SIM:LtCmdr. Nugra & Cmdr. Robin Phoenix: Truly Gorn

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(( USS Victory - Turbolift - Between Decks ))

::An impressive large male Gorn and a charming female human female stood next to each other inside the turbolift cabin, discussing what was said between the two earlier that day.::

PHOENIX: I want to apologize to you about snapping on you this morning. Both as an officer, and friend, I tried to make you see something I wanted you to see. When you did not respond the way I needed you too, I was disappointed the conversation went the way it went at that time.

Yet I can assure you my intention was meant for good, I should not have raised my voice and say some of the things I said. So, for that... I apologize.

::She looked at the big male next to her and gently stretched her lips in a small smile. She did not expect a miracle, but perhaps this action would restore some of the friendship the two had shared.::

NUGRA: Thank you, Commander. I would like to also apologize for my actions and words. It was on the verge of insubordination.

::Robin smiled at her friend. It seemed Nugra saw the error in his ways as well.::

PHOENIX: Apology accepted Nugra. Next time we both should try to stay a bit more calm.

::Glad to be on a normal level with the lieutenant commander again, Robin felt a bit more relaxed. Arguments and fights always bothered her greatly since she wanted to be friendly and helpful to people at all times. That was one of her reasons to breath... make a difference in people's lives.

The two had experienced and been through a lot together since the very beginning. Nugra had protected her with his strength and skills during various missions. He also taught the former ,then still male, counselor to defend himself and win a fight, something for which she was still grateful. In exchange for that, she had kept an eye on the Gorn and cleaned after him several times. As well as being as good of a friend she could.

Knowing Nugra rarely spoke about his issues, state of mind, thoughts or experiences... Robin always had felt honored when the mighty guy stood on her doorstep for a listening ear or fresh point of view. Though this did not happen often, it was no secret the two could really talk and be there for each other.::

NUGRA: Commander...Robin....can I speak to you plainly?

PHOENIX: Always Nugra.

::She briefly smiled, then turned a few degrees to get a better look at her friend. Nugra nodded. ::

NUGRA: Computer. Holodecks.

::The turbolift changed course and it arrived to the decks. Robin knew this was one of those rare moments the thought about earlier. But what was it Nugra wanted to discuss with her, was it about his brother, Morg?

The Gorn walked up to the Holodeck and after tapping in some instructions, they both walked in. Immediatly they were in a rich ornate room that was quite large. There was a tall polished dark oak table in front of them and a large tapestry hung on the wall behind it. It was very rich looking place. Robin was amazed by the detail of the program, as well as impressed with the sensation the design of this replica gave her.

She was absolutely certain this was one of the most impressive, simple, efficient and true Gorn representations she had ever seen. If she had been standing in the original Gorn Senate chambers, surely her eyes would have twinkled in amazement and respect. She never knew the Gorn were such interesting and cunning architects. ::

NUGRA: This is the Senate Council Chambers on our Imperial homeworld of Ss'varnon.

PHOENIX: Very... very impressive. Such a fitting room for your species.

NUGRA: I stood in this very room as I was court martialed.

::She knew he had brought her here for some reason, but she had not expected him to start about that.::

PHOENIX: Nugra, ::turning around and facing him.:: ... what happened?

::Nugra was silent and he looked down at the ground. Robin sensed his emotions and knew instantly this was a sensitive topic for the proud Gorn.::

NUGRA: Before I answer that question. Can I ask you one?

PHOENIX: Certainly, by all means.

::If that helped him in any way, why would she object? She had nothing to hide, especially for him.::

NUGRA: If you were loyal to somebody and had vowed to protect them, would you do anything to carry out that promise?

PHOENIX: I think that would depend on the exact situation... but I guess I would. The answer is yes.

NUGRA: Even to the point of being considered a traitor?

PHOENIX: ::few seconds silence.:: I do not know, perhaps. I think it would depend on what I am facing at that time and moment.

NUGRA: I know that is hard to answer, but you will understand when I explain. I vowed in orbit of Derass IV that I would do anything necessary to protect Her majesty, the Princess of the Confederation from anything that would threaten her or her right to the throne.

PHOENIX: An understandable vow, I can see why you would do so.

NUGRA: Senator Brek'Inn was a Rebel. He planned to follow in Senator Koor's attempt to overthrow Princess Vsh'Ta's throne. I heard of the plot to arrest her for false charges and so I confronted The Senator. Worse came to worse that we dueled and I won, dealing him a mortal blow.

PHOENIX: Which killed him.

NUGRA: I was in the right, but the death of the Senator turned the Senate against me. They knew his plot and were mad that I foiled it. The Princess had to allow them to sentence me to keep the peace and keep the rest of the Gorn worlds each senator represented from going to the Rebel side.

::She walked a bit closer, but not too close for Nugra's comfort.::

PHOENIX: ::softly yet warm:: And what was the verdict?

NUGRA: I was court martialed and banished for five years from my homeland.

::Sensing the pain when Nugra said those words, Robin treated the poor giant to a warm and soothing expression and smile.::

PHOENIX: So again you sacrificed yourself for queen and country, in a manner of speaking. ::soft sigh:: And people say you Gorns are rude, war hungry and without heart.

::She looked into the Gorns eyes. They were so large and almost shiny silver. It saddened her a bit to see such a wonderful person and officer in such a struggle.::

PHOENIX: To answer your question... I can only hope I will do the same if I get in a similar situation as you have been in. Well, perhaps without the killing part... but in essence I would have protected my "princess" as well.

NUGRA: Do you think my choice was incorrect?

PHOENIX: No, I find your decision quite wise. It was a very honorable one.

NUGRA: I'm glad to hear someone say that.

::Robin leaned against the heavy table while her hands were placed behind her back on the table as well.::

PHOENIX: Doing good is sometimes the opposite of rewarding... on the outside. You see, when you make a decision or do something you feel is good... good for the people and things you love or care for, you can get into trouble. In your case even worse... and that is very bitter.

But I have discovered it helps to keep reminding yourself that you made the right choice. Because, if you really felt with your whole heart that you needed to do it... for the greater good... then it was the right decision for you at that time. No matter what the consequences are. Knowing, because of what you did, things are a bit more safer or secure or stable or whatever on your planet. And that... is in a very twisted and perhaps even ironic way, a reward.

NUGRA: I don't understand.

PHOENIX: Then answer me this... if you could go back in time, hypothetically talking... would you change your choices and decisions on the matter?

::Nugra shook his head firmly. ::

NUGRA: No. Even if I had to kill all over again.

PHOENIX: Then you made the right choice my friend. For yourself and your people.

NUGRA: I am glad that you understand. sometimes it is hard to understand the way of my species. *I* understand it inside of me, but it's difficult to explain to someone who is not a Gorn. As you said early, we seem to be a bloody and war-hungry race. We are not, We believe that our honor is important and we would defend it. No matter what.

PHOENIX: Important enough to kill for.

NUGRA: Do I make any sense?

::Robin friendly nodded.::

PHOENIX: Oh yes. Your sense of honor made you do certain things, make certain decisions which proved to have a grave consequence for you. Yet are a gift to your empire and people. ::she nodded again.:: I understand, and I understand how that makes you feel.

NUGRA: Good. That is why I have been, as you humans say, "crabby". My court martialed had me stripped of my rank and position. I am not even allowed to wear my sash any longer.

::She smiled as she tried to place her hand on the Gorn's left shoulder. But when she noticed she could not reach way up there, she briefly frowned while she figured out what to do with her hand since it was up there.

Deciding to pad her friend on the upper arm instead, she smiled as she looked Nugra into his big silvery eyes. Knowing how much his sash meant for Nugra, she truly hated the irony which had overcome the Gorn and her friend.::

PHOENIX: I am certain you will be fine, though you might have lost your true home temporarily, Victory will always be a second home for you

NUGRA: Thank you for understand and listening. You know very well I don't speak this personal often.

PHOENIX: Of course, and as usual we will erase all traces of our talk. :: she playfully smiled.::

NUGRA: (grinning) And we'll leave here and it'll be like this conversation never happened.

PHOENIX: As always.

NUGRA: Thank you, Robin.

PHOENIX: Hey, that is what friends are for.

::She winked and playfully smiled. The two headed for their stations and walked off... side by side.::

Lieutenant Commander Nugra
Mission Specialist
USS Victory


Commander Robin Phoenix
Second Officer
Chief Tactical Officer
USS Victory