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USS Doyle-A
Position Marine Commanding Officer
Rank Colonel
Species Gorn
Gender Male
DOB 234601.03
Age 50
Birthplace Kargal Manor, Tau Lacerte III

Official Action Report

  • 238008.04 - Boards the USS Victory and is assigned the job of Security.
  • 238008.12 - On a mission to Cardassia, Nugra is captured, but is able to escape.
  • 238106.07 - Nugra returns to the USS Victory.
  • 238012.06 - USS Vesta: missing! Nugra accidentally floods engineering with sleeping gas requiring re-qualifying on basic security procedures.
  • 238102.05 - Promoted to temporary Chief of Security when Commander Story is knocked in to a coma.
  • 238103.01 - Nugra battles against a sub-race of the Tholians called the Lycanthropes.
  • 238103.30 - A civil war breaks out in the Gorn Confederation and Nugra leaves the Victory to command a ship given to him by the Princess of the Royal Family.
  • 238104.21 - After a failed negotiation with the dominion, Nugra returns to the Federation by way of the USS Columbia.
  • 238107.10 - Nugra is assigned to the USS Victory as a Mission Specialist and his first mission back on board is to head to a nebula where ships have heard a distress signal from his ship. They discover the ISS Victory and Nugra's brother's duplicate Morg returns with him to the ship.
  • 238108.20 - End of the mission and he is now on course to the Klingon Empire. Nugra and Solan working on Hazard teams.
  • 238110.24 - The Mission data is collected from Klingon Usurper's meeting, but the Victory is discovered in the process. Nugra suffers a disruptor blast to the head, he survives the condition.
  • 238110.27 - Nugra breaks out in a fight with Ensign Joshua Phoenix and Captain Hurne places him in Open Arrest.
  • 238111.10 - Nugra is promoted to Lieutenant Commander and has been placed in charge of Engineering.
  • 238112.18 - A call to arms message arrives from Priness Vsh'Ta of the Gorn Confederation which reports the assassination attempt on the Grand Autarch. With a call to put the rightful person on the thrown. Nugra leaves to take command of the GSN Gold Claw and return to his home government.
  • 238201.05 - Nugra returns from his home world with a dishonorable discharge, but the grateful appreciation of the Princess. He has not gone in detail and explained.
  • 238204.19 - After a short stay on Starbase 118 for Formal hearings. The Gorn returns to duty on the Victory
  • 238206.01 - A mission begins with the USS Columbia in the Investigation of the Kentic who seem to be infiltrating the Federation.
  • 238208.05 - After a long and hard fought mission against the Kentic. Nugra returns to the Victory with a broken arm, something he received while on the Kentic homeward as he rescued Captain Avatar from a falling boulder.
  • 238209.05 - With the leaving of Commander Parker to the USS Aurora. Nugra is re-stationed as Chief of Security/Tactical of the Victory.
  • 238210.19 - The USS Victory is assigned to escort scientists back to Tanuga IV and a plague has spread across the planet.
  • 238212.05 - The Plague has been gotten under control and Nugra's team returns safely to the Victory after rescuing Commander Phoenix and Ensign Ventu.
  • 238301.01 - Nugra is given the position of First Officer, temporarily as they search for the Missing Captain Hurne.
  • 238909.14 - Nugra has his application to Star Fleet approved.
  • 238909.24 - Received a commission of Ensign and assigned to Embassy, Duronis II.
  • 238911.14 - Nugra is re-instated to Lieutenant Commander.
  • 238911.30 - While aboard the USS Canis Major en-route to earth, Nugra helps respond to a Freighter in Distress.
  • 238912.31 - Nugra is awarded the Natasha Yar Pin.
  • 239004.29 - Nugra is re-assigned as the Thunder-A's Deck Officer.
  • 239009.14 - Survived the Bluegill invasion of Duronis II. Casualty level is high. Rebuilding has started again.
  • 239012.13 - Nugra assume the duty of First Officer.