SIM:LtCmdr Nugra & Lt Tindall: Solving a Problem

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(( Security Station - Deck 4 - USS Canis Major ))

:: The bridge seemed to be well handled with so many senior officers handling the pirate situation. Nugra decided not to be the third...fourth...who knew how many wheels. Even the sneaky Orion was rearing his ugly head to give some darned good deception. The Gorn bowed out politely and made his way to security to deal with another problem that was coming to him. He entered the office and quickly spoke to the guards::

:: Nugra looked around the makeshift office he had commandeered earlier in the mission to make it the Security Department until they arrived to Earth. The Gorn sat at the small desk that made him look a adult sitting at a child's toy desk. Two security officers flanked the door keeping their expressions neutral as he had ordered them too. William Tindall was in a mess. He had faced the wrath of Parker and that of Captain Turner. It was Nugra's turn and he had a temper issue. ::

Nugra: oO Do not strike him. You already got suspended once as a Lieutenant JG for that. Oo

:: Nugra thought back rather satisfied to the feeling of Ensign Rocket's head making contact with the back of his clawed hand. The upstart Ensign deserved it, but it was not Federation policy to backhand Ensigns who were picking fights and being disrespectful*.::

:: The lizard woke up from his pleasant day dream and saw Lieutenant Tindall enter. The expression on his face showed him that the human knew he was in trouble too. ::

Tindall: oO Damn, This is not going to go well. Oo

:: Medical had not been exactly happy with him either. He had been given regular times for his meds to be refilled. He and dave arrived at the security office to find two guards on the door. Willie entered the office to find his CO at his desk and willie stood to attention behind the desk across from Nugra. Dave sat on the floor beside him. ::

:: The lizard woke up from his pleasant day dream and saw Lieutenant Tindall enter. The expression on his face showed him that the human knew he was in trouble too. ::

Tindall: Lt Tindall reporting has ordered, sir.

:: he handed him the PADD. ::

Tindall: My medical release and regular appointment times. I am under orders to attend.

:: Nugra took the documents from him and simply set it on his desk. He looked across at the Chief of Security and shot a cold glare. ::

Nugra: Explain to me on how a officer with a known medical condition not only refuses to go to medical and get his implant recharged, but also decides it's a smart idea to use a hypospray that is not on your issued prescription list.

Tindall: Sir, the hypo was mine. It was issued to me when I was doing daily injections and I had it stowed in my emergency gear. I thought I was saving time by using the injection instead of going to medical.

:: It was a flimsy excuse and he knew it but it was all he could say in his defense. ::

:: Nugra could not just stand there anymore. He stood enraged as the idea that one of his officers could be so blatantly stupid got to him. ::


Tindall: Aye, sir.


:: Nugra's eyes were cold as the comet in space. He towered over the Lieutenant in his fury. He calmed himself down and sat down. He picked up a PADD that had been sitting on his desk. ::

Nugra: Lieutenant William Tindall. By the authority of Star Fleet I am hear-by charging you with the following articles. Article 112a, unlawful possession of a controlled substance, Article 113, Conduct unbecoming an officer and a gentleman and Article 90 willfully disobey the order of a superior officer in regards to your medical status. How do you answer these charges?

Tindall: Guilty to the last 2 charges. The hypo was issued to me I just forgot it was in my gear and in hind sight I was wrong to use it. So I am guilty of all charges.

Tindall: oO Gosh that was hard. Oo

:: Dave had sensed the tension in the room has well but neither whimpered or made any noise. ::

Nugra: Article 112a also covers unlawful use of a controlled substance, Mister. Do you have anything to say in your defense for the official record?

:: The Gorn started the official recorder of the conversation so William had a chance to say whatever he wanted. ::

Tindall: The hypo was issued to me has an emergency one for away missions I just forgot I had it when I changed to the implant. To save time I used the hypo instead of going to medical. It was not because I did not want to go.

:: When he was complete, the Gorn shut off the recorder. ::

Nugra: I am disappointed in you, Mister Tindall, severely disappointed. You failed yourself, you failed me, and you failed your family. What if something had gone wrong with that medication? You have a wife and children at home. Are you willing to bear putting your family through so much grief if you died just because you just didn't want to go to medical?

Tindall: I was not thinking right at the time.he been sleep deprived and thought it would be quicker to just do the injection myself and carry on with the mission.

:: The Gorn stood and shook his head. ::

Nugra: I understand that is what you thought, but I don't feel any excuse could justify your actions. Guards.

:: The two security officers stepped forward. ::

Nugra: Take Mr. Tindall to the brig. He's to stay there until further notice. Tomorrow, Lieutenant, I'll be submitting these charges to the captain.

Tindall: aye, sir.

:: His face completely drained of color. ::

Nugra: And I am relieving you of your status as Chief of Security. You don't deserve that title any longer.

Tindall: aye sir.

:: Willie was in shock has he handed Nugra his combadge and his phaser. ::

Nugra: Your days in Star Fleet are over, Mr. Tindall, I hope you realize that. I won't let you endanger any more lives with your stupid stunts.

:: Willie swallowed and in a very quiet voice spoke. ::

Tindall: Aye, sir

:: Dave went over to willie and put his paws on him has if to confort him, but the guard pushed him away has he put restraints on willie. Dave run round to Nugra and sat on the gorn's feet as if to say no and looked at Nugra with very sad look on his face. ::

:: Nugra watched as the security guards take a defeated Tindall out to his new home in the brig. To some it looked like he over punished him, but Tindall had been working toward something like this. He endangered lives even though the team came back and on a ship, you had to trust your crew. When the door slid shut Nugra visible slumped letting his frustration and anger go. He was angry that such a promising career had come to an end like this. Dave was still sitting on his feet. The Gorn nudged the dog away gently. ::

Nugra: :: To Dave. :: I'm sorry, but he has chosen his own path.

Lieutenant Commander Nugra
Chief of Security & Tactical
Embassy of Duronis II


Lieutenant Tindall
Chief Security Officer
Embassy of Duronis II