as he practiced family medicine.


Sival's own Human compassion and the example of his father’s empathy that compelled him to choose medicine as a career. Thus, Sival completed a Medical Degree in comparative physiology, then, perhaps inspired by his unique and very personal experience regarding his own sense of self, he obtained a Ph.D. in Psychology and an additional M.D. in Psychiatry.

Condar Hospital

  Role: Resident - Differential Diagnosis, Comparative Physiology
  Role: General Practitioner - Family Medicine 

Starting his career as a resident at the Condar Hospital on Betazed, Sival strived to match his level of creativity and curiosity with that of his discipline, completing his work precisely and objectively. It was throughout this time, partly by virtue of working on Betazed, Sival nurtured his sense of compassion for all sentient beings.

Médecins Sans Frontières

  Roles: General Practitioner and Emergency Medicine
  Events: Hobus Supernova
  Locations: Vashti

It was an unyielding drive to heal others that led Sival to working with Médecins Sans Frontières. Sival’s ability to analyze problems, spot irregularities and come up with original, practical solutions with limited resources was valued by the corps. During this period, Sival worked with many species, including refugees from the evacuation of the Romulan Homeworld, encounters which would also shape his unique relationship with his emotional mind.

Psychiatry Practice

  Role: Psychiatrist - Sally Bellero Psychiatric Institute, University Hospital, Mars
  Role: Psychiatrist - Hartford Hospital, Earth
  Role: General Practitioner - Family Medicine, Hartford Hospital, Earth 

Sival was drawn back to the Sol System by a desire to further explore what it means “to be”, setting up his own psychiatry practices working with Trauma and PTSD patients, many of whom were current or former members of Starfleet. Thus, Starfleet was constantly being brought to the forefront of his mind, both by way of compassion for his patients and his own curiosity about the organizations.

Starfleet Academy

After some years of reflection, Sival realized that Starfleet was a place where he could make a difference. It provided him with opportunities to heal along with the resources that intellectually stimulated him and offered a way for him to acquire new knowledge, solve conundrums and seek Truth with a capital "T". Sival also considered himself to already be an explorer of the natural world, the workings of sentient minds, and the mysteries of heart, so what better place to be an explorer than Starfleet?


Sival’s first posting was on the USS Arrow. He was inactive for a time. He attended academy retraining and was reposted to the USS Juneau.

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Missions and Shoreleaves

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Shore leave - Lightside Station (2398)

It was during the USS Juneau’s shore leave at Lightside Station that Sival first reported for duty aboard the ship. He used the time to explore the ship’s state-of-the-art medical facilities, as well as indulge in a research project pertaining to physical emotional regulation. Sival was able to collect bio data first hand as he observed what was supposed to be a test flight of a shuttle that Captain Oddas Aria had built. When things didn’t quite go as planned, Sival was able to see how the crew members managed their emotions while under stress (in addition to doing his medical duty, of course). He set up a hub in Secondary Sickbay’s medical office to work on the project, filling the room with PADDs while still keeping the room (mostly) functional.

Sival also used the time to experiment with his own emotions, temporarily abandoning a philosophy of emotional regulation and suppression. Being half-human, Sival tried giving up using ‘techniques’ to control his emotions, hoping he could manage them more freely. However, he learned that he unfortunately could not, as even the smallest emotions quickly became too intense without him even realizing it. Sival has since returned to his normal regiment of emotional regulation. However, he still allows himself to feel emotions related to compassion and wonder, as he has practiced controlling and expressing these emotions for decades.

Sival also continued to work on his social interaction skills in a variety of settings, with mixed results. He has resolved to continue working with the counselling department on this matter.

Notable Sims

Mission - The_Pied_Piper_(Juneau) (2398)

Notable Sims

Shore leave - Deep Space Nine (2398)

Notable Sims

Notable Sims

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Sim Archive

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Karise Indobri
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Tomas Falt
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  1. Adapted from Barron, Barbara, and Paul Tieger. Do What You Are: Discover the Perfect Career for You Through the Secrets of Personality Type. Revised, Updated, Little, Brown and Company, 2007; page 225.
  2. "Considerations", Ensign Sival, USS Juneau, 239811.25