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Starbase 118: Ops Mission Archive Database

The following serves as a record of Starbase 118's missions under the command of Kalianna Nicholotti.

Heavy Metal


"I don't know how it happened but eventually people both in intelligence and in Reikara wanted to sabotage Starfleet."
~ Sahmson

Mission Began: 238902.05
Mission Complete: 238905.17

When a defect in the Victory's sub-processors is discovered almost on accident during shore leave, the crew begins the process of repair before the source of the problem is really defined. What they don't know is that the defect was not only deliberate, but put into play by a rogue faction of Romulans, one of many vying for control of the Empire in the wake of the Hobus disaster, whose goal is to bring chaos to the Trinity sector. The group, believing their plan was infallible in light of the difficulty anyone would have finding the narrow frequency gap caused by the sabotage of the sub-processors, puts into motion a deadly plot just after Commander Nicholotti assumes command of Starbase 118.

Now, in the dark and without reliable communication, the crew must find a way to stop a now unseen threat hurtling through the darkness of space directly towards them.

Heavy Metal Full Report


The Mask of Sanity


"Come get me you bastards, supper is on... I hope you like it HOT!"
~ Commander Benjamin Walker

Mission Began: 238906.10
Mission Complete: 238907.27

During a routine survey mission of a nebula the USS Avicenna locates a Starfleet vessel believed to be lost four years earlier. Even more surprising than the discovery of the ship is two crewmen who have apparently been living on board the ship since the accident that caused them to be lost. Lt Samuel King, explains that the ship was attacked by an unknown alien foe and taken to the nebula were the crew were systematically killed with only himself and Ensign Freo surviving.

Unable to fully repair the Calgary or investigate the problem, the Avicenna tows the ship the the nearest Starbase, SB118. The crew of SB118 Ops begin to investigate the ship and establish what happened while also treating the traumatised two crewmen.

Suspicions are raised when examinations of the Calgary contradict Lt King's account and when a Starfleet security officer turns up dead and Dr Deron is attacked just before an attempt to communicate telepathically with Freo, Commander Nicholotti and her crew begin to fear for the safety of the station.

The Mask of Sanity Full Report


A Matter of Honor


"Kree Ter’ac shree. (Go to Oblivion)"
~ Fleet Captain Idril Mar (In lieu of 'KRAAAAAAAAAAAAAXX')

Mission Began: 238909.01
Mission Complete: 238911.25

As a direct result of the USS Victory's involvement in the establishment of the Thracian Alliance, a Klingon former Governor is ejected from the High Council and dishonored. When the Governor is killed, his son is convinced that he will not go to Sto'Vo'Kor and vows to reclaim his father's honor by taking revenge on the Commander and crew of the USS Victory. He quickly joins forces with another dishonored Klingon, General Ma'Tag, who still commands a small fleet loyal to him and his name. Together, the two use the cover of the Nequencia and Khitomer invasions to mount their own invasion into Thracian space and stage an assault on Starfleet and the Thracians responsible for their disgrace while gaining and claiming the area in the name of the Klingon Empire and regaining their place among the rulers of their Empire.

Unable to face the fleet alone, the Victory can't stand in front of the Klingons alone this time and survive. Desperate, and willing to risk their lives, the Klingons force the Victory and her Captain into a retreat as they send out a call to any Federation ships in the area...

A Matter of Honor Full Report


The Odyssey Project

Odyssey Projecttext.jpg

"Welcome to Odyssey Station. Please proceed to the nearest docking port. All Travelers must abide by the Wayfarer's Code while visiting the station. "
~ Odyssey Station Welcome Message

Mission Began: 239001.02
Mission Complete: 239003.24

Just as things seem to settle into a fragile ‘peace’ in the region, sudden and violent reports begin coming in to Starbase 118 regarding seemingly random attacks on ships throughout the area surrounding the Azure Nebula. While little is known about what’s going on, a short clip from a more heavily armed ship manages to make it back to the station showing a very static filled frame on which a strange shadow can be seen seemingly feeding on members of the crew of that ship. More reports state that attacked ships are left to drift, after being ripped into disrepair and left with no survivors. As a result of the attacks, the USS Victory is deployed to investigate just as two members of the crew, Commander Cody, and Anya Nicholotti, go missing.

The Odyssey Project Full Report


Cash On Delivery


"---- "
~ -----

Mission Began: 239005.10
Mission Complete: TBD

Upon their return to Starbase 118, the Operations team has a staggering amount of work ahead of them. The Victory is barely space worthy, the Columbia has taken significant damage, and rumors are spreading like wildfire regarding recent events. The press is demanding answers, from confirming the presence of dangerous "Shadows" to the new allegations of an imposter of the station's commanding officer being aboard. It's while the crew is handling all of this that an enormous freighter, severely damaged by a warp-core breach, pulls in for repair with a tight timeline before the expiration of rare (read: expensive) medical supplies and hot tempers. The repairs wouldn't be difficult if not for so many competing demands for the crew's attention. The situation worsens when the freighter crew is unleashed upon the station; their wild behavior causes disturbances for residents and headaches for security. It is worsened by the fact that their captain, a Benzite named Mimgar, and first officer, a Ferengi called Klart, seem to encourage them. Forced to choose their priorities between repairing their own ships, helping to get the supplies to their destination, managing the base's public relations, and keeping the freighter crew in check will stretch the diplomatic, engineering, and security fronts to the breaking point. Other teams will be needed to fill in the gaps in their areas of expertise, whether that's weapon and sensor repair, finding a way to keep the medical supplies fresh, or dealing with inquisitive reporters and angry residents. There may be just too much for the crew to handle, and how they set their priorities may lead them to some interesting problems down the road.

Cash On Delivery Full Report