Gedesh Estate

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Gedesh Estate
Gedesh estate.jpg
Name: Gedesh Estate
Production: Kuvo Grape & Blue Wine
Founded: 14th Century
Present Lord: Captain Nugra Tk'Moong Ki'Gedesh
Location: Outside Grai, Manar Province, South of Lokesh.

History of the Gedesh Estate

Founded in the late 14th century of Laudean history, the Gedesh estates were a primary source of Kuvo Grapes to make Kuvo blue wine. When Lord Moran Gedesh and family died in a plague in 2230, the land and title fell in to disrepair.

In February of 2391, Nugra purchased an abandoned estate in the Gedesh Fields of the Manar Province with permission of Lord Kyla Valaki, the caretaker of the land. Since the Blue Gill Invasion, Til'ahn had been suffering an economical downturn and selling the land and giving the title to someone who could bring in money and jobs appealed to the Manar Province. As they were no longer a monarchy, the title was more of a historical heritage item they wanted to re-use.

Production & Content

Laudean Blue Wine

With large Kuvo Grape fields and winery, the Gedesh estate produces a decent annual income of providing their wine to the planet and enough for export to other worlds. Under Nugra's influence, the estate has continually improved and been restored to it's original glory.